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Leveraging IHE for the Enterprise

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1 Leveraging IHE for the Enterprise
HIMSS Interoperability Showcase February 2006 IHE IT Infrastructure, Cardiology, Radiology, Laboratory Sanjay Jain (Cerner), John Moehrke (GE), John Paganin (D), Ellie Avraham (Kodak)

2 Standards are critical but alone are not enough
Standards offer generality, ambiguity and alternatives Standard Implementation Guides are focused on a single standard Increasing complexity IHE provides a standard process for implementing multiple standards!

3 Connecting standards to care
Care providers work with vendors to coordinate the implementation of standards to meet their needs Care providers identify the key interoperability problems they face Drive industry to develop and make available standards-based solutions Implementers follow common guidelines in purchasing and integrating systems that deliver these solutions What is the effective way to establish those “standards” for how to implement standards ?

4 IHE 2006 – Nine Active Domains
Over 100 vendors involved world-wide, 5 Technical Frameworks 38 Integration Profiles, Testing at Connectathons Demonstrations at major conferences world-wide

5 What is IHE NOT? Not a standard, although it leverages them
A vendor initiative, although they participate Not a certifying authority, although IHE provides testing that should be leveraged by certification Not simply a demonstration project Demos are only one means to the end: Adoption Backed up by documentation, tools, testing, and publication of Technical Frameworks and Product Integration Statements.

6 IHE Model Actors in precisely defined roles
Abstracts a specific function of information system …Executing precisely defined transactions Using existing standards ……To solve real world interoperability problems Specifying Integration Profiles

7 IHE Technical Frameworks Implementation Guide for each Integration Profile
An Integration Profile : A Set of Actors Exchanging Transactions Use cases Process Flows Actors Transactions For each transaction: Std referenced Options specified Mapping required

8 IHE Solutions within the Enterprise
EMR - HIS eMPI User Auth Enterprise IT Infrastructure -Radiation Therapy -Patient Care Devices -Pathology -Eye Care Radiology RIS PACS Img Acq Laboratory LIS Auto Mgr Analyzer Cardiology CIS Cath ECG

9 IHE Solutions within the Enterprise Cardiology
EMR - HIS Enterprise IT Infrastructure eMPI User Auth RIS CIS LIS -Radiation Therapy -Patient Care Devices -Pathology -Eye Care Img Acq PACS Cath ECG Auto Mgr Analyzer Radiology Cardiology Laboratory Cardiology Integration Profiles Cardiac Catheterization Lab Workflow Echocardiography Lab Workflow Retrieve ECG for Display Displayable Reports Cath and Echo Evidence Documents

10 IHE Solutions within the Enterprise Laboratory
EMR - HIS Enterprise IT Infrastructure eMPI User Auth RIS CIS LIS -Radiation Therapy -Patient Care Devices -Pathology -Eye Care Laboratory Integration Profiles Laboratory Scheduled Workflow Laboratory Information Reconciliation Laboratory Point Of Care Testing Laboratory Device Automation Laboratory Code Set Distribution Img Acq PACS Cath ECG Auto Mgr Analyzer Radiology Cardiology Laboratory

11 IHE Solutions within the Enterprise Radiology
EMR - HIS Enterprise IT Infrastructure Radiology Integration Profiles Radiology Scheduled Workflow Patient Information Reconciliation Access to Radiology Information Portable Data for Imaging Consistent Presentation of Images Key Image Note Presentation of Grouped Procedures Evidence Documents Audit trail and Node Authentication (Rad option) Teaching Files and Clinical Trials Export Post-processing Workflow Reporting Workflow Charge Posting Simple Image and Numeric Reports Cross-Enterprise Sharing of Imaging Information eMPI User Auth RIS CIS LIS -Radiation Therapy -Patient Care Devices -Pathology -Eye Care Img Acq PACS Cath ECG Auto Mgr Analyzer Radiology Cardiology Laboratory How to use IHE ? IHE Radiology Handbook

12 IHE Solutions within the Enterprise IT Infrastructure (Enterprise)
EMR - HIS Enterprise IT Infrastructure eMPI User Auth IT Infrastructure Integration Profiles Patient Administration Management Patient Demographics Query Patient Identifier Cross-referencing Retrieve Information for Display Enterprise User Authentication Consistent Time Patient Synchronized Applications Audit Trail and Node Authentication Personnel White Pages + 3 Cross-Enterprise IT Infrastructure Profiles not listed here: XDS, NAV, DSG. RIS CIS LIS -Radiation Therapy -Patient Care Devices -Pathology -Eye Care Img Acq PACS Cath ECG Auto Mgr Analyzer Radiology Cardiology Laboratory

13 Want to know what new integration profiles will be developed in 2006 ?
Attend the IHE Domain specific sessions in these Theaters during HIMSS 2006 (Orange sessions) Contact the IHE Domain Sponsors Visit the IHE Web Site

14 HIMSS IHE Interoperability Showcase February 2006 Participants
Leadership Level Blue Ware Cerner GE Healthcare +IDX IBM Initiate Systems InterSystems MiSys Healthcare Quovadx Siemens Implementer Level Allscripts Canon CapMed Cardiac Science CGI-AMS CompassCare CPSI Dictaphone DR Systems Eastman Kodak Eclipsys Epic Systems HIPAAT HX Technologies INFINITT Technology Kryptiq McKesson MedAccess Plus Medical Informatics MediNotes MNI National Institute of Sci & Tech NextGen Healthcare Philips Medical ScImage Witt Biomedical Supporter Level: Acuo Bond Carefx Clearcube Dairyland EMC Identrus Intel Mediserve Medkey Motion Comp. Picis Pulse Sentillion Organizational participant: American Coll. of Clinical Eng. Catholic Healthcare West US Dept of Defense US Dept of Veterans Affairs DMP–French Natl. Personal EHR Health Level HTP IEEE Midmark Diagostics Group HIMSS RHIO Federation Liberty Alliance Univ. of Washington


16 What can you do? Learn about IHE
Insist on IHE compliance in your RFPs and contract documents: Select Integration Profiles, and Appropriate Actor(s) Ask vendors for their products “IHE Integration Statements”. Need more interoperability ? Contribute to IHE Committees

17 Participating and Contributing Vendors (America)
Agfa HealthCare Algotec Allscripts Healthcare Berdy Blueware Camtronics Canon Medical Systems CapMed Cardiac Science Corp. Carefx Cedara Software Corp. Cerner Corporation CGI-AMS CSIST Dictaphone DR Systems Dynamic Imaging Eastman Kodak Company EBM Technologies Eclipsys Emageon Epic Systems Corp. ETIAM Fujifilm GE Healthcare Heartlab HIPAAT Inc. Hitachi Medical Corp. Hologic Hx Technologies IDX Systems Corporation Imco Technologies INFINITT Initiate Systems Inc. InSiteOne Intelerad Medical Systems IBM Intersystems Corporation Konica Minolta Kryptic Marotech, Inc. McKesson MedAccessPlus Health MedCommons Inc Medcon Medical Informatics Eng. Medical Manager Health Mediface Co. Medinotes Medis Medical Imaging Merge eFilm Misys MNI Medicos Mortara NextGen Novell Open Text Corp. Philips Medical Systems Procom Technology Prosolv Cardiovascular QRS Diagnostics Quovadx RADinfo Systems Raining Data RASNA Imaging Systems ScImage Inc. Sectra Imtec Sentillion Shimadzu Corp Siemens Medical Solutns’ Softmedical Stentor, Inc St. Jude Medical StorCOMM, Inc Swissray International, Inc Tiani-Spirit Toshiba Medical Systems T-Systems UltraVisual Medical Syst. Vital Images, Inc. Voxar Limited WebMD Practice Services Witt Biomedical Corp. XIMIS In yellow, companies with IHE Committees Chairs (Spring 2006)

18 Participating and Contributing Vendors (Europe)
AGFA Healthcare Medical Algotec ARES SA aycan Digitalsysteme CEGEDIM Cerner Corp. CHILI CMT Medical Tech. Conto Corrente Salute ConVis CTI Mirada Solutions Data Processing SPA DEDALUS Dianoema Eastman Kodak Co. Ebit Sanita EDL ELFIN s.r.l. Engineering Sanità ESAOTE ETIAM Ferrania Fujifilm GE Healthcare GIE Convergence-Profils Global Imaging Online GWI Research Hi. tech IASI Srl IdeoPass INFINITT INFOPATIENT INOVIT INSIEL Intersystems Corp. Invita ITZ Medicom iSoft McKesson MED2RAD MEDarchiver MEDASYS SA Medavis Medical Communications Medigration GmbH MEDIMON Ltd. MEDIWARE MEDOS AG Merge eFilm METAFORA Mevis Diagnostics Konica Minolta Omnilab Philips Medical Systems POLYMEDIS Rasna Imaging Systems RAYPAX INC. REM Rogan-Delft Sago spa Sectra Imtec AB SeeBeyond Technology Siemens Medical Soluzioni Informatiche srl Stentor Inc. St. Jude Swissray Medical AG Symphonie On Line Synapsis Synchro-Med TECHNIDATA TELEMIS S.A. Tiani-Sprit Tomtec Imaging TOREX GAP Medical Toshiba Medical Systems TSI groupe europMedica T-Systems Uni-medicine VEPRO AG VISUS Technology Transfer WAID XR PARTNER In yellow, companies with IHE Committees Chairs (Winter 2005)

19 Participating and Contributing Vendors (Asia)

20 How can I participate? As a Provider or Vendor Contributor
Offer Clinical Use Case Input to Drive IHE Profile Development Become a member of relevant domain’s Planning or Technical Committees Become a member of relevant Regional/National Committees Help to shape IHE’s future direction As a Vendor Participant Respond to Public Comments of Domain Supplements Attend the June Educational Workshop Participate in Connect-a-thons and Demonstrations As a Provider/Consultant Participant Attend Demonstrations and include IHE Integration Profiles in your RFPs and Integration Projects.


22 IHE Web site: www.IHE .net
Frequently Asked Questions Integration Profiles in Technical Frameworks: See Volume 1 of each TF for Use cases Cardiology IT Infrastructure Laboratory Patient Care Coordination Radiology Connectathon Result: Vendor Products Integration Statements Participation in Committees & Connectathons

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