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HL7 V3 – the Medication Information/Pharmacy Domain

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1 HL7 V3 – the Medication Information/Pharmacy Domain
Julie James Blue Wave Informatics

2 HL7 V3 What (or who) is HL7? Why is it important? What is V3?
How does V3 apply to Medication Information? How does HL7 V3 relate to UKCPRS?

3 What is HL7? International Standards Developing Organisation (SDO)
Producing standards (or specifications) for messaging of clinical and administrative data between systems in healthcare Modelling and sending medical messages is equated to the top layer of the ISO Communications model

4 HL7 Mission Statement “To provide standards for the exchange, management and integration of data that support clinical patient care and the management, delivery and evaluation of healthcare services. Specifically, to create flexible, cost effective approaches, standards, guidelines, methodologies and related services for interoperability between healthcare information systems”

5 Why is HL7 Important? To the NHS To the Healthcare IT Industry
To patients

6 For the NHS? In early summer 2002, HL7 Version 3 was designated as a “strategic direction” for NHS Standards by the Information Standards Board Works in co-operation with ISO (the International Standards Organisation) and CEN (the European Standards Organisation)

7 For the Healthcare IT Industry
Domain is messaging of “clinical and administrative data in healthcare” Membership includes healthcare providers, health insurance companies, clinicians, academics and government representatives Putting one’s own home in order!

8 For Patients? Focussed around unambiguous messaging of patient care interactions Volunteer organisation with strict operating procedures for development to ensure openness, consensus and balance of interest International – wide body of expertise and experience Safe Communication about Life Critical Information

9 What is V3? What was/is V2? Why is V3 needed? V3 Principles
the Static Core the Dynamic Components

10 What was/is V2? Initial development (late 1980s) produced V2
Widely used in US, particularly in Secondary Care sector Also used internationally Based on structured, segmented, coded messages Not intuitive, flexible only at the cost of clarity

11 Why is V3 Needed? Stronger methodology to support true interoperability of systems Reflecting development of messaging, including new technologies Allowing more sensible internationalisation

12 V3 Core – the Static Model
Reference Information Model (RIM) Uses UML like methodology and notation 6 core classes and relationships Gives a consistently ordered set of classes and attributes foundational for unambiguous messaging Domain Information Model (D-MIM) “Specialises” RIM classes for a particular domain area (e.g. Pharmacy, Billing etc.) Refined Message Information Model (R-MIM) “Constrains” the D-MIM for a particular set of messages (e.g. prescribing)

13 V3 – the Dynamic Component
Storyboards Application Roles Interactions (State Transitions) Trigger Events Message Types

14 V3 Medication Information
Focussed on dealing with messages to support the Supply and Administration of therapeutic substances to patients Initially: Bare bones systems Prescribing Dispensing Administration More complex messaging Master file update Knowledge Management

15 Messaging about Medicines
Primary Care ETP GP2GP Records Secondary Care Prescribing system to Pharmacy System Pharmacy system to Robotic Dispenser Prescribing system to Administration System Primary to Secondary Care (& V/V)


17 How does HL7 V3 relate to UKCPRS?
Medication Messages must use a “Vocabulary” to describe medicines Represented in the Pharmacy D-MIM by two CMETs (modelled data) Medicinal Product (VMP/AMP) Packaged Medicinal Product (VMPP/AMPP) Also Route of Administration International understanding and harmonisation where appropriate




21 Want to know more??? HL7 UK Website HL7 UK membership/training
HL7 UK Technical Committee meeting UK Medication Information group (!) Main HL7 Pharmacy List Server Main HL7 Website Holidays in the US three times a year…….

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