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IHE Cardio Marketing/Education Plan Discussion Slides Early Draft – Rev 1 6 August 2004.

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1 IHE Cardio Marketing/Education Plan Discussion Slides Early Draft – Rev 1 6 August 2004

2 Purpose These slides are an outline of the work to be done in support of the Marketing/Education activities of the IHE Cardiology Planning Committee. The Marketing & Education plan needs to be complete by 31 July 2004 (We are late)

3 IHE Cardio Marketing Plan Who are the customers? Broad messages to all What are the messages/customer How do we deliver the messages? Marketing Education Marketing the Call for Participation Demonstration plan

4 Who are the Customers? Clinical Users Cardiologists, Cardiac Care Assistants Technologists, clinical operational managers Administrators Dept managers & administrators CxOs IT Professionals Hospital IT staff Consultants General Public Vendors Prof Societies ESC, JCC, SMR, ASE, SNM, SCA&I, NASPE/Heart Rhythm, ACCAA, other

5 Broad Messages to be developed IHE can help solve critical problems for the Cardiologist, Tech, Administrator or related IT professional IHE can help solve key pain points in the process of integrating healthcare IHE will improve workflow and reduce medical errors: saving time, money & leading to better care Over time, IHE will remove obstacles to multi- vendor integration IHE is a gradual process on an annual schedule that solves specific clinical problems and builds up over time

6 Clinical Users Goal: Basic understanding and expectations – IHE will save us time & money, reduce errors and let us get access to key data when/where we need it to do our jobs Overview of IHE… Realistic expectation on the scope and timing of IHE results Describe what the IHE is doing in Year 1 in Cardio Indication of long term roadmap

7 Administrators IHE as a tool for managing purchases IHE can save money in the department IHE can reduce switching costs IHE can help reduce errors

8 General Public Promote the value of ACCs support of the IHE to improve timely access to health care and to promote best practices which improve patient outcomes and reduce errors.

9 MARCOM Goals Create awareness/buzz Get customers to demo area Have customers leave demo area thinking this IHE stuff is great Get the customers to spread the word Get customers to cajole vendors… How can I get more involved in the IHE Enable education

10 MARCOM Methods to Consider Journal(s) Print Direct Mail Bus Video Web presence Background info RFP language kit Booth placards/tent cards Time lapse video of connectathon & demo set up What other meetings does ACC IHE Cardio have to be visible at (ESC, AHA, TCT, Euro Echo, JCC, ASE, etc)

11 Education Goals Introduce Terminology Get some volunteers Set Expectations How to use IHE Cardio for RFPs

12 Education Methods Need to evaluate/prioritize: Short theatre presentation Tutorial Session @ ACC Brochure Kiosk Web presence Presentations

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