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8A Unit 4-6 (Revision). 8A Unit 4-6 Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6.

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1 8A Unit 4-6 (Revision)

2 8A Unit 4-6 Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6

3 Unit 4-6

4 ..

5 8A Unit 4 wild, bear, kangaroo, sadly, hunter, fur, farmer, forest, nowhere, danger, action, protect, encourage, safe, thick, writer, camel, fox, giraffe, tortoise, wolf, zebra, bamboo, report, step, poison, hunt, character, smell, loss, farmland, sell, train, mice, sharp

6 G______ pandas live in China. They eat b_______ s_____. When baby pandas are born, they look like white m____. They are in d_____ now, because not only h______ hunt them for their f____, but also f______ change the f______ into f________. Giant pandas will have n______ to live because of the l_____ of their living areas. We must take a_______ to p_____ all the w____ animals. We can e________ farmers to leave the reserves, build more reserves and make them bigger. iant amboohoots ice anger unters urarmers armlands owhereoss ctions rotect ild ncourage orests

7 8A Unit 5 market, northern, broad, nature, north-east, wildlife, provide, shelter, stay, rare, tourist, endangered, government, farm, importance, wet, dishonest, unnecessary, impossible, unfriendly, unwelcome, unable, incorrect, protected, fish, litter, entrance, sandwich, angry, angrily, noisy, nicely, softly, shine, km., drop, careless, fact, worm, south-east, reason, snowstorm, flood, cm, e.g., etc., sec., info., no., min., example, rest, dollar, plus, birth, hobby

8 The Chinese g_________ built lots of reserves to protect the e__________ _______ ( ).Zhalong, one of the worlds most important wetlands, is a n_____ reserve in n________ China. The area p______ food and s_____ for those r___ red-crowned cranes and many other kinds of plants,fish and birds. Every year thousands of t_______ go birdwatching there. We hope more and more people can understand the i___________ of wetlands because they can also prevent f_____. overnment ndangeredwildlife ature orth-east rovides helterare ourists mportance loods

9 Unit 6 natural, earthquake, accident, wash, storm, rainstorm, thunder, shaking, body, fear, scream, bomb, shake, direction, wildly, brick, calm, over, moment, since, somebody, chocolate, hurry, daylight, loudly, everywhere, cloud, wind, windy, fog, foggy, frost, frosty, drop, as, snowy, excuse, advise, warn, lock, order, cover, arrival, heavy, hit, lady, nearly, sandstorm,warning, roll

10 There are a lot of n________ disasters in the world such as e___________, snowstorms, rainstorms, floods etc. A lot of people have lost their lives in them. Timmy survived Taiwan earthquake in 1999. At first, he felt a s______ through his b____ and heard a big noise like t_______. The noise sounded like b____ under the ground. People looked at each other in f____.Then they ran in all d________ w____. When the earthquake was o____, he found he was t_______. He tried to c____ down and s_______ for help. Finally, he was saved. atural arthquakes haking ody hunder ombs ear irectionsildly ver rapped almcreamed

11 .

12 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. first saw at the beginning/at first cut down trees two whole days go through the forest live alone someone else earn/make money a special place a nature reserve in north-east China

13 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. a great place to do sth.provide sth. for sb. provide sb. with sth. the ideal home different kinds of all year around go for a short stay in the wetlands

14 19. 20. … 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. … an important living area make space for less and less space more and more birds endangered birds the changes in do a bird count once a year need sb. to do sth. understand the importance of

15 29. …… 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. run out of …… shout for help make excuses one by one time of arrival a car accident get worse

16 lose ones life up to on ones own at the beginning of any more 1.The baby panda drank her mothers milk for _______ 14 hours a day. 2.Mothers cant leave their babies _____________. Its very dangerous. 3. The soldier __________ when he saved the boy in the river. 4. When the little girl saw her mother, she didnt cry __________. 5. ________________ this English class, our teacher taught us an English song. up to on their own lost his life any more At the beginning of

17 take actions at a time keep passing interested in 1.Take 10 ml of this medicine __________. 2. Our school football team ___________ the ball to each other and won the match at last. 3. What sports are your classmates ___________? 4. Many countries are _____________ to save water.( P65 3) at a time kept passing interested in taking actions

18 1. We can see the snow on Fuji Mount _______________.( P69 5) 2. The little boy has _________ a handsome young man.( P65 4) 3. We should ______________ those people in need when we are on a bus.( P69 2) 4. The old lay is too old to __________ herself. ( P65 1) 5. The colour blue can make you ___________. all year round grown into make space for look after calm down make space for grow into all year round calm down look after

19 1.. = People use tiger bones to make medicine. People make medicine from tiger bones. = People make medicine out of tiger bones. ….. use……to make….. make sth. out of …… make sth. from…… …… use…… to do sth. do sth. with sth. e.g. They tried to open the door with a knife = They tried to use a knife to open the door.

20 2.,. The children screamed because they were frightened Because the children were frightened, they screamed. The children screamed as they were frightened. As the children were frightened, they screamed. The children screamed since they were frightened. Since the children were frightened, they screamed.

21 : 1. as since because 2.,,. 3. why because. 4. because so.. Because I got up late, so I was late for school. ( so ) e.g. Because I got up late, I was late for school. = I got up late, so I was late for school.

22 Useful sentences 1.Your food looks delicious. 2. She started to go outside her home for the first time. 3. Sadly, its very difficult for giant pandas to survive in the wild. 4. We can take the following actions to protect giant pandas. 5. Make giant pandas reserves bigger. 6. They look lovely on you. / you look lovely in them. 7.It is one of the worlds most important wetlands. 8. The area provides food and shelter for them. /The area provides them with food and shelter.

23 9. Some people want to change the wetlands to make more space for farms and buildings. 10. We need more people to help us count and do something for the birds. 11. They simply cant wait for the party. (cant wait to do sth.) 12.At first, I felt a slight shaking through my body. 13. They didnt know where to go. 14. A moment of fear went through my mind but I told myself to calm down since I was still alive. 15. People were in a great hurry to move away the bricks and stones. 16. Itll be snowy and the temperature will drop to –5.

24 17. Her school caught fire because lightning hit it. 18. What happened to you? 19. We lost our umbrella in the wind and I nearly fell over. 30. We could do nothing but walk slowly in the storm.

25 .

26 1.The English teacher always _______ (advice) us to read English every day.( P65 4) advise vt. advise sb. to do/not to do sth advice n. give sb. some advice advises 2. ________ (nature) disasters are very dangerous.( P67 2) Natural nature n. nature reserves natural adj. natural disasters

27 3. Thank you for your ________ (arrive). arrival arrive vi. arrive at/in arrival n. 4. The ____ (lost) of living areas makes tigers nowhere to live. loss lose v. loselostlost lost adj. e.g. I ______ my wallet yesterday. Now, I have found my _____ wallet. (lose) lost v. adj.

28 5. Some students still dont know the ___________ (important) of learning English. importance 6. When Xi Wang was born, she _________ (weigh) just 100 grams. The _________ of hers was 100 grams when she was born. (weigh) weighed weight weigh vi. ……weigh-weighed-weighed vt. …… e. g. Do you often weigh yourself? weight n. e.g. lose weight

29 7. Xi Wang ___________ a healthy young giant Panda. He wants to be a computer programmer when he ____________. grew into grows up ( ) 8. The area ___ food and shelter for them. A. gives B. offers C. provides D. passes C provide sth. for sb.= provide sb with sth. give sb. sth. = give sth. to sb. offer sb. sth. = offer sth. to sb.

30 alone lonely 9. The old man lives ______ in a _____ house, but he never feels ______. alonelonely alone adv., lonely adj., ( ),., e.g. He is a ______ boy and he always feels ______ because he is the only child in his family and he is often _____ at home. lonely alone

31 live living alive life (1)I ____ in a wooden house with my parents. (2) I told myself to calm down since I was still ______. (3) This years Beijing Music Awards will be covered _______. (4) Their _______ areas are becoming farmlands. (5) Thousands of people lost their _____ in the earthquake. (6)They are talking about the _____ in the British school. live alive live living lives life 10.

32 live v. adv. living n. e.g. living areas living room adj. e.g. the greatest living English writer alive adj., e.g. be alive life n. e.g. live a happy life lively adj.,

33 (1)Wolves are in _______ because people cut down forests. (dangerous) (2) Its very __________ to play football in the street. (dangerous) (3) The Chinese government built a lot of reserves to protect these __________ birds. danger dangerous endangered danger n. dangerous adj. endangered adj., ( ) 11

34 (4) Dont get close to the tigers. They are very ____________. (5) The rare red-crowned cranes are ___________, all the people should protect them. (6) Shout for help when you are in ________. dangerous endangered danger

35 save safe safely safety12. (1) At last, I saw the bright daylight. I was ______. (2) They were like old friends and we were always pleased when they landed _______. (3) Finally, people moved away the bricks and stones and _______ him. (4) Did you do anything about your own _______? safe safely saved safety

36 save vt., e.g. save money e.g. save one life e.g. save time safe adj. safely adv. safety n.

37 13.Sadly, it is very difficult for giant pandas to __________ in the wild. (survive) Only two people ____________ the fire. survive survived survive vi., vt. …… survivor n. There were only five __________ in the crash. ( P67 3) survivors

38 14. ? Whats the meaning of this word? =What does this word mean? =what do you mean by this word? It means hope. mean v. …… meaning n.,

39 .

40 1. If If we grow more bamboo, giant pandas __________ (have) more food. If we dont protect giant pandas, they _______(die). If I see a snake in front of me, I ________(run) the other way. If I go to North Africa, I ________ (see) a lot of camels. If I have time next weekend, I ________(go) to the zoo. will have will die will run will see will go

41 If,.,,,.,, will/shall+.( )

42 If I go to Beijing Zoo, I ________ (learn) a lot about animals. If I __________ (not arrive ) at noon, I __________(not see) the feeding of animals. If he ______ (find) the Monkey Hill, he ________(have) fun there. will learn dont arrive wont see finds will have

43 If tigers are hungry, they ________ (attack) people. If giant pandas have no food, they ______ (die). If a polar bear is hungry, it _______ (catch) fish from the water. If elephants _____ (be) thirsty, they _______(walk) until they find a river. Some snakes _____ (spit) poison if you _____(step) on them. attack die catches are walk spit step

44 If ¸,. Male wolves _______(protect) their families if there _____ (be) danger. If it __________ (rain) tomorrow, we _________(go) out for picnic. protect is doesnt rain will go

45 2. / The show __________ (start) at 7.30 p.m. Our plane _________ (leave) at ten oclock tonight. My cousin ________ (play) basketball for two hours every day. starts leaves plays : (1) (2) go,come,leave, start,arrive,fly,move,be return

46 when,before,after,until,if,as soon as, unless Please ask him to call me as soon as he ________ (arrive) in Beijing. We will start the meeting when the chairman _______ (come). We will wait here until the party ____ (be) over. The theatre will have to close unless the government _______(agree) to give extra money. arrives comes is agrees

47 We __________(leave) his flat at 8 a.m. Whos ________ (come) tonight? I am _______ (go) there by bus tomorrow. are leaving coming going (1) go,come,leave, start,arrive,fly,move,be return (2) He is driving me to Beijing tomorrow. Mr. Wu is bringing sandwiches for everyone.

48 3. She speaks _______ English. She speaks English ________. (fluent) He is always very ________ when he drives. He drives very ________.(careful) fluent fluently careful carefully She ________ (dance) _________ (beautiful). dancesbeautifully ________ does she dance? How how

49 1. +ly, ( …… ). e.g. different bad close free clear bright dangerous slow careful correct neat nice soft generous quiet sad polite loud differently badly closely freely clearly brightly dangerously slowly carefullycorrectly neatly nicely softly generously quietly sadly politelyloudly

50 2. -y, y i, -ly e.g. angry happy heavy noisy easy lucky busy angrily happily heavily noisily easily luckily busily -y i + -ly

51 gentle terrible simple probable possible gently terribly simply probably possibly 3. le, e, -y -le -e + y

52 fast early late straight hard fast early late straight hard 4..

53 He is _____ (live), clever and outgoing. Our neighbours are ______ (friend) and we are happy here. lively friendly :2. -ly adj. : 1. true truly e -ly : 3., :good well

54 My mother said,Wear your best clothes. My mother advised me _______(wear) my best clothes. Mr. Wu said, Dont run. Mr. Wu warned us _________ (not run ). to wear not to run,.,. : not

55 He advised me ___________ (not forget) ______(lock) the door. Mr. Wu ordered Simon _______ (close) the windows. He told Daniel dont to ride his bike. not to forget to lock to close dont not

56 tell sb. to do sth. tell sb. not to do sth ask sb. to do sth. ask sb. not to do sth. advise sb. to do sth. advise sb. not to do sth. order sb. to do sth. order sb. not to do sth. warn sb. not to do sth.

57 .

58 Unit 4 Task 1: Reading a report on giant pandas Task 2: Discussing and writing a report on an endangered animal

59 Title: _________ are in danger! Paragraph 1 Appearance Paragraph 2 Ability Paragraph 3 Character Paragraph 4 Dangers

60 Appearance very big; Blue or grey body; small head and big mouth; have no teeth in the mouth Ability good at swimming and hunting Character like to swim around the sea; often hurt people or small animals Food small fish; Shrimps; jellyfish; diatom; various kinds of plank tonic organism Dangers hunters hunt them for their meat, fur, fin, bones; no food to eat

61 Blue whales are in danger! Blue whales are the biggest animals in the world. Their bodies are blue or gray. Their backs have small light stripes. Their heads are small and flat. There are two spouts on the top of each head. Their mouths are big but there is no tooth in the mouths. They are 2400 to 3400 cm long and weigh about 150 million - 200 million grams, almost 2000-3000 people s weight. Blue whales are good at swimming because they live in the sea. They are also good at hunting. They all like to swim around the sea.

62 They like to eat small fish, Shrimps and other things or animals in the sea. Sadly, lots of hunters kill the blue whales for their meat, fur, fins and bones. If hunters also hunt small fish, they will have no food to eat. If we dont take actions to protect them, they wont survive in the world.

63 Unit 5 Task 1: Completing an application form Task 2: Writing a letter to support the application

64 Birdwatching Birdwatching Club (Application form) Name: Date of birth: Address: Telephone number: E-mail address: School: Grade: Favourite subjects: Clubs: Interests and hobbies: Pets: Activities to protect wildlife: Free time: Zhao Aijia(Amy) Room 402, 38 Hill Road, Sunshine Town, Beijing 010-55586390 Beijing Sunshine Secondary School 8 PE and Science maybe Volleyball Club volleyball, singing, dancing from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays

65 the form of a letter address of the sender post code Date Name Title Address of the receiver Greeting Subject Main body Closing Signature Paragraph 1. Purpose Paragraph 2. Self-introduction Paragraph 3. Reasons Paragraph 4. Activities to protect ______ Paragraph 5. address

66 Purpose: I would like to be/become a member of the ______ club. Introduction Reasons: I would like to be/become a ____ because ___________.I can come to club activities from _____ to _____ on______. Activities to protect _______: Address: I will be very happy if I can become a member of your club. You can call me on _______ or e-mail me at ______. (phone number) (e-mail address)

67 Application form Name: Rui Dou Date of birth: 1991.8.14 Address: Room 702, Hehui Street, Nanjing, Jiangsu,China Telephone number: 025-83477940 E-mail address: School: NO.50 Middle School Grade: 8 Favorite subjects: P.E. English Clubs: Interests and hobbies: run, play table tennis, reading and take risks. Pets: I have no pets in my house. The reasons of joining the club: want to know more about the things in the nature and tell people more about them, do something exciting, study the nature Free time: every Sunday.

68 Dear Mr Zhou APPLICATION TO JOIN THE RISK CLUB I read an article about the Adventure Club and I would like to become a member of the Adventure Club. I am a student at NO.50 Middle School and I am in Grade 8. My favorite subject is P.E. and I like English, too. I am very interested in running. I usually run twice a week. I also like reading and taking risks. I would like to become an adventurer because I like the forests and the nature. I like studying the nature and do something exciting very much. I think it is very important for me to know more about the things and the animals in the nature and tell people more about them. I can come to club activities on Sundays. I will be very happy if I can become a member of your club. You can call me on 025-83477940 or e-mail me at Yours Rui Dou

69 Unit 6 Task 1: Completing a flow chart and an article about a snowstorm Task 2: Making notes and a flow chart; writing an article about a natural disaster

70 Choose a topic What to talk about introduction during the ___ after the ___ facts about the ____ Where were you ? What did you do? What did you hear? What did you see? What happened to you? How did you feel? Where were you? What did you hear? What did you see? How did you feel?

71 Animals abnormality At first, you can feel a slight shaking through your body. Then you can hear a noise like thunder and a real noise like bombs. Finally, the walls fall down. Many buildings will fall down. A lot of streets will spilt open. Many people will die.

72 Thank You!

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