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9B Unit 1 Life on Mars By Wang Zechang Chenji Middle School.

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2 9B Unit 1 Life on Mars By Wang Zechang Chenji Middle School

3 Do you know the place in the picture? It s Earth- our home. It is covered with water, so it looks blue.

4 So many people/ crowded population

5 Too much air pollution/polluted

6 What shall we do Where shall we live

7 Fly to the Mars

8 How to fly to the Mars? spaceship/ spacecraft

9 robot helmet

10 Can you say something about what the life will be like on Mars? In the form of pills on Mars on Earth

11 pollution No pollution on Mars on Earth

12 feel happy feel ill on Mars on Earth

13 Very important not important on Mars on Earth

14 Less homework and robots will help her on Mars on Earth Too much homework

15 1. We will be cared for by robots. 2. We must wear space helmets to go outside. 3. There will be no pollution. 4. Robots will help us with our homework. 5. Food will be in the form of pills. 6. Money will not be important. 7. Space travel will make people feel very ill. Discuss in pairs. Write better or worse in the blanks. better worse

16 Any questions? 1.How do you like …? 2.I thought you liked Mars.

17 Something important


19 Get to,reach,arive in/at get to+ His honesty got to me. 1. The baby is trying to __ __ the ball. 2. I dailed the wrong number and the phone call__ __ a wrong person.

20 Main points get to here,there,home to get to,arrive reach arrive in at in at reach

21 Main points I thought… … I think.. I _______ he came. A. think B. thinking C. thought D. to think

22 Lets go camping on the moon, shall we?

23 What can we take to the moon? guitar fishing net sunglasses camera

24 football tent matches Walkman

25 If you are given a chance to the moon one day,what things will you take?Why? S1:s2,if you have a chance to the moon, what thing will you take? S2:I will take …,because I want to … S1:What other thing will you take? S2:I also want to take…,because I… What about you ? S1:I will take…,because…

26 ( )1. My mother is thinking about ___________ to Shanghai for a holiday. A. go B. goes C. going D. to go ( )2. Its too cold in the north. I hate __________ here. A. lives B. lives C. live D. living ---How do you like this book?----____. A. Yes,I like. B.I like it very much C. No,I dont. D. No, I like it. ( )4. Dont make me _________ this or that, Im too busy. A. to do B. do C. doing D. done ( )5. You cant find John. He is _________ away on his holidays. A. at present moment B. at present C. at the present D. now and then

27 ( )6. ----Does he like playing __________ football? ----No, but he likes play _________ guitar. A. the; / B. the; the C. /; the D. // ( )7. What would you like to be ________? A. in future B. for the future C. in the future D. at the future ( )8. Li Lei helps his granny __________ the housework every weekend. A. with B. of C. in D. to ( )9. As some of the wild animals are in danger, we should _____ them and never kill them. A. take care B. care about C. have cares D. care for ( )10. She is __________ a maths problem. A. thought about B. thinking C. thinking of D. think about

28 Homework 1.Search more information about Mars on the Internet. 2. Finish the exercises in the Assessment Book( ). 3.Write a short passage according the debating.


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