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Chapter 5 Section 4 Quiz Answers and Notes.

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1 Chapter 5 Section 4 Quiz Answers and Notes

2 Question 1 What group did Ivan the Terrible target in his attacks?
Ivan the Terrible targeted boyars (landowning nobles) who he accused of poisoning his wife. Ivan killed the men, their wives, their families, and even their servants.

3 Question 2 How did Peter the Great force Russians to change?
Peter the Great increased his power as the absolute ruler of Russia Peter the Great was quoted saying “For you know yourself that, though a thing be good and necessary, our people will not do it unless forced to.”

4 Question 3 What did Peter the Great do to improve the Russian army?
Peter the Great hired European officers to train his soldiers in European tactics with European weapons. The job of soldier became a lifelong job At the time of Peter’s death, the Russian army numbered 200,000.

5 Question 4 What country did Russia fight to gain a warm water port?
Russia fought Sweden for 21 years in order to have access to Europe. The port city was named St. Petersburg.

6 Question 5 Explain one way Peter the Great wanted Russians to change to make Russia more competitive with Europe. Peter wanted Russians to become educated by attending schools for the arts and sciences and exploring Europe Peter ordered the nobles to wear clothes that reflected Western fashions Peter raised women’s status by having them attend social gatherings

7 Question 6 What city did Peter the Great force nobles to move to?
Peter the Great had Russian nobles move to the new capital city of St. Petersburg

8 EXTRA CREDIT What dynasty took over Russia after Ivan IV’s son proved incompetent? Romanov dynasty What happened to Ivan IV’s oldest son? Ivan killed his oldest son in a violent quarrel What was Ivan IV’s wife’s name? Anastasia

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