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September, 2005What IHE Delivers Status Report IHE-Europe RSNA, November 28 th 2006 Karima Bourquard, User IHE-EUR cochair (GMSIH) Peter Kuenecke, Vendor.

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1 September, 2005What IHE Delivers Status Report IHE-Europe RSNA, November 28 th 2006 Karima Bourquard, User IHE-EUR cochair (GMSIH) Peter Kuenecke, Vendor IHE-EUR cochair (SIEMENS)

2 2 Agenda Introduction National IHE initiatives : Who are they ? Projects in Europe : IHE-Europe Governance Certification Study Connect-a-thon

3 3 Introduction IHE-Europe is now 11 IHE national initiatives : Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdom IHE-Europe is also 75 companies and 117 systems and 250 Engineers working together at the connect-a-thon At last IHE-Europe is going to be a formal organization for helping countries to deploy IHE

4 4 IHE-Spain

5 5 IHE-Spain Foundation in April 2005 Members: 120 Users, including scientific societies, Hospitals, Universities and Public Health Services. 17 vendors. 4 Scientific societies 4 Hospitals & Universities 5 Public Health Services About 120 Individual users Vendors growing this year by 20%.

6 6 Activities 2006 Local organization of Barcelonas Connect-a- thon Deployment: seminars and sessions Coordination actions with SEIS (Spanish health IT association) and HL7-Spain Publications More than 20 interventions in congress and symposiums of Health IT and Radiology Development activities: National extension to TF (Jan 2006) Active collaboration in some committees:Pathology

7 7 Main Objectives reached Some Regional Health Services are very interested in IHE, with RFP with IHE specifications Catalonia Aragón Andalousia Extremadura Madrid Military health service (Ministry of Defense) Core-group of interested people, institutions and vendors, scientific societies, health IT association and standard associations Relation with South-America Julio Carrau ( from SUEIIDISS, Uruguay) is making efforts to launch a Ibero American connectathon in collaboration with IHE-Spain on may 2007.

8 8 IHE-Germany

9 9 IHE-Germany Members : 29 Members 17 Companies 4 (User-)Organisations 8 Personal Cooperation with HL7 Germany (booth, workshops) Planning for European Connect-a-thon 2007 & Participant workshop

10 10 Activities National Movements : VHitG Initiative Implementation guides: -Medical Summary (discharge letter, specialists, Rehab, Oncology) / CDA R2 -Intersectoral communication for booking eFallakte (XDS, PCC) gematik (eCard, ePrescription, telematic infrastructure) Other Activities : Deploiement of the standard POCT1-A (Laboratory domain) Public Workshops Workshop for Consultant RIDE workshop / European project

11 11 Activities (II) Participants Workshop February 7 and 8, 2007 at Dorint Novotel Am Tiergarten, Berlin European IHE Committee February 9, 2007 at Dorint Novotel Am Tiergarten, Berlin European IHE Connect-a-thon April 16 – 20, 2007 at Messe Berlin (Exhibition Center) European IHE Committee April 20, 2007 Date and place depending on IHE-EUR

12 12 IHE-Netherlands

13 13 Overview Active since members – broad user and vendor support Evert Sanders, radiologist Amphia, Breda – User Chair Harm-Jan Wessels, CEO Forcare – Vendor Chair Formal organisation (not-for-profit foundation) Supported by professional secretariat Steering group and working groups Public Relations - PRPublic Relations - PR Portable Data for Imaging – PDIPortable Data for Imaging – PDI Cross-Enterprise – XECross-Enterprise – XE Education / ConferenceEducation / Conference Zorg & ICT 2007 Interoperability DemonstrationZorg & ICT 2007 Interoperability Demonstration

14 14 Key Activities Cooperation with NICTIZ National Institute for IT in Healthcare Application of IHE to national developments Joint projects (cross-enterprise radiology, lab reports) Annual Dutch IHE conference Held on Nov 3 rd 2006; 130 attendees; 20 speakers New IHE Netherlands website – Tailored content; online Content Management System; collaboration tools Portable Data for Imaging Tailoring of PDI / IRWF profiles to Dutch context IHE Interoperability demonstration National healthcare IT exhibition – March 2007 Cross-Enterprise Radiology (XDS / XDS-I)

15 15 IHE-France

16 16 IHE-France Members : Vendors : > 20 Users : SFR, SFIL, ADICAP, GMSIH, DMP,CPS… Hospitals Cooperation with HL7 France HPRIM Creation of IHE-Lab and IHE-Pathology Contribution to Radiology and IT domains

17 17 Activities National EHR project using IHE-XDS on the experimentation sites Demonstration at Hôpital Expo (May 2006) Education sessions at JFR (October 2006) Documentation and Education Sessions Implementation in Hospitals

18 18 IHE-U.K

19 19 IHE-UK Plan to define a new structure of IHE-UK to support all domains Closer working with HL7-UK, and others organizations (IPEM and BNMS) Demonstration at Healthcare Computing in March 2006 Specific Presentations for VIPs (NHS Connecting for Health)

20 20 IHE-Italy

21 21 IHE-Italy Members : Radiology : Users organizations : SIRM, AIMN,AIFM 16 vendors IT : Users : AISIS, AIIS 12 vendors Laboratory : Users : SIBIOC, SIMEL, AMCLI 6 vendors

22 22 Activities Italian Information National Healthcare System (NSIS) has chosen IHE (introduction of IHE-XD*) Others projects using IHE-XDS : Conto Corrente Salute (CCS) using an « e-banking model » easily to implement, access by citizen in the region EHR Verona Hospital Others activities : Creation of ad-hocs WG on Lab, PCC, Patient file, legal documents Demonstration : SIRM in Milan (Radiology profiles) in Vicenza

23 23 IHE-Europe IHE-Europe has validated a new governance model IHE-Europe has the responsibility of The contact with the European Commission The organization of the European Connect-a-thon The development towards Europe The recruitment of the European User and Vendor associations IHE-Europe is working on the certification model for IHE

24 24 IHE-Europe and the connect-a-thon Paris companies 18 systems Paris companies 57 systems Aachen companies 74 systems Padova companies 78 systems Noordwijkerhout companies 99 systems Barcelona companies 120 systems 2007 : BERLIN

25 25

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