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Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology Apr/2006 Site update.

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1 Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology Apr/2006 Site update

2 Contents Introduction (Partner Institutions) Whats new Operation update Problems & Wishes, Future plan

3 About organization - IOIT Organization name: INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY HEAD OFFICE: Address: 18, Hoang Quoc Viet Rd, Cau Giay Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam Tel: 84-4-756 4405, 84-4-756 4697 Fax: 84-4-756 4217 Website: E-mail: BRANCH IN HO CHI MINH CITY: Address: 1, Mac Dinh Chi Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Tel: 84-8-822 2947; 84-8-822 2870 Fax: 84-8-822 2871 Website: E-mail:

4 About organization – IOIT (cont.) Brief history -Established in 1976 -Functions Carrying out the studies of the basic problems of informatics, mathematical and technical aspects of IT, application of IT in socio-economic systems and industrial manufacturing processes Designing, developing IT products, especially software Developing IT applications in different sectors, technology transferring, technical consulting for governmental IT projects, and for other economy sectors Training scientific researchers on IT

5 About organization – IOIT (cont.) Potentials – IOIT staff: 200 persons with 50+ Dr Sc and Ph.D. (among them 11 Prof. and Assoc.Prof), organized in different research departments. – IOIT LAN is served as Vietnam Academy Science & Technologys Campus Network Center, based on switched 10/100/1000 Ethernet on Fiber Optics and UTP cable system and serving 400+ workstations. – IOIT Platforms are heterogeneous, including Windows and UNIX, various databases and different tools for developing integrated database systems, information management systems and other software packages. – IOIT is one of the first four Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Vietnam. – IOIT has Ph.D. programs.

6 Institute of Information Technology (IOIT) Hochiminh City Branch Department of Administration Key-lab for Networking Technology & Multimedia Departments of IOIT: - Integrated Software Systems - Data Management Systems - Software Engineering in Management - Databases and Programming - Geographical Information Systems - Pattern Recognition and Knowledge Engineering - Management Information Systems - Computer Networking and IT Infrastructure - Telematics - Mathematical Aspects of IT - Computational Statistics - Automation Technology - Applications of IT to Control - Expert Systems and Soft Computing - Systems and Management Research - Applications of IT to Socio-Economical Systems Departments NetNam ISP

7 About local partners Hanoi University of Technology (HUT) College of Technology, Vietnam National University (VNU) IOIT-VAST HUT-MOETColTech-VNU

8 Hanoi University of Technology

9 At present, as a key university, HUT has 1,800 employees including 1,500 Faculty members 25,000 undergraduate students 2,000 graduate students Established in 1956, the leading higher education institution in the field of science and technology HUT is situated in the southern section of Hanoi

10 HUT has carried out thousands of scientific research projects at all levels HUT has trained 80,000 engineers 1,500 masters 330 doctors

11 HUT ORGANIZATION Rector Consultative Committees Vice-Rectors Faculties (14)Institutes (5) Research Centers (17) Administrative Services (14) Corporation (1)

12 FACULTIES 1.Faculty of Applied Mathematics 2.Faculty of Chemical Engineering 3.Faculty of Economics and Management 4.Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications 5.Faculty of Electricity 6.Faculty of Engineering Education 7.Faculty of Information Technology 8.Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 9.Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Technology 10.Faculty of Textile Engineering 11.Faculty of In-service Training 12.Faculty of Foreign Languages 13.Faculty of Social Sciences 14.Dept. of Physical Education

13 10.Center of Development and Application of Software for Industry 11.Center for Research and Development of High Technology 12.Polymer Center 13.Precise Machinery Research Center 14.Renewable Energy Research Center 15.Materials Science Center 16.Multimedia Information, Communication and Applications Center 17. Center for Research and Advisory Management Research Centers: 1. Automation Center 2. Biomedical Electronics Center 3. Library & Information Network Center 4. Chromatography Center 5. Corrosion and Protection Research Center 6. Inorganic Materials Research center 7. High Performance Parallel Computing Center 8. Kitech-HUT center 9. Center for Internetwork Security Software and Solutions HUT INSTITUTES AND RESEARCH CENTERS Institutes: 1. Institute of Biological and Food Technology 2. Institute of Engineering Physics 3. Institute of Environmental Science & Technology 4. Institute of Heat Engineering and Refrigeration 5.International Training Institute for Materials Science

14 LINC – Network Center at HUT Established in 2003 –E-Library –Network Center ICT Infrastructure for Higher Education –As a Central Library of Universities –NOC-VN for TEIN2 –Network & Equipment for Vietnam-Japan IT HRD Program (2006 – 2014) –Center for OSS Resources Directors: –Prof. Nguyen Ngoc Binh (Nov. 2003 – Mar. 2006) –Dr. Nguyen Kim Khanh (since Apr. 2006) Links at –Email:; fax:

15 Vietnam National University, Hanoi

16 Vietnam National University (VNU) VNU: 100 years (May 16, 1906: Indochina Univ.) –Biggest University in Vietnam –Directly Belongs to the Vietnamese Government –Academic Issues: Consulted with the MOET –18,000 + 26,000 Students for 60 Fields and Degree Educations; 2,500 Graduate Students of 103 Specializations; 400 PhD Students of 77 Specializations –4 Member Universities: College of Natural Sciences (Hanoi Univ. of Science, HUS) College of Social Sciences (Hanoi Univ. of Humanity, HUH) College of Foreign Studies (Hanoi Univ. of FS, HUFS) College of Technology (Hanoi Univ. of Engineering, HUE) –Many Research Institutes, Centers, Faculties, including IT Institute (ITI): for ICT Infrastructure of the whole VNU

17 College of Technology (ColTech-VNU)

18 ColTech-VNU A Member University in Vietnam National Univ. (ColTech-VNU). Formerly, Faculty of Technology, since 2004: ColTech-VNU One of Key Universities in Technology Education Good ICT Infrastructure Joint Collaborations between Research Institutes (VAST) and Faculties of ColTech-VNU 1,600+2,500 Students, 550 Master Students, 50 PhD Students

19 ColTech-VNU (contd) 4 Faculties: –IT (Partner Institution: IOIT-VAST) –Electronics & Telecom (P.I.: Institute of Posts & Telecom) –Engineering Physics & Nano Technology (P.I.: IMS-VAST) –Engineering Mechanics & Automation (P.I.: Institute of Mechanics, VAST) 4 Research Centers: –Center for Software Engineering –Center for Electronics & Telecom –Center for Molecular Biotechnology –Computer Center Websites & Contacts –VNU: –ColTech: –Contact:; Fax:

20 SOI Asia/AI3 with TEIN2 in VN SOI Asia/AI3 Network

21 SOI/AI3 Classroom at IOIT

22 Picture of Antena

23 AI3VN SOI Activities (cont.) Steering Committee Dr. Le Hai Khoi, Director, IOIT Dr. Luong Chi Mai, Deputy Director, IOIT Mr. Tran Ba Thai, Deputy Head of Netrworking Dept, IOIT

24 AI3VN SOI Activities (cont.) Academic Committee Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Binh, Vice Rector College of Technology Vietnam National University, Hanoi VNU Operation Committee Mr. Tran Duc Thang, Networking Dept, IOIT

25 AI3VN SOI Activities (cont.) Operation Committee Dr. Nguyen Kim Khanh, Dept. of Computer Engineering, Faculty of IT Director of Library & Information Network Center - LINC HUT Operation Committee Dr. Nguyen Chan Hung, Faculty of Electronics & Telecommunications HUT


27 Whats new since last meeting ODU of AI3-SOI VN went wrong, is repaired, will be up and functional at the end of Apr/2006 New MOU between IOIT and Keio New Collaboration: IOIT-HUT-VNU VN is joining TEIN2 project –HUT is VN Network Operating Center with 45/155Mbps link to TEIN2 Hongkong hub (May/2006) –Optic fiber links are planned to connect HUT-IOIT- VNU (by May/2006) –The link will enable SOI activities reach HUT and VNU (using multicast tunnel?!)

28 Related operations Developed platforms for blended learning –Open source based –For universities and colleges Getting ready TEIN2-VN with TEIN2 –VN gov approved TEIN2-VN project –Players: major R&E institutions in all VN –Land optic fiber-based link to HK NOC –May/2006: Initial bandwidth: 45Mbps, upgrade to 155Mbps by the end of 2006

29 Problems & Wishes Problems: –Push AI3-SOI VN online again with repaired ODU (early May/2006?) –Set up optic fiber links between HUT - IOIT - VNU (May/Jun/2006?) Wishes : –HUT, VNU, IOIT actively join AI3-SOI activities

30 Thank you

31 SOI Asia Goal and Mission Goal –Establish the scheme for sustainable educational collaboration programs utilizing the IT among Asian Universities Mission –Establish the quality and stable platforms for the education –Deliver the quality courses for students in Asia

32 Other Issues Agreement between AI3 and SOI MOUs (Online sinning in Oct. 2006) Next meeting: 10years of AI3 –5 years of SOI-Asia –Venue: ITB –Term: Oct. 10-12, 2006 –President of Keio will join and sign MOUs Future Meetings –For Steering Committee, AI3 Directors, Research, Operations, … –When and Where?

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