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Physical World as an Internet of Things Simon Berkovich The George Washington University Washington, DC 20052 Monday, May 23, 2011 Washington, DC The physical.

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1 Physical World as an Internet of Things Simon Berkovich The George Washington University Washington, DC 20052 Monday, May 23, 2011 Washington, DC The physical world is made of information with energy and matter as incidentals John A. Wheeler

2 2 A new methodological tool: Internet of Things and Cloud Computing Synergetics –activities to withstand entropy increase Stored program concept in distributed implementation IoT: Wonderful technology Powerful constructive approach Bertrand Russell The method of postulating what we want has many advantages; they are the same as the advantages of theft over honest toil

3 3 Technology of today is science of tomorrow 1.Technology shape fundamental knowledge 2.The Big Picture of Nature of modern science is incorrect 3.Advancements of our society are essentially technological Lord Kelvin:: "The steam engine has given more to science than science has given to the steam engine" Mechanical Universe – Electrical Universe – High-Tech Universe

4 4 In the time of crisis philosophy becomes an applied science V.S.Stepin good for available practices --- prevent further progress Agriculture Industrialization High-Tech Navigation Cosmonautics Sustainability Flat Earth Earth centric Modern cosmology

5 5 Quantum mechanics applies to things of all sizes: birds, plants, may be even people V. Vedral, Living in a quantum world, Scientific American, pp. 38-43, June 2011 Three key points addressed by the IoT model: (1) Nonlocality of the Universe The quintessential quantum effect (2) M orphogenesis of organisms Involves tremendous amounts of information (3) Biochemical motility Hot-clocking effect --- new source of energy

6 6 RADICAL PARADIGM SHIFT: B-B I-I How the physical IoT is implemented? --- cellular automaton Billiard-Ball Informational-Infrastructure

7 7 Cellular A utomaton ET h ER I nfra S tructure ( CAETERIS): physics is a study of rich consequences of mutual synchronization Local geometry 3D lattice Global geometry Hypersurface of 4D sphere Transformational rule distributed fault-tolerant synchronization Equation for the phase of circular counters : Complementary condition: discretization of phase changes Dimensionless parameters (artifacts of the design): α=1/137 and ε ~10 40 Two classes of solutions: "slow" spiral waves and "fast" diffusion spread Two global periodic cycles: matter formation and diffusional wave trains The origin of non-locality --- establishment of a holographic mechanism

8 88 Basic publications SIMON Y. BERKOVICH MUTUAL SYNCHRONIZATION IN A NETWORK OF DIGITAL CLOCKS AS THE KEY CELLULAR AUTOMATON MECHANISM OF NATURE COMPUTATIONAL MODEL OF FUNDAMENTAL PHYSICS SYNOPSIS, Rockville, 1986 Russian translation Moscow University Press, 1993 Оn the Barcode Functionality of DNA, or the Phenomenon of Life in the Physical Universe Dorrance Publishing Co, Inc, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2003 With the barcode interpretation of DNA, zillions of biological objects can be seen as a population of users on the Internet of the physical Universe. The author responds to two perplexing questions: How can an organism be built from an information-deficient genome? and Why do more complex organisms have less complex genomes? The striking difference between dead and living matter lies in the intensity of the involvement of the informational infrastructure of the physical world. The problem of the organization of Life is treated with the methodology of computer engineering design. University Readers, Inc. 2009 Constructive Approach to Fundamental Science: Selective Writings by Simon Berkovich and Hanan Al Shargi Presents the idea of a holographic construction of the Universe a-comprehensive-explanation-of-quantum-mechanics

9 9 High-Tech Construction of Nature: High-Tech Construction of Nature: cellular automaton mechanism Isaac Newtons Sensorium of God Absolute space with relativistic properties 3D surface of 4D hypersphere Workingfrequency 10 11 Hz

10 10 Keep supernatural out Cloud thundering Cloud computing Simply an extra operative layer --- Internet-like framework XVIII century XXI century Lightning Vitalism Electro-magnetism Informational infrastructure

11 11 (1) Unbelievable nonlocality tea or coffee tea or coffee Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox In the opinion of A. Einstein, quantum entanglement is a flagrant absurd, if correct, it signifies the end of physics as a science Primary property --- non-signaling correlations: communication through common memory rather than by message passing

12 12 Shaping the Holographic Universe The requisite holographic componentry derives on top of the cellular automaton mechanism : (1) source of reference wave trains (2) splitting these waves for coherent interference (3) recording medium in a dynamic layer form (4) reconstructing beam Popular appeal to the Holographic Universe refers back to D. Bohm, yet realization of holography is an intricate technical problem Shared content-addressable holographic storage

13 13 Indicative effects CMB front (2) Dipole Anisotropy: Eccentric positioning with respect to the reference holographic beam Recording Memory of past events with content-addressable access Reconstruction conjugate beam Produces hot-spot feedbacks Returning hot-spots Elementary event Reference beam of diffusion wave-trains (1) Nonlocality: Processing holographic slices as a whole

14 14 Continuous Reading-Writing in Holographic Memory Write Write pointer generating the main CMB Empty storage Accumulated information Content-addressable access Readout Readout process producing physical noise Concomitant material influxes (cosmic rays, background neutrions, radio waves, gamma-rays, gravity fluctuations) out of nowhere --- from readout and content decay of Holographic Memory

15 15 DIGITAL LIFE OF THE UNIVERSE IoT: every event is recorded at a strobe frequency 10 11 Hz INFORMATIONAL CAPACITY: --- 10 102 - 10 110 BITS Non-identifiable particles --- 10 80 (quantum mechanics) Identifiable macromolecules --- 10 33 (biochemistry) Throughput of recording --- 10 80 BITS/SEC Bit_Fixation_Flow_Earth --- 10 50 BITS/SEC Bit_Fixation_Flow_Biomass --- 10 40 BITS/SEC Mental activity of a human generation --- 10 30 BITS CLOCK RATE --- 10 11 Hz

16 16 (2) Biological cloud computing – reference architecture QA 164.N58 Using DNA macromolecules for creating brain-like unrestrained holographic content-addressable memory Σ 60% 10% 20% 0% DNA is an identification code, like a call number responsible for Biological individuality of DNA ensures unique access

17 17 Complexity is in encoding, not in hardware 1011 1010 0000 1010 1010 Physical and logical bits User A: 1 - 1100 User B: 1 - 1010 User C: 1 - 1001 Zero-bit: 0 - 0000 example of an access pattern for user B Sharing associative processing with orthogonal coding

18 18 Human memory: the central phenomenon of Nature Recording is mandatory and continuous Free unlimited capacity Permanent and non-erasable Continuing replication of data Total associative search Penfields movies Camcorder organization, shared wireless access, stream processing on common storage, PageRank-type selection 10 11 Hz

19 19 Google and the brain: holistic element selection query response Google Search PageRank Im Feeling Lucky 10 11 iterations /sec random walks eigenvalue of quantum measurement

20 20 Comparison of Computational Models Feature Model Memory access Volume restrictions and updates Control flow Dimensionality of data slices Turing machine sequential erasable transition diagram 0D - symbols Von Neumann computer random address space erasable list of instructions 1D - machine words Associative processing - select unique element content- addressable code capacity non-erasable modification of searching 2D - holographic cross-sections

21 21 Activities in the brain are distributed

22 22 Assemblage of bits in glia Interface between the storage in Holographic Memory and processing by Neuronal Circuitry is provided by 2D spots of Glial Cells Compare to 1D machine words --- 32 bits, 64 bits How to achieve high performance with slow processing elements? Localized center interfacing brain operations --- IoT solution The way in which minds are attached to bodies is beyond mans understanding (St. Augustine, V century)

23 23 brain activities with remote access Scheme of localized brain activities with remote access Neuronal Circuitry CONNECTIONS Glia Cells INTERFACE Holographic Memory SHARED TRANSFORM incremental SLOW processingFAST data streaming READ PHASE CONJUGATE CHEMICAL SIGNALING R W R W R W R W R W R W R W External clock pulses at 100 GHz Glia signaling – neuron transforming asynchronous WRITE 5 · 10 5 bits 2D segments SELECT

24 24 (3) Extention of the Internet approach --- combining control and actuation Figuratively speaking, energy comes from USB port of quantum computer of the Universe Hot-clocking effect in the Holographic Universe is a source of energy

25 25 Biochemical motility Albert Szent-György: The more data we collect regarding muscle the less we understand its functions. Here we have approached a chasm going through the whole medicine and biology Pyotr Kapitsa: The most surprising thing, we have to confess, is that until now scientists have not understood the essence of the muscle process

26 26 Food and energy A bumblebee can travel 2,000 miles on the energy found in one teaspoon of nectar--but each flower supplies only enough to keep the bee going for one minute. So they must feed all day, stopping at over 100 flowers on each trip from the nest. Some beetles would need daily intake of food twice their own mass The common view is that organisms feed upon energy Menu in some restaurants indicate energy content of every dish Needless to say, taken literally, this is just an absurd E. Schrödinger, What is Life, The Physical Aspect of the Living Cell Feeding is maintenance, not refueling

27 27 Rough estimate of global capacity of hot-clocking energy Hot-clocking origination of biological motility and locomotion An individual human being dissipates power ~ 100 W Seven billion humans dissipate power ~ 1 Terawatt Just about, total energy consumed by all living beings could be around several orders of magnitudes higher So, it can be comparable with total requirements of world economy ~ 20 Terawatts Hence, energy available from the hot-clocking source could be sufficient to satisfy the demands of human civilization - this opportunity seems unique

28 28 Scheme of energy teleportation by Masahiro Hotta Energy-Entanglement Relation for Quantum Energy Teleportation, Entangled mechanical oscillators Nature, 459, pp. 683-685, June 4, 2009, Letters to Editor Distant transfer of impact

29 29 Suggested scheme of energy generation by parametric resonance teleportation EAEA EBEB 10 11 Hz Modulating B A Using Quantum Non-locality for Generation of PRIME Energy: Parametric Resonance In Motion Entanglement prime-energy-parametric-resonance-in-motion- entanglement?tab=references

30 30 Parametric resonance --- a generic tool applicable to various physical phenomena d 2 x /dt 2 + β(t)·dx /dt + ω 2 (t)·x = 0 U(t) Forced Parametric oscillations oscillations LC tank May extract hot-clocking impetuses from a lower level and concentrate outputs of motion at a higher level

31 31 A scheme for an engine using PRIME energy --- artificial muscle approach

32 32 Unidentified appearances of energy Cold fusion commercialization!? * ) Sonoluminescence Ball lightning Some peculiar phenomena seem to produce excessive amounts of energy: hot-clocking may be suspected as a source * )

33 33 Experimentum Crucis: IoT effects Electromagnetic cancer Decades of research have brought inconclusive results Seeing with the tongue Testing the surmised wireless access to human memory Biological hacking Creating a clone can shorten donors life

34 34 Cell phone maneuverings --- avoiding possible adverse health effects Stay away from cell phone-head alignment with the direction of global motion of the Solar System towards the Virgo Cluster

35 35 Cosmic habituation: decline effect The Truth Wears Off, New Yorker, Dec.13, 2010, by Jonah Lehrer Many results that are rigorously proved and accepted start shrinking in later studies Something strange was happening: the therapeutic power of the drugs appeared to be steadily waning. A recent study showed an effect that was less than half of that documented in the first trials. In the field of medicine, the phenomenon seems extremely widespread.

36 36 Summarizing remarks: Internet of things as a methodological tool for fundamental science 1. The Big Picture of Nature by modern science is essentially wrong --- queer ad hoc patches and insufficient explanatory power (e.g., persistent non-discovery of gravitational waves) The existing paradigm is incapable to account for NONLOCALITY 2.Physical world appears as an Internet of Things --- continuous supply of CONTROL AND ACTUATION for dead and living matter: quantum mechanics behavior is an outcome of Interactive Holography biological information processing is Cloud Computing biological motility arises from Hot-Clocking of holography 3. The driving clock of the Cellular Automaton Universe constitutes the ultimate cause of all material movements Employing HOT-CLOCKING EFFECT might present a unique opportunity for obtaining ample amounts of clean energy

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