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8th meeting of the Task Force on Health Expectancies Session 1 – Update from the Commission SILC/EHIS update/EDSIM.

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1 8th meeting of the Task Force on Health Expectancies Session 1 – Update from the Commission SILC/EHIS update/EDSIM

2 EHIS implementation

3 National plans for the 1st EHIS round 21 countries participate (18 MS + TR + CH + NO) Inclusion of the EHIS modules: all of them in 12 MS + TR) partial inclusion in 6 MS + CH + NO

4 EHIS first wave data transmission Agreement for the microdata file transmission: 15 MS + TR Agreement for following the Eurostat guidelines on data delivery: 14 MS + TR Transmission calendar to Eurostat: –5 files already transmitted (CZ, LV, MT, AT and SI) –3 files by the end of 2009 (BG, EE and CY) –2 files in the 1st quarter of 2010 (RO and TR) –6 files by the end of 2010 (BE, EL, ES, HU, PL and SK) Transmission done via eDAMIS Web Portal Microdata file in CSV format

5 Validation of the EHIS data Skip, range and consistency rules: –finalised in September 2009 after receiving comments from MS and using them on few data sets –to be provided to the countries for using them before sending the microdata file to Eurostat Experience with the first data sets submitted: –Lot of corrections are needed –Most errors result from the non-application of the Eurostat codification rules (thousands of errors)  a lot of time could be saved if these codification rules are exactly followed

6 Reporting on the quality of the survey Template developed by Eurostat and discussed with the CG and TG HIS Revised version tested by CZ, FR, MT, AT and SI Final version to be presented to the CG HIS in November 2009

7 EHIS indicators and their calculation method Draft document developed by Eurostat and presented to the CG and TG HIS, as well as to the ECHIM core group List of indicators based, inter alia, on the following indicators lists: –European Community Health Indicators (ECHI) –Sustainable Development Indicators –EU Structural Indicators –Indicators proposed by the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) Finalization of the document foreseen for end November 2009

8 Future work in relation to 1st wave By end-November 2009: Finalisation of the template for reporting on the survey as well as of the calculation method for the EHIS indicators Data validation and production of tables – to be done in three steps: –by April 2010 for the 8 countries (BG, CZ, EE, CY, LV, MT, AT(?), SI) for which data are in Eurostat before end 2009; –by October 2010 for the 4 countries (BE, HU, RO, TR) for which data are in Eurostat before mid-2010; –by April 2011 for the 4 countries (EL, ES, PL, SK) for which data are in Eurostat in the second half of 2010. By June 2011: Finalise the procedure for granting access to the EHIS microdata to the research community By mid-2012, performance of statistical analysis and publication of the EHIS first round data (performance of methodological studies and advanced statistical analysis of the data in view of accurateness, comparability and validity).

9 Preparation of the EHIS 2 nd round

10 EHIS 2 nd round EHIS 2 nd round foreseen for 2014 (derogation 2013) Brief timetable: –2010: Preparatory work –First half of 2011: Eurostat drafts the implementing Commission Regulation. This draft regulation will be discussed by the CG and TG HIS meetings –Second half of 2011: Discussion by the Public Health Statistics Working Group –Beginning of 2012: written consultation of the DSS (Directors of Social Statistics) –2012: Discussion and approval by the ESS Committee in May or September 2012 –By the end of 2012: adoption by the Commission

11 EHIS actions foreseen in 2010/2011 EHIS workshop –Date: 1st semester of 2010 –Participants: HIS experts from all MS, EFTA, CC –Aims: share experience with the EHIS implementation  discuss about problems encountered during this implementation and how they could be avoided in future, agree on those parts of the questionnaire that need to be improved, make recommendations as regards the practical ways to do the improvement, decide what guidelines and/or improvements in the existing guidelines, conceptual cards are needed for the 2nd EHIS round Improvement of those parts of the EHIS questionnaire considered as being problematic (at least the questions on mental health, physical activity and alcohol consumption need improvement)

12 European Disability and Social Integration Module (EDSIM)

13 Aim: to develop a module on participation in society life of people with disability Final report available in the public part of Circa ( : –Click on 'Public Health Statistics' -> Library in the menu -> ‘ Reports and ongoing methodological developments' -> Disability' -> 'EDSIM - final report (June 2008)' Next steps: –2008/2009: Eurostat action for translation/testing in 10 MS –2009/2010: Eurostat action for evaluating the tests and to provide recommendations for a final version –2012: EDSIM implementation

14 EDSIM: content of questionnaire TEN SECTIONS –Access to and use of Internet –Access to learning opportunities –Employment –Economic Life –Mobility –Transport –Community life and leisure pursuits –Accessibility to buildings –Social Contact –Negative attitudes and behaviour

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