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Unit 1 Advertising Word power Using suffixes Blank-filling _____________ (advertise) are an important part of life.They use lots of ____________ (persuade)

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2 Unit 1 Advertising Word power

3 Using suffixes

4 Blank-filling _____________ (advertise) are an important part of life.They use lots of ____________ (persuade) and _______ (excite) images to sell products or services. ________(general) speaking, there are two main types: __________ (commerce) ads and PSAs. They do not always tell you the _______ (true). We should be_______(care). Advertisements persuasiveexciting Generally commercial truthcareful Question: How are these new words formed?

5 More examples: Rootderivatives/new words health interest depend use difficult week healthy interesting dependent useful difficulty weekly

6 Competition: Think more words that are created this way. Which group can win? The group that has the most words wins.

7 How to form adjectives from nouns and verbs? A: Do all ads play tricks on people? B: No. PSAs use some of the same methods as commercial ads, like attractive pictures and exciting language, but they are not meant to trick us. commerce n. commercial attract v. attractive excite v. exciting Using suffixes

8 Noun +y +ly +ic +al +ous +ful health healthy week weekly hero heroic nation national danger dangerous help helpful Verb +ed +ing +able +ive mix mixed interest interesting enjoy enjoyable attract attractive Can you think of more examples?

9 Best Clothing Shop Do you want _______ (love) and _________ (attract) clothing at low prices? Are you tired of wearing the same plain( ), _______ (bore) outfits( ) every day? Do you sometimes feel like your friends are trendier( ) than you are, and wear more _______ (create) outfits? lovely attractive boring creative

10 We can tell you where your friends found their ________ (fantasy ) clothes. Best Clothing Shop has opened two new stores in the city centre. An _______ (excite) film star look is now available to every teenager! Our shopping environment is _________ (friend) and enjoyable. Our highly ___________ (compete) prices mean you dont have to be rich and _________ (fame) to look great. fantastic exciting friendly competitive famous

11 Jeans, shirts and dresses are on sale now. If you are one of the first ten ______ (luck) shoppers this weekend, you will receive a discount( ) card. So come this Saturday to one of our new stores to collect your free gift and start shopping at the place where you can find the clothes you have always wanted! lucky

12 Exercise: Best Clothing Shop Possible answers: (1) lovely (2) attractive (3) boring (4) energetic (5) friendly (6) enjoyable (7) wealthy (8) lucky (9) fantastic Lets learn more about suffixes.

13 SuffixMeaningExamples(adj.) -icalhaving the quality of -ablehaving the ability of -ouslike, full of -fulcharacterized by -lesswithout medical, electrical enjoyable, reasonable dangerous, adventurous joyful, mouthful cloudless, hopeless

14 commercial 1 commerce 2 health 3 hero 4 attraction 5 help 6 excitement 7 origin 8 danger 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Hidden word ________ and food are quite important to our human beings. Use the correct form of the words to fill in the blank. h e a l t h y h e r o i c a t t r a c t i v e h e l p f u l e x c i t i n g o r i g i n a l d a n g e r o u s Clothing

15 Active show Suppose you want to open an ice cream shop in Yangzhou. However, there is already an ice cream shop here. What could you do to make sure that your new shop would be successful? You are expected to make a brief sales plan.

16 Useful expressions: Product Market research Sales and marketing Sales/marketing department Consumers Market share Sales target Market leader High quality Sales figures / /

17 Marketing and Sales( Vice-President of Sales Senior Customer Manager Sales Manager Sales Manager Sales Assistant Wholesale Buyer Marketing Consultant Marketing and Sales Director Market Research Analyst Manufacturer's Representative Sales Representative

18 Marketing and Sales Marketing Director Customer Manager Vice-President of Marketing Customer Manager Sales Administrator Advertising Manager Salesperson Sales Executive Marketing Assistant Product Developer Marketing Manager (

19 Before a company starts making a new p_______, they must collect and study information about what people want and need. So, they do m_____________. The boss of the company needs a lot of information about the s_________________ of the product. So, the s________________________, led by a sales/marketing manager, will present the information from their market research to the boss. roduct arket research ales and marketing ales/marketing department Sales and marketing A

20 The company can then choose the right product to produce, the one which is expected to be most popular with c_________. One of the most important pieces of information is the m__________ ----- the percentage of a market that the company has. Also important are the s__________ ----- the amount which they think they will sell in a future period. onsumers arket share ales targets

21 If they want to become the m____________, the company must ensure that their product is of h___________. Once the product goes on the market, its s____________ ----- the amount which has been sold ----- should be reported every day, so the company can check the progress of their product. arket leader igh quality ales figures

22 1.product share 3.sales figures 4.consumers 5.high quality research 7.sales/marketing department 8.sales target leader 10.sales and marketing Sales and marketing B

23 When the new product is produced after the market research, we still need design some helpful, exciting and attractive advertisements so that the advertisements can help us excite and attract more customers to buy the product. Question: Whats the difference between these two different colored groups?

24 1.This book is of great help, that is to say, it is very _______. 2. I dont think it has any use, that is to say, I dont think it is ______. 3. The message is of great value. That is to say, it is _______. 4. The old man is in good health.----He is _______. 5. Drunk drivers are a great danger to people on the road. that means they are __________ drivers. helpful useful valuable healthy dangerous

25 I want to buy some milk ________ from the shop. ________of milk usually go up during this time.I like Fresh milk very much because this brand usually has a good________. Recent sales ________ show that it is popular among __________. The shop also gives much _______ of 10 per cent for cash. Why dont you have a try? products Sales quality figures consumers discount Exercise for consolidation product sales quality figure consumer discount

26 Language Points: 1.

27 e.g. a retired teacher e.g. a book written by Lu Xun e.g. a girl dressed in white

28 2. for sale not for sale on sale 3. … be popular with/among sb ……

29 4. of high quality/value/importance /help/use/big size 5. ensure vt. ensure (ones) doing sth / ensure … against … / …… … … ensure that …

30 e.g. All necessary measures will be taken to ensure the safety when the 2008 Olympics is held in Beijing. e.g. I cannot ensure his telling the complete truth.

31 e.g. The person in charge of the construction site should ensure workers against accidents.

32 Homework 1 Finish the Ex on Page 91. 2 Make good preparation for Grammar and Usage.


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