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1 PCD Infusion Pump WG Containment / Mode / Status Discussion (rev. 3) Updated: 2012.05.02 Wednesday

2 2 DS-IP-xyz Containment/Mode/Status Discussion Scope: Review proposed containment models for : DS – Infusion Pump – LVP DS – Infusion Pump – Syringe DS – Infusion Pump – PCA Define role and values for pump Mode parameter Define purpose and values for pump Status parameter

3 3 DS-IP-LVP Containment Model LVP VMD is paired with a generic pump delivery channel Source Channels package semantics that define / drive the behavior of a Delivery Channel Multiple source channels can be active at any point in time – thus the addition of a bolus channel Source & Delivery Channel definitions consistent across pump types. Spreadsheet => RTMMS => ICSGenerator

4 4 DS-IP-SYR Containment Model Syringe-specific parameters are contained in the Syringe Channel Source & Delivery Channels are the same as those specified in the General Purpose pump specification. Spreadsheet => RTMMS => ICSGenerator

5 5 DS-IP-PCA Model PCA specific parameters are packaged in a PCA Channel PCA Channel can be combined with Source Channels as needed Syringe-based PCA would also include a Syringe Channel (next slide) PCA Channel may operate exclusively, sequentially or concurrently with one or more Source Channels. Spreadsheet => RTMMS => ICSGenerator

6 6 DS-IP-PCA-SYR Model PCA capability added to a syringe pump Only difference from the generic PCA pump is the addition of the Syringe Channel parameter package. Spreadsheet => RTMMS => ICSGenerator

7 7 Pump Mode & Status Parameters Discussion Points: Operational Mode & Status contained in delivery channels Mode reflects … what source channels are actively determining the operation of their associated delivery channel What the user would see as the configured mode All source channels OR only currently active source channels? Status reflects … primarily what is observed in the distal line … ISSUE #1: What do we want these values to be for DS-IP-xyz? Including active / concurrent source channel indication ISSUE #2: Harmonization with the 11073-10101:2004 Definitions

8 8 X73 Pump Mode Parameter MDC_PUMP_MODE (from 11073-10101:2004, A.7.7.12) hRTM Group: Operational Mode: pump-mode-nominal pump-mode-drug-dosing pump-mode-ramp-taper pump-mode-multi-step pump-mode-multi-dosing pump-mode-bolus pump-mode-loading-dose pump-mode-multi-channel pump-mode-pca pump-mode-continuous pump-mode-pca-and-continuous pump-mode-piggyback pump-mode-concurrent

9 9 X73 Pump Status Parameter (from 11073-10101:2004, A.7.7.18) MDC_PUMP_STAT hRTM Group: Operational Mode: pump-status-ready pump-status-infusing pump-status-paused pump-status-kvo pump-status-delayed pump-status-standby pump-status-vtbi-complete pump-status-off pump-status-priming

10 10 Proposed Resolution Define two Operational Mode parameters + 1 status parameter MDC_PUMP_MODE_SETTING (proposed) Indicates the configured infusion protocol Enumerations include: pump-mode-continuous / -piggyback / - pca / … Multiple mode bits can be set Example: pump_mode_continuous + pump_mode_pca + pump_mode_bolus MDC_PUMP_MODE_CURRENT (proposed) Indicates the actual operational – including simultaneous – mode components (tied to Source Channels) Example: pump_mode_continuous + pump_mode_pca MDC_PUMP_STAT (… can we make this _STATUS?) Indicates what the pumping mechanism is doing Does NOT include alarm status indication (separate parameter) Enumerations include: pump-status-ready / -infusing / -paused / -delayed / -standby / -off / …

11 PCD Rules!

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