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Stark Bill Reversal: Making Hospital-Centric RHIOs Possible February 13, 2006.

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1 Stark Bill Reversal: Making Hospital-Centric RHIOs Possible February 13, 2006

2 What is a Hospital-Centric RHIO The Hospital Becomes the Central Point for Clinical Information for Resident Physicians Patients See the Hospital as the Point for Information Contact Point for RHIO and NHIN

3 Why Should a Hospital Be Concerned? Quality Improvements Physician Loyalty Patient Loyalty P4P Requires Complete Medical History

4 Pay for Performance (P4P) More Payers Starting Programs Creates Need for More Complete Information

5 Physician Loyalty Create Reason to Come to Hospital Provide Relevant Information Add Value to the Physician's Practice

6 Communicate with Providers Clinical Data Required From Physicians Keep Physician Engaged With Facility Central Point of Contact

7 Integration with a RHIO Hospital System Connects to RHIO Larger Point of Presence Representation of Physicians

8 Integration with the NHIN Point of Presence for NHIN Distributor of Data Disaster Recovery Facility

9 Status of Stark Bill Reversal Draft Published October 11, 2005 Final Regulations Expected in Late 2006

10 What Will Reversal Allow Me To Do? Facilitate Access to ePrescribing Systems Donate Necessary EMR Services to Physicians Provide Technical Training and Education

11 What Can I Do Today? Enhance Web Site Services Related to Hospital Service Delivery Provide Services for a Fee Equivalent to Cost Create Separate Organizations for Services

12 What Services Should I Offer? ePharmacy Drug History eLabs Internal & External Lab Information eAdministration Eligibility Claim Services Claim Status Banking Complete EHR System

13 Now is the Time Prepare for P4P Develop Connectivity Options for RHIOs and NHIN Break out of the Silo and Become Part of the Community Provide Physicians Tools To Better Interact with the Hospital, Community and Nation

14 Challenges with Providers Independency! Non-Technical Capabilities Technical Education & Training Limited Web Business Connectivity

15 Challenges with Data Format Implementation Standards, Limited Implementation Guides Lack of Communication Standards Inconsistent Applications of Codifying Data

16 Where Can I Save Money? No Duplicate Testing – Payers Starting To Reject Laboratory Data Distribution Improved Patient Quality

17 How Can I Improve Quality of Care? Complete Medical History Reduce Drug Interactions Verified Patient Information

18 Next Steps Ensure a Clinical Web Site Add Pharmacy Functionality to Web Site Add Patient Verification Provide Centralized EMR on a Per Seat License

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