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Project Interview a professional!. What do you think of this picture?

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1 Project Interview a professional!

2 What do you think of this picture?

3 Shen Zhou V the first manned spaceship(China) Launch into the sky

4 Yang Liweis childhood! Younger Yang Liwei and his family!

5 Yang Liwei: (1)the first Chinese astronaut who travels to outer space!

6 (2) the hero of the Chinese people !

7 Three astronauts (Nie Haisheng,Yang Liwei and Fei Junlong) who successfully travel into space in China!

8 paragraph 1 (1)When did Yang Liwei travel to the space? (2) How many kilometers does his journey take? (3)What is the main idea of the first paragraph? On 15 October 2003 It took him 600,000 kilometers in orbit around the earth 14 times, in just over 21 hours. Introduction of Yang Liweis space exploration or something about his Journey to outer space.

9 (1) When and where was Mr. Yang was born? (2) Whatre his hobbies and dream? (3) Did his family support him? (4)Whats the main idea of this paragraph? Paragraph 2 in 1965 in Suizhong county in Liaoning He loves science and technology and wanted to learn how to fly. Yes, his parents as well as his sisters and Brothers encouraged him. Yang Liweis childhood.

10 Paragraph 3 (1)Fill in the blanks with the words in the text: He __________ the army in 1983. He ___________ and became a _____________ in 1987. He ______________________________ of Project 921. (2) What subjects does he study? (3) The main idea of this paragraph? joined graduated was chosen as a member fighter pilot a. All the subjects required to be an astronaut b. survival skills c. all about how spaceships and rockets are built Begin his training as an astronaut.

11 Paragraph 4 (1) How many candidates were picked for the Chinese space adventure? (2) Is Yang Liwei one of them? (3) Why was he chosen as Chinas first astronaut? (4) The main idea of this paragraph: Only three of 14 were picked for the adventure. Yes. A: His high scores on the psychological test B: Hard working and in control of himself He was chosen as the firs Chinese astronaut!

12 Paragraph 5 (1)The main idea of the last paragraph? Yangs space exploration is very successful and his name will go down in history. All the Chinese people are proud of him!

13 Discuss: (1) What can you learn from Yang? (2) How to achieve success? How to write an article about a professional? A: Introduction of the People B: childhood, experiences before the success C: conclusion(succeed or not)

14 1966 2 (senior engineer of computer) 1984 7 (Xian Jiaotong University) 1989 1.1993 (Doctors degree) 2. (promise him a high salary) (not accept the invitation) 3.1998 (play an important part in scientific research) Practice: World Youth(monthly) 100

15 A sample answer: This is Wang Xiaoping,a senior engineer of a famous computer company in China. He was given a gold medal in 1998 for having played an important part in scientific research. He was born in China in February, 1996. Having graduated from Xian Jiaotong University, he went to work in a computer company in Xian. Four years later, he received a doctors degree of computer. Once an company tried to invite him to work in America and promised him a high salary. But he didnt accept the invitation. Now he still works hard for his motherland.


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