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The Connectathon Process, Test Plan and Responsibilities of Participants Steve Moore Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology Technical Project Manager: ITI,

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1 The Connectathon Process, Test Plan and Responsibilities of Participants Steve Moore Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology Technical Project Manager: ITI, Rad, PCC

2 June 28-29, 2005Interoperability Strategy Workshop2 Treatment Planning Disclaimer This talk does not really cover Treatment Planning domain/demonstration See separate breakout

3 June 28-29, 2005Interoperability Strategy Workshop3 Technical Managers DomainManager CardiologyTeri Sippel Schmidt IT InfrastructureSteve Moore Patient Care CoordinationSteve Moore RadiologyLarry Tarbox Radiation OncologyBruce Curran

4 June 28-29, 2005Interoperability Strategy Workshop4 Demonstration Manager DemonstrationManager ACC 2006Teri Sippel Schmidt HIMSS 2006John Donnelly ASTRO 2006Jennifer Padberg

5 June 28-29, 2005Interoperability Strategy Workshop5 How Do I Recognize a Project Manager?

6 June 28-29, 2005Interoperability Strategy Workshop6 Educational Workshop Participant Workshop Connectathon MESA Tests Demonstration Product

7 June 28-29, 2005Interoperability Strategy Workshop7 How Do I Participate as a Vendor? Read/understand Technical Framework(s) Register for ACC Demonstration (paper) Register for HIMSS Demonstration (paper) Register for Connectathon (electronic) Pass pre-Connectathon tests Pass Connectathon tests Attend demonstration(s)

8 June 28-29, 2005Interoperability Strategy Workshop8 Participant Workshop Oct 6-7: Rosemont, IL Only for Demonstration Participants –HIMSS/ACC, not ASTRO 25% Connectathon/Demo logistics 75% Work through demonstration scenarios with partners If Connectathon only, do not attend

9 June 28-29, 2005Interoperability Strategy Workshop9 Participant Workshop Requirements One technical representative for each system in each demonstration –If bringing the same system to ACC and HIMSS, you need two (2) representatives Technical rep needs to understand: –Technical details of Integration Profile –Details of your application. For example, you should know what kind of documents your system can produce (discharge summary, referral note).

10 June 28-29, 2005Interoperability Strategy Workshop10 What if Connectathon Only? Do not attend the Participant Workshop We will host a Webex conference call to go over Connectathon responsibilities

11 June 28-29, 2005Interoperability Strategy Workshop11 Pre-Connectathon Tests Software funded by sponsors Software simulates peers in IHE profiles Sends IHE transactions to your system; receives transactions from your system Evaluates content of your messages Required for you to participate

12 June 28-29, 2005Interoperability Strategy Workshop12 Point of Emphasis for 2005-2006: Middleware IHE profiles define actors that usually perform a clinical function IHE Integration Profiles are designed to describe end products Middle-ware is often necessary to adapt existing applications to IHE profiles Middle-ware only software will not be tested this year Partner with an application vendor

13 June 28-29, 2005Interoperability Strategy Workshop13 Point of Emphasis for 2005-2006: Product/Prototype/Flotsam IHE has always been about products and not possibilities Connectathon and demonstrations are intended for products and prototypes that eventually become products Systems that are clearly less than prototype will not be successfully tested. For example, youre your user interface to import a CD is 5 separate command line programs, you will not qualify Is this something you would show as beta to a customer?

14 June 28-29, 2005Interoperability Strategy Workshop14 What Is or Is Not Acceptable? JACOBELLIS v. OHIO, 378 U.S. 184 (1964) Justice Potter I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description; and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it, and the motion picture involved in this case is not that.

15 June 28-29, 2005Interoperability Strategy Workshop15 Connectathon Highlights 5 days of intense work to test with many peers Some time will be reserved to prepare for demonstration Project Managers will write test definitions; participants will follow the program You must be present and available during all scheduled hours

16 June 28-29, 2005Interoperability Strategy Workshop16 Connectathon Management Web Tool Developed by IHE-Europe Handles many management tasks for pre- Connectathon tests and Connectathon tests Use this to register for Connectathon Demonstration to follow by Eric Poiseau

17 June 28-29, 2005Interoperability Strategy Workshop17 Project Manager Handouts IHE U.S. Connectathon and Demonstration Participation Handbook –What you have to do to get through this cycle. Connectathon and Demonstration Rulebook –All of the nit-picky rules that we can think of. Similar to the rulebook you get at your local elementary school.

18 June 28-29, 2005Interoperability Strategy Workshop18 IHE Knute Rockne Speech If you dont allocate sufficient resources today, you will be the worst performer at the Connectathon –You risk failure The return on investment for pre-Connectathon and Connectathon testing is that you do not discover these problems in the field The Connectathon is a friendlier environment than a customer site, but dont show up unprepared

19 June 28-29, 2005Interoperability Strategy Workshop19

20 June 28-29, 2005Interoperability Strategy Workshop20 More information…. IHE Web sites: Technical Frameworks, Supplements –Fill in relevant supplements and frameworks Non-Technical Brochures : Calls for Participation IHE Fact Sheet and FAQ IHE Integration Profiles: Guidelines for Buyers IHE Connect-a-thon Results Vendor Products Integration Statements

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