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IHE Cardio Marketing/Education Plan Discussion Slides Draft – Rev 4 12 September 2004.

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1 IHE Cardio Marketing/Education Plan Discussion Slides Draft – Rev 4 12 September 2004

2 Purpose These slides are an outline of the work to be done in support of the Marketing/Education activities of the IHE Cardiology Planning Committee. Near term goal is to focus on high level messages that affect ALL constituents.

3 The ACC & IHE The ACC needs its membership to take an active role in communicating the long term benefits of the IHE in Cardio to vendors, institutional CIOs and the broader community. The ACC believes that the membership can greatly accelerate adoption of the IHE and the accompanying benefits. The Vendor community needs to be touched by the ACC as well to expedite the process and get them off of the fence

4 IHE Cardio Marketing Plan Who are the customers? Broad messages to all are key What are the messages/customer How do we deliver the messages? Marketing Education Marketing the Call for Participation Demonstration plan

5 Who are the Customers? Clinical Users Cardiologists, Cardiac Care Assistants Technologists, clinical operational managers Administration Dept managers & administrators, CxOs Group purchasing (eg MDBUYLINE) IT Professionals Hospital IT staff Consultants Governments Prof Societies ESC, JCC, SMR, ASE, SNM, SCA&I, NASPE/Heart Rhythm, ACCAA, other Advocacy groups (eg Leapfrog) Vendors General Public (low priority)

6 Broad Messages IHE can help solve critical problems for the Cardiologist, Tech, Administrator or related IT professional, and purchaser IHE can help solve key pain points in the process of integrating healthcare IHE will improve workflow and reduce medical errors: saving time, money & leading to better care Over time, IHE will remove obstacles to multi- vendor integration IHE is a gradual process on an annual schedule that solves specific clinical problems and builds up over time For Cardiology this is at least a 5 year process

7 Pain points the IHE will help Multiple entry of demographics and associated error and workflow issues Consistent access to results (EKG) – Unneeded repeat studies Resource management inefficiencies Timely report completion and distribution Delays in charge posting Facilitate data gathering for registries Extracting salient data from modalities/acquisition devices Consistent representation of data from multi stage stress protocols Todays solutions are cumbersome, expensive, error prone and are not upgrade friendly

8 High level candidate tag lines IHE is HOW and we are underway. Its a marathon not a sprint, the exciting part of a marathon is the finish, but you need to start… IHE is how it all gets done Making integration happen Pre-canned integration solutions IHE, is your vendor doing it? N vendors tested M systems – was your vendor there?

9 Messages IHE can help solve key pain points in the process of integrating healthcare IHE will improve workflow & reduce errors: saving time, money; leading to better care Over time, IHE will remove obstacles to multi- vendor integration enabling easy upgrades IHE can streamline the RFP process and remove vendor bias as enable purchasing for individual institutions IHE is underway in Cardio. The year 1 Technical Framework has been developed to address broad needs for integration including echo & cath lab workflow, EKG retrieval. There is a 5 year roadmap and the ACC invites members to provide input on the priorities as the roadmap evolves.

10 Marketing Goals for Year 1 Build an IHE Cardio development community Broaden user base of Cardio administrators & clinicians that aware of IHE & its value Reach ACCA (Mar 3-5) and give them the brief overview Encourage vendor participation Seed future success story sites

11 Accomplishments – Year 1 Year 1 Cardio targets were: 3 profiles. Year 2 prioritization discussion is underway and will be defined in Spring 05.

12 Manage Expectations Dont oversell, but maintain enough interest. There are real risks to miss-setting how long it will take for real benefits in clinical practice to be realized. Need to stress that there really is no other way to achieve the key goals and that we need to start now and stay the course.

13 External Outreach Suggest that ACC send out a low profile mailing to target IT/Integration consultants: First (FCG), Forester, IMV, Frost & Sullivan, Gartner, ECRI, MD Buyline, KLAS, Booz Allen, Delliote & Touche/Bearing Point, Accenture, Cap Gemini, Clinica, EDS, McKinsey, Superior, other International consultants. ACC to send a mailing to leadership of the vendor community. Defer outreach to major payors later

14 Outreach within the ACC Provide chapters with some info that says as leaders, be aware that the IHE is coming to the ACC 2005 Five key messages max. Same thing used for agenda books for ACC committee meetings. Bridging science into practice: leverage ACC 05 as the beginning of the IHE journey. ACC is looking for input to shape the path, direction: Encourage members to provide input to the priorities and technical content. Provide sample text to ACC members for a letter To Your CIO saying whats our Institutional IHE plan for Cardiology?

15 Clinical Users Goal: Basic understanding and expectations – IHE will save us time & money, reduce errors and let us get access to key data when/where we need it to do our jobs Overview of IHE… Realistic expectation on the scope and timing of IHE results IHE is a gradual process, but with tangible short term goals Describe IHE Year 1 in Cardio Indication of long term roadmap

16 Administrators IHE as a tool for managing purchases including RFPs IHE can save money in the department IHE can reduce switching costs IHE can help reduce errors

17 General Public Promote the value of ACCs support of the IHE to improve timely access to health care and to promote best practices which improve patient outcomes and reduce errors.

18 MARCOM Goals Create awareness/buzz Get customers to demo area Have customers leave demo area thinking this IHE stuff is great Get the customers to spread the word Get customers to cajole vendors… How can I get more involved in the IHE Enable education

19 MARCOM Methods to Consider Journal(s) Print Direct Mail Bus Video Web presence Background info RFP language kit Booth placards/tent cards Time lapse video of connectathon & demo set up What other meetings does ACC IHE Cardio have to be visible at (ESC, AHA, TCT, Euro Echo, JCC, ASE, etc) ASE has expressed interest in leveraging materials for their June conf.

20 Education Goals Introduce Terminology Get some volunteer sites Set Expectations How to use IHE Cardio for RFPs

21 Education Methods Need to evaluate/prioritize: Short theatre presentation Tutorial Session @ ACC Brochure Kiosk Web presence Presentations

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