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Lets enjoy a video about Edison, Thomas Alva. Could you list his inventions?

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2 Lets enjoy a video about Edison, Thomas Alva. Could you list his inventions?


4 Technology Usage Computer The Internet Cellphone New technology is often used in old ways. as a typewriter/tape recorder/VCD player/notebook/calendar/telephone/ calculator. as a library/magazine /TV/telephone /bank/store. as a telephone/ watch/calendar/camera/computer.

5 Have you ever seen such a mouse before? What function do you think it has? It can also act as a CD player. What functions do you need in a TV set or an audio devices? Are you interested in the development of TV and audio devices?


7 What functions do you need in a TV set or an audio devices? Are you interested in the development of TV and audio devices?

8 Fast reading: fill in the form

9 YearEvent 1877 First public showings of wireless TV transmissions were made in the USA. 1948Cable TV began in the USA; 3 American scientists invented the transistor. 1951 1954Invention of transistor led to the development of cassette recorders. First LPs (long-play records) came onto the market. 1962 1982 1987 International standards for digital TV were established. 1992 First WebTV set-top boxes came onto the market. First recording of a human voice was made. 1925 Colour broadcasts began in the USA. 1958 Satellites began to be used to broadcast TV. First CDs produced by using digital technology were made available. Development of MP3 technology started in Germany. 1989 Development of MD player began. 1996

10 Listen to the tape and choose the best answers:

11 1. When and where was the first long-distance TV broadcast made? A. In 1925 in the USA. B. In 1926 in the UK. C. In 1928 in the UK. D. In 1928 in both the USA and the UK. 2. Who might be the inventor of the first T V? A. Vladimir Zworykin from Russia. B. Philo Farnsworth in the USA. C. John Logie Baird from Scotland. D. It remains uncertain. 3. How many countries have put digital TV into operation according to the passage? A. Only one. B. Already two. C. At most three. D. At least four.

12 4. Who might have attributed to the development of the Walkman? A. Two Japanese engineers. B. Three American scientists. C. Thomas Edison. D. Emile Berliner. 5. What is the main factor that causes the spring up of music websites all over the Internet? A. The popularity of Walkman. B. The development of the MD player. C. The development of MPs technology. D. The wide use of Discman. 6. How is the passage organized ___________________. A. by paragraphs B. in chronological order C. by concepts D. by sub-topics

13 Careful reading:

14 A 1 It began on 11 May 1928 in New York and in London on 20 August 1929. 2 It is the TV set combined with the Word Wide Web. 3 The cassette recorder. C1 1T 2T 3F 4F 5F 6T 7T

15 types _______history of audio devices Tape recorders and players ________goes digital TV Audio devices Early time modern Early Sound ______history of TV age: Cable TV, satellite TV, digital TV,… The in order________ (By _______ of equipment) _______

16 Draw a picture to show the structure of the passage T =title = subtitle 1 = subtitle 2 = subtitle 3 = subtitle 4 = subtitle 5 T

17 Choose one of the greatest inventions in human s history that you are most familiar with. Try to tell your partner about its development. Remember that you should organize your reporter in order of time.


19 Undoubtedly, in the future, both TV and audio devices will still play a very important role in humans life. But theyll certainly be advanced than those of today. What functions would you like your TVs or audio devices to have in the future?




23 Language points

24 1. Many different people contributed to the development of TV. (P2). contribute v. [I or T] 1) Aren't you going to contribute towards Jack's leaving present? Come to the meeting if you feel you have something to contribute. Her family have contributed £50, 000 to the fund. 2 She contributes to several magazines. contribute to sth. …… Smoking certainly contributed to his early death.

25 contributor n. [C] 1) At the back of the programme, there is a list of contributors to the theatre appeal. 2 contribution n. [C or U] All contributions (= presents of money), no matter how small, will be much appreciated. All contributions (= articles to be printed) for the school magazine must be received by August 1st. This invention made a major contribution to road safety. She didn't make much of a contribution (= She did not say much) at today's meeting, did she?

26 to look forward to ; take to; refer to; get/be used to; be/get/become accustomed to; lead to; contribute to devote to; pay attention to; get down to; be addict to; the key to…

27 1. Accustomed to _______ the steep mountains, he had no difficulty reaching the top. (2005 ) A. climbing B. climb C. having climbed D. have climbed 2.How do you deal with the disagreement between the company and the customers? (2002 ) The key _______ the problem is to meet the demand ______ by the customers. A. to solving; making B. to solving; made C. to solve; making D. to solve; made

28 3. Mr. Reed made up his mind to devote all he had to ________ some schools for poor children. (2001 ) A. set up B. setting up C. have set up D. having set up

29 2. Altogether, three men could be responsible. (P2),. 1)Altogether That'll be £ 52.50 altogether, please. The government ought to abolish the tax altogether. She wrote less and less often, and eventually she stopped altogether. It's all right working with him, but living with him would be a different matter altogether. I'm not altogether sure I want that (= I have doubts about it). He's bad-tempered, selfish and altogether (= including everything) an unpleasant man. I think Graham will agree, but convincing Mary will be altogether more (= much more) difficult.

30 There are altogether eleven books on the shelf, _______five are mine. (2004 ) A. on which B. in which C. of which D. from which

31 2)responsible adj. …. Who is responsible for this terrible mess? Last month's bad weather was responsible for the crop failure. be responsible for sb./sth./doing sth. … Paul is directly responsible for the efficient running of the office. Her department is responsible for overseeing the councils. be responsible to sb./sth. In Australia, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet of Ministers are responsible to the House of Representatives.

32 responsibility n. [+ to infinitive] It's her responsibility to ensure the project finishes on time. She takes her responsibilities as a nurse very seriously. have responsibility Who has responsibility here? Jenny, you have responsibility for clearing up the room after the class. Terrorists have claimed responsibility for (= stated that they caused) yesterday's bomb attack. The minister took/accepted full responsibility for (= admitted that he was to blame for) the disaster and resigned.

33 3. It took more than two decades, though, until 1951, for colour broadcasts to begin in the USA. (P2) 1951,. though conj. 1) She hasnt phoned, even though she said she would. 2) They're coming next week, though I don't know which day. adv. despite this:, We were at school together. I haven't seen her for years though. as if/though, She looked as if she'd had some bad news. I felt as though I'd been lying in the sun for hours. They stared at me as if I was crazy. even though Even though he left school at 16, he still managed to become prime minister.

34 1. ______he has limited technical knowledge, the old worker has a lot of experience. (2006 I A. Since B. Unless C. As D. Although 2. Though______ money, his parents managed to send him to university. 2002 A. lacked B. lacking of C. lacking D. lacked in 3. ---- How is everything going on with you in Europe? ----Quite well. Not so smoothly as I hoped, _________. (2005 ) A. though B. instead C. either D. too

35 4. Some consider digital TV to be superior to satellite TV because it allows the same services to be delivered with clearer pictures than before.(P2),. 1)consider v. [I or T], Don't make any decisions before you've considered the matter. Have you considered what you'll do if you don't get the job? We're considering selling the house. She's being considered for the job. I'd like some time to consider before I make a decision. v. [T], You've got to consider the time element when planning the whole project. If you consider how long he's been learning the piano, he's not very good.

36 v. [T often + object + (to be) + noun or adjective] …… He is currently considered (to be) the best British athlete. We don't consider her suitable for the job. It is considered bad manners in some cultures to speak with your mouth full of food. I consider myself lucky that I only hurt my arm in the accident. Do you consider him a friend of yours? She considers (that) she has done enough to help already. v. [T] ( ) Have you considered your mother and how she's going to feel about you leaving? She never considers anyone but herself - she's totally selfish!

37 consideration n. [C or U] It may be fairly cheap to buy, but you've got to take into consideration the money you'll spend on repairs. Comfort/Safety is an important consideration. n. [U] After some consideration, we've decided to sell the house. The whole matter needs (to be given) careful consideration.

38 Now that she is out of a job, Lucy _____ going back to school, but she hasn t decided yet. (2004 ) A. had considered B. has been considering C. considered D. is going to consider

39 2) be superior to adj. This is clearly the work of a superior artist. She was chosen for the job because she was the superior candidate. For all babies, breastfeeding is far superior to bottlefeeding. The government troops were superior in numbers (= There were more of them). a superior manner/smile I can't bear Amanda - she's so superior. n. [C], adj., I will pass your complaint on to my superiors. The soldier was reported to his superior officer for failing in his duties.

40 3) allow v. [T] [+ to infinitive] Do you think Dad will allow you to go to Jamie's party? You're not allowed to talk during the exam. The government has refused to allow foreign journalists into the area for several weeks. [+ ing form of verb] Smoking is not allowed in this restaurant. [+ two objects] He didn't allow us enough time to finish the test. Red Cross officials were allowed access to the prison for the first time a few days ago. UK The referee decided to allow (= officially accept) the goal. [R] At the weekend I allow myself (= I permit myself the special pleasure of having) a box of chocolates. How much time do you allow yourself (= make available to yourself) to get ready in the morning?

41 v. [+ that], She allowed that she might have been too suspicious. allow for sth. phrasal verb:, We allowed for living expenses of £20 a day. [+ ing form of verb] You should allow for the plane being delayed. We have to allow for the possibility that we might not finish on schedule. allow of sth. phrasal verb: If a rule or situation allows of sth., it permits it: This rule allows of no exceptions. The evidence allows of only one interpretation - he was murdered by his wife.

42 Mary wanted to travel around the world all by herself, but her parents did not_______ her to do so. (2006 III) A. forbidB. allow C. follow D. ask

43 5 At that time, the record player had to be wound up by hand and only played a record a record for two minutes. hand n. [S] [+ ing form of verb] Would you like a hand carrying those bags? Could you give/lend me a hand with (= help me to move) the table, please? I think Matthew might need a hand with his maths homework. I could really use a hand with these accounts if you could spare a moment.

44 n. [U] Things got a little out of hand (= the situation stopped being controlled) at the party and three windows were broken. The police have the situation in hand (= under control). How come there's a problem? I thought you had everything in hand (= arranged and organized). Their youngest child needs taking in hand (= they should start to control her) if you ask me.

45 hand sth. around (UK ALSO hand round) Ben, could you hand round the biscuits? hand sth. back to return sth. to the person who gave it to you: [+ two objects] "No, I've never seen him before, " I said, handing her back the photograph. hand sth. down This necklace was handed down to my mother by my grandmother. hand sth. down a custom handed down through the generations

46 hand sth. in Have you handed in your history essay yet? I've decided to hand in my resignation (= tell my employer I am leaving my job). hand sth. out The teacher asked her to hand out the worksheets. They stood on the street corner handing out leaflets. hand sth. over We were ordered to hand over our passports. hand sb. over The hijacker was handed over to the French police. If you'll hold the line a moment I'll hand you over to someone who might be able to help.

47 at hand We want to ensure that help is at hand (= easily available) for all children suffering abuse. in hand They've had plenty of time to prepare, so the arrangements should be well in hand (= almost ready). on hand (UK ALSO to hand) A 1200-strong military force will be on hand to monitor the ceasefire. For those of you who don't have an atlas to hand, Newcastle is a city in the north-east of England.

48 on the one hand... on the other hand On the one hand I'd like a job which pays more, but on the other hand I enjoy the work I'm doing at the moment. out of hand Moving to London is certainly a possibility - I wouldn't dismiss it out of hand. give/lend sb. a helping hand These tax cuts will give industry a helping hand.

49 1. Whatever rank you may be in, it would be wrong to __________ the law into your own hands. 2002 A. bring B. hold C. take D. seize 2. It is certain that he will__________ his business to his son when he gets old. (2004 ) A take over B think over C hand over D go over

50 3. These books are too heavy for me to carry. _____. (2006 ) A. You may ask for help B. I ll give you a hand C. I ll do you a favor D. Id come to help 4. I would like a job which pays more, but ________ I enjoy the work Im doing at the moment. (2006 ) A. in other words B. on the other hand C. for one thing D. as a matter of fact

51 6. In 1988, for the first time ever, people were demanding more CDs than LPs. (P3) 1988, CD LP. 1)for the first time time any, each, every, next, first, last,. You can call me any time you want to. The last time I went to China, I visited Shanghai. Every time I saw him, I found him to be taller., the moment, immediately, …… ……. The moment (= As soon as) I get the money I'll send the ticket. Immediately (= As soon as) she'd gone, the boys started to mess about.

52 1. I _____________( ) Mike the moment I saw him (1999 ) 2. ---Did you remember to give Mary the money you owed her? ---Yes. I gave it to her_________ I saw her. (2001 ) A. while B. the moment C. suddenlyD. once recognized

53 2). demand v. [T], I demanded an explanation. The car workers' union is demanding a 7% pay rise this year. He has always demanded the highest standards of behaviour from his children. [+ speech] "And where do you think you're going?" demanded the police officer. [+ to infinitive] I demand to see the manager. [+ that] She demanded that he return the books he borrowed from her., This is a very difficult piece of music to play - it demands a lot of concentration. He seems to lack many of the qualities demanded of (= needed by) a successful politician.

54 n.1 [C] You can't give in to children's demands all the time. The government is unlikely to agree to the rebels' demands for independence. UK They received a final demand (= a last request) for payment. 2 [C or U] There was little demand for tickets. Good teachers are always in (great) demand (= are always needed). demands plural noun The demands of nursing are too great for a lot of people. His new job makes a lot of demands on him (= he has to work very hard). demanding adj. She's a very demanding child. a demanding job/task

55 1. The workers will go on strike if the demands they _______put forward are turned down. (2006 ) A. could B. would C. D. had 2. In our childhood, we were often _______ by Grandma to pay attention to our table manners. (2005 ) A.demanded B. reminded C. allowed D. hoped

56 3. In some western countries, demand for graduates from MBA courses has _____. (2004 III) A. turned down B. turned over C. fallen down D. fallen over 4.How do you deal with the disagreement between the company and the customers? The key _______ the problem is to meet the demand ______ by the customers. (2002 ) A. to solving; making B. to solving; made C. to solve; making D. to solve; made

57 8. The popularity of MP3 has increased to such a degree that major corporations are taking over the portable music player market with MP3 players.(P3) MP3, MP3. take over He took over from the previous headmaster in February. She took over as manager two weeks ago. Colin Lamb has taken over responsibility for this project. phrasal verb: ( ) The company he works for has recently been taken over.

58 take after vt. ; take along vt. …... take aside vt. … take away vt. ;, take back vt. ; ; take down vt. ; ; take … for … vt. …… ……, …… take off vt. ; ; vt&vi.. vi. take on vt. ; ; (, ) take out vt., ; take to vt. ; ……. take up vt. ; ; ( ); (, )

59 Take these chairs away - we don't need them. The plane took off at 8.30 a.m. She took too much on and made herself ill. Her singing career had just begun to take off. Her voice took on a troubled tone. I've had a tooth taken out. She was so depressed she took to drink. He's taken up the post of supervisor.

60 1. After he retired from office, Rogers ____ painting for a while, but soon lost interest. (2006 ) A. took up B. saved up C. kept up D. drew up 2. Were trying to ring you back, Bryan, but we think we ________ your number incorrectly. (2006 ) A. looked up B. took down C. worked out D. brought about 3. Helen always helps her mother even though going to school _________ most of her day. (2004 ) A. takes up B. makes up C. saves up D. puts up

61 9. It is reported that in 1998, 66 percent of house holds in the USA had cable TV.(P5) It is reported/said/believed/thought… / / ……. sb./sth. is reported/said/believed/thought…to do,. It is said that 125,000 people died in Russia as a result of illness caused by this accident. 125 000 =125,000 people were said to have died in Russia as a result of illness caused by this accident. It is reported that there was a bad traffic accident in India last week. It is told that he will take a trip abroad. It is believed that the girl will be fit for the office. It is suggested that the government do something against pollution.

62 1. Police are now searching for a woman who is reported to ____ since the flood hit the area last Friday. (2006 ) A. have been missing B. have got lost C. be missing D. get lost 2. AIDS is said ______ the biggest health challenge to both men and women in that area over the past few years. (2006 ) A. that it is B. to be C. that it has been D. to have been

63 3. It is said that the early European playing-cards for entertainment and education. (2006 ) A. were being designed B. have designed C. have been designed D. were designed 4. The flu is believed _______ by viruses that like to reproduce in the cells inside the human nose and throat. (2004 ) A. causing B. being caused C. to be caused D. be have caused

64 10. convenience(P5) n. [C]. The house has every modern convenience. convenient adj. Our local shop has very convenient opening hours. A bike's a very convenient way of getting around. [+ that] It's very convenient that you live near the office. [+ to infinitive] I find it convenient to be able to do my banking by phone. What time would it be convenient for me to come round? NOTE: The opposite is inconvenient., a very convenient bus service Our new flat is very convenient for (= near to) the kids' school. at your convenience The goods will be delivered at your convenience.

65 1. Come and see me whenever_______. (2003 ) A you are convenient B you will be convenient C it is convenient to you D it will be convenient to you 2. If it is quite _______ to you, I will visit you next Tuesday. (2005 ) A. convenient B. fair C. easy D. comfortable

66 Read the text again and again. Try to memorize the language points. Do Parts A and B on pages 106 & 107 of the Workbook.

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