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GIS Portal Toolkit 9.3 Marten Hogeweg.

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1 GIS Portal Toolkit 9.3 Marten Hogeweg

2 Evolving Spatial Data Infrastructures
Services Architecture Evolving Spatial Data Infrastructures GIS Portals Service Oriented Focus on Content Integration in Business Process Clearinghouses Application focus IT standards Interoperable System-oriented Data focus Geo-standards Top down File Transfer Ad hoc Data focus FTP transfer Bottom up

3 Services Architecture for SDI
OGC Compliant Lightweight Desktop GIS 2-D & 3-D “Science Viewers” Use Environment GIS Portals Custom Applications 3-D Base Map 2-D OGC Services Tracking GIS Data Data Streams Catalog Metadata Geo- processing Geospatial Web Services Platform Data Warehouse Supporting Services Authentication Places Addresses Location Extraction Development API SOAP/REST Thesaurus Authentication Access Control Thesaurus Derive elevation Query National Grid Derive Elevation Profile Delineate Watershed Boundary Avian Flue Cluster Analysis Earthquake Prediction Hurricane Path Prediction ArcXML, KML WMS, WFS, WCS OpenLS REST, SOAP CS-W UDDI Service Monitoring Server Caching High Performance Thematic Base Maps Integrated content

4 SDI Come in Flavors National SDI Clearinghouses Enterprise SDI
US NSDI, EU INSPIRE, Group on Earth Observation, WALIS SLIP Federated catalogs with 10,000 to 100,000+ items Clearinghouses Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, Croatia, Lithuania, … Often act as focal site for data distribution Enterprise SDI USGS, NATO, US EPA, BHP Billiton… Focus: Data Collection, Geospatial information products and services, Cataloging and Discovery, Product Generation, Product Delivery Integrate in Enterprise Service Architectures

5 Some Components of SDI Tasking Production Workflow Program Serve
Discover Use Author Visualization Production Workflow Tasking Services Products and Services Program Analysis End Users Mission Critical Applications Data Collection

6 GIS Portals Enable SDI

7 What is the GIS Portal Toolkit?
Purpose: Enable Discovery and Use of Geospatial Resources Enables you to build a GIS Portal with the following capabilities: Searching and viewing metadata Viewing live map services Publishing metadata Storing metadata Downloading Data Managing metadata Harvesting

8 GIS Portal Site Starter Content Management System (3rd Party)
GIS Portal Components Map Viewer GIS Portal Site Starter Content Management System (3rd Party) Catalog Service REST API GeoRSS/KML ArcMap Java ADF ArcGIS Explorer Harvesting Service

9 What’s New in GPT 9.3 Completely Rewritten and New Architecture
Use of GPT with ArcGIS Server ADF-based Map Viewer Harvesting Enhancements New Security Framework Expanded Data Download Capabilities Extensible Metadata Profile Support OGC CSW Search Task REST API for Metadata Discovery Integrate with External Content Management System 9

10 ArcGIS Server-based GIS Portal
ArcGIS Server provides: Search Map Service Place Finder Service Address Finder Service Projection Service Data Download Service Stand-alone Metadata Service provides: Metadata publishing OGC CS-W Interface User Experience: Updated GUI Context-sensitive Help 10

11 ADF-based Map Viewer Shared platform across solution products
Highly customizable through ADF template Interoperability Support OGC WMS/WCS/WFS GeoRSS ArcGIS Server ArcIMS 11

12 Harvesting Enhancements
Additional OGC CSW Application Profiles Harvest ArcGIS Server content Treat harvested metadata as a collection User-initiated harvest Harvesting service automates harvesting Synchronize content 12

13 Publishing Client for ArcCatalog
One-click publishing Publishes Metadata for ArcCatalog Items Recurses into workspaces and geodatabases Written in Python  Extensible

14 Security Framework Authenticate users with LDAP:
Apache Directory Server Sun Directory Server Microsoft Active Directory IBM Tivoli Access Manager Oracle CoreID Integration with existing authentication services ArcCatalog authenticates with LDAP OR: Simple Configuration with a single authenticated administrator ArcCatalog Simple LDAP Metadata Service Permissions GPT Servlet Connector Authentication Service Metadata Service 14

15 Expanded Data Download Capabilities
Based on project experience Use ArcGIS Server Geoprocessing Task REST/SOAP Service Written in Python Customizable 15

16 Extensible Metadata Profile Support
Support new metadata profiles based on ISO 19139 INSPIRE, North American Profile, ANZLIC, Earth Observation Profile, NATO Support simple metadata creation process (Dublin Core) Simplify validation Extensible Framework for Metadata Standard Support: Includes: Sections and subsections, Conditional Mandatory Elements, Different input elements, Read-only elements, Default values, Localization, and Namespaces Publishing Process: Validation Transformation 16

17 OGC CSW Search Task Search Task for ArcMap, ArcGIS Explorer and ADF
Search CS-W Catalogs View Metadata Footprints Add to Map/Globe Common Architecture Common User Experience Java ADF GUI ArcMap GUI ArcGIS Explorer GUI Search Task CS-W Client CS-W Service 17

18 GPT 9.3 – REST API REST API for querying Metadata Catalog
GeoRSS feed (RSS 2.0) Supports OpenSearch 18

19 Integrate with External Content Management System (CMS)
Custom Configuration Using REST API to Render HTML snippets Develop plug-ins for CMS or wiki Configure Authentication and Single Sign-on Integrate in Enterprise Architectures Joomla! JSPWiki

20 GPT 9.3 – Enhanced Documentation
Installation and Migration Guides CSW Clients User Guide Harvesting Tool User Guide Metadata Editor Customization Guide GPT Customization Guide Localization Guide Database Documentation Javadoc for Developers 20

21 Where To Go From Here? Visit
to: Visit the GIS Portal Toolkit Discussion Forum: ESRI Support page:

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