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Summer Reading Template

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1 Summer Reading Template

2 Title of the book Author Publisher Date Page Number
If you don’t have the book in front of you, you can look this information up on

3 Premise In this slide, give your audience a quick description of what the book is about. NO SPOILERS! Pretend that you want to convince the audience to read the book. Get them interested!

4 Setting Where is the story set? WHEN is the story set?
What should the reader know about this setting? Is it set in the real world, or is it fantasy? Does the story take place in one area, or are there many throughout the book? If there are many areas, what are they like?

5 Main Character Describe the main character Name?
Physical description (boy or girl? Hair color? How would you describe them to someone?) Personality? Likes/dislikes?

6 Supporting Characters
Pick at least two supporting characters (characters that are NOT the main characters, but are part of the story) What do they look like? Describe their personalities How are they connected to the main character?

7 Conflict What challenge (or challenges) does the main character face during the story? Man vs Man? Man vs World? Man vs Machine? Man vs Self? How are the supporting characters involved? How do they help? How do they make things harder?

8 Recommendations Whom would you recommend this book to? (friends? Family? Teachers?) What kind of readers would really enjoy it? Would they be fans of certain kinds of books? Whom would you NOT recommend this book to? Why?

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