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XCAST update Yuji - UG- IMAI Nobuo Kawaguchi Eiichi MURAMOTO WIDE XCAST WG / XCAST fan.

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2 XCAST update Yuji - UG- IMAI ( Nobuo Kawaguchi ( Eiichi MURAMOTO ( WIDE XCAST WG / XCAST fan club Japan SOI-ASIA/AI3 meeting 2006 Spring

3 TOC Whats XCAST, again. XCAST-ready sites in AI3 1. Research and development in Japan 2. Preparing IRTF-RG (@ IETF65) 3. Deployment activity Video made by Nagoya university

4 What is XCAST (again)

5 SFC USM AIT Internet What XCAST (eXplicit Multi-Unicast) is. Instead of a group address, an explicit list of unicast destination addresses is stored in an optional IPv6 routing header. IPv6 header SRC=SFC DST=AIT Hop-by-Hop header ROUTING header [ AIT, USM, ITB ] [ 1, 1, 0 ] UDP header IPv6 header SRC=SFC DST=XCAST. ITB

6 Advantages XCAST can be delivered using only unicast routing information. No need for a multicast specific routing protocol maintaining multicast status on intermediate routers group address allocation sender location advertisement Unlimited Scalability with respect to the number of groups

7 XCAST is ready AIT Settled XCAST router and XCAST terminal Tsuchimoto could connect to Japan by XCAST Via native IPv6 22 Mar 2006 USM Settled XCAST terminal Simon did Via IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel 09 Jun 2005

8 Research and development in Japan

9 Group Management XGMS: Extensible Group Management System Tocuchi, Obara, Suzuki of Waseda university Added subscribe / notify function to MVC2 model (ruby on rails) To make it Easy to extent group system application like Adding agreement (voting) button function Adding Instant message function Implementation was demonstrated At WIDE spring camp in 2006

10 SICC ( Sender Initiated Congestion Control ) Feature ( SICC is intended to provide) TCP Fairness Fast Congestion Avoidance Intra Session Fairness ( not limited by slowest receiver ) Method Multiple predefined CBR associated with a different XCAST6 group containing receivers with similar acceptable sending rates. The acceptable sending rate of each receiver is estimated at the sender using TCP-friendly Rate Control (TFRC:RFC3448) in response to feedback generated by the receiver. Progress Panasonic implemented SICC on XCAST6 and installed on the prototype of Network camera, Linux 2.6.10+xcast6-patch, windows viewer under X2U router. Internet Conference 2005 ( ) Demonstration in WIDE sping camp on 2006 Future plan Field experiment on AI3 network in Autumn 2006 (not approved yet, though) IP internet PHS 128kbps FTTH 100Mbps 1Mbps 128kbps 18 2 Hotspot 11Mbps Contact:, Takahiro Yoneda, Eiichi Muramoto, Kazunobu

11 Preparing IRTF-RG (Internet Research Task Force)

12 Keeping in touch with Aaron Falk (IRTF chair) We had the unofficial meeting at IETF 65

13 Current draft charter Candidate co-Chair (TBD) Jeremy of MIT, et al Research target Unsolved problems (by IP multicast) To investigate existing approaches, ALM, overlay multicast A key design consideration is the tradeoff of placement of multicast state in the network versus in the packets (xcast) Adaptation schemes which consider factors including group size, group membership dynamics, delay sensitivity, date rate, single vs many sources, QoS, dynamics of network topology, and other application-specific parameters. Multicasting in MANET (may be) Membership Open manner (ML, online meeting, F2F) Status Aaron are reviewing it before he will post it to IAB.

14 Deployment activity Please watch the video made by Nagoya university

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