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September, 2005What IHE Delivers Status Report IHE-Europe RSNA, November 28 th 2006 Karima Bourquard, User IHE-EUR cochair (GMSIH) Peter Kuenecke, Vendor.

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1 September, 2005What IHE Delivers Status Report IHE-Europe RSNA, November 28 th 2006 Karima Bourquard, User IHE-EUR cochair (GMSIH) Peter Kuenecke, Vendor IHE-EUR cochair (SIEMENS)

2 2 Agenda Introduction National IHE initiatives : Who are they ? Projects in Europe : IHE-Europe Governance Certification Study Connect-a-thon

3 3 Introduction IHE-Europe is now 11 IHE national initiatives : Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdom IHE-Europe is also 75 companies and 117 systems and 250 Engineers working together at the connect-a-thon At last IHE-Europe is going to be a formal organization for helping countries to deploy IHE

4 4 IHE-Spain

5 5 IHE-Spain Foundation in April 2005 Members: 120 Users, including scientific societies, Hospitals, Universities and Public Health Services. 17 vendors. 4 Scientific societies 4 Hospitals & Universities 5 Public Health Services About 120 Individual users Vendors growing this year by 20%.

6 6 Activities 2006 Local organization of Barcelonas Connect-a- thon Deployment: seminars and sessions Coordination actions with SEIS (Spanish health IT association) and HL7-Spain Publications More than 20 interventions in congress and symposiums of Health IT and Radiology Development activities: National extension to TF (Jan 2006) Active collaboration in some committees:Pathology

7 7 Main Objectives reached Some Regional Health Services are very interested in IHE, with RFP with IHE specifications Catalonia Aragón Andalousia Extremadura Madrid Military health service (Ministry of Defense) Core-group of interested people, institutions and vendors, scientific societies, health IT association and standard associations Relation with South-America Julio Carrau ( from SUEIIDISS, Uruguay) is making efforts to launch a Ibero American connectathon in collaboration with IHE-Spain on 24-26 may 2007.

8 8 IHE-Germany

9 9 IHE-Germany Members : 29 Members 17 Companies 4 (User-)Organisations 8 Personal Cooperation with HL7 Germany (booth, workshops) Planning for European Connect-a-thon 2007 & Participant workshop

10 10 Activities National Movements : VHitG Initiative Implementation guides: -Medical Summary (discharge letter, specialists, Rehab, Oncology) / CDA R2 -Intersectoral communication for booking eFallakte (XDS, PCC) gematik (eCard, ePrescription, telematic infrastructure) Other Activities : Deploiement of the standard POCT1-A (Laboratory domain) Public Workshops Workshop for Consultant RIDE workshop / European project

11 11 Activities (II) Participants Workshop February 7 and 8, 2007 at Dorint Novotel Am Tiergarten, Berlin European IHE Committee February 9, 2007 at Dorint Novotel Am Tiergarten, Berlin European IHE Connect-a-thon April 16 – 20, 2007 at Messe Berlin (Exhibition Center) European IHE Committee April 20, 2007 Date and place depending on IHE-EUR

12 12 IHE-Netherlands

13 13 Overview Active since 2004 30 members – broad user and vendor support Evert Sanders, radiologist Amphia, Breda – User Chair Harm-Jan Wessels, CEO Forcare – Vendor Chair Formal organisation (not-for-profit foundation) Supported by professional secretariat Steering group and working groups Public Relations - PRPublic Relations - PR Portable Data for Imaging – PDIPortable Data for Imaging – PDI Cross-Enterprise – XECross-Enterprise – XE Education / ConferenceEducation / Conference Zorg & ICT 2007 Interoperability DemonstrationZorg & ICT 2007 Interoperability Demonstration

14 14 Key Activities Cooperation with NICTIZ National Institute for IT in Healthcare Application of IHE to national developments Joint projects (cross-enterprise radiology, lab reports) Annual Dutch IHE conference Held on Nov 3 rd 2006; 130 attendees; 20 speakers New IHE Netherlands website – Tailored content; online Content Management System; collaboration tools Portable Data for Imaging Tailoring of PDI / IRWF profiles to Dutch context IHE Interoperability demonstration National healthcare IT exhibition – March 2007 Cross-Enterprise Radiology (XDS / XDS-I)

15 15 IHE-France

16 16 IHE-France Members : Vendors : > 20 Users : SFR, SFIL, ADICAP, GMSIH, DMP,CPS… Hospitals Cooperation with HL7 France HPRIM Creation of IHE-Lab and IHE-Pathology Contribution to Radiology and IT domains

17 17 Activities National EHR project using IHE-XDS on the experimentation sites Demonstration at Hôpital Expo (May 2006) Education sessions at JFR (October 2006) Documentation and Education Sessions Implementation in Hospitals

18 18 IHE-U.K

19 19 IHE-UK Plan to define a new structure of IHE-UK to support all domains Closer working with HL7-UK, and others organizations (IPEM and BNMS) Demonstration at Healthcare Computing in March 2006 Specific Presentations for VIPs (NHS Connecting for Health)

20 20 IHE-Italy

21 21 IHE-Italy Members : Radiology : Users organizations : SIRM, AIMN,AIFM 16 vendors IT : Users : AISIS, AIIS 12 vendors Laboratory : Users : SIBIOC, SIMEL, AMCLI 6 vendors

22 22 Activities Italian Information National Healthcare System (NSIS) has chosen IHE (introduction of IHE-XD*) Others projects using IHE-XDS : Conto Corrente Salute (CCS) using an « e-banking model » easily to implement, access by citizen in the region EHR Verona Hospital Others activities : Creation of ad-hocs WG on Lab, PCC, Patient file, legal documents Demonstration : SIRM in Milan (Radiology profiles) Medm@tica in Vicenza Medm@tica

23 23 IHE-Europe IHE-Europe has validated a new governance model IHE-Europe has the responsibility of The contact with the European Commission The organization of the European Connect-a-thon The development towards Europe The recruitment of the European User and Vendor associations IHE-Europe is working on the certification model for IHE

24 24 IHE-Europe and the connect-a-thon Paris 2001 11 companies 18 systems Paris 2002 33 companies 57 systems Aachen 2003 43 companies 74 systems Padova 2004 46 companies 78 systems Noordwijkerhout 2005 75 companies 99 systems Barcelona 2006 63 companies 120 systems 2007 : BERLIN

25 25

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