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STAY CLOSE. GO FAR. Getting Started with Advanced Diploma at COCC.

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1 STAY CLOSE. GO FAR. Getting Started with Advanced Diploma at COCC

2 STAY CLOSE. GO FAR. Program Benefits in Review Dually enrolled at COCC and RPA Earn an Advanced Diploma from RPA in Spring 2015! Education costs paid for by RPA Expanded Options $$  Admissions Application Fee  COCC Tuition & Fees (for three terms: FALL, WINTER, SPRING)  Textbooks & Supplies (related to the classes registered for that term)

3 STAY CLOSE. GO FAR. Financial Aid

4 STAY CLOSE. GO FAR. Financial Aid Basics FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid – Personal Identification Number (PIN) – –Both Student and Parent Apply Now!! – 2013 income information needed Communicate −Within 1-2 weeks after your complete your FAFSA, Financial Aid will contact you to request further documentation − COCC will NOT follow up with you until you apply for admission

5 STAY CLOSE. GO FAR. FAFSA Workshop Monday April 21 th, 2014 3:00 – 4:30pm Redmond COCC Campus Computer Lab – Room 128

6 STAY CLOSE. GO FAR. Types of Financial Aid Federal and State Funding Free Money –Grants Earned Money –Federal Work Study Loaned Money –Stafford Loans

7 STAY CLOSE. GO FAR. Types of Financial Aid (cont.) Scholarships Another form a ‘free’ funding COCC Foundation Scholarships –One online application multiple scholarships »http://finaid.cocc.edu »Must complete the FAFSA »Deadline: July 15, 2014 National search engines –

8 STAY CLOSE. GO FAR. Cost of Attendance at COCC *Tuition and Fees is based on 12 credits per term. 2013-2014 Budget Students without Dependents Living with Parents Residence HallOff-Campus Tuition and Fees $3,423 Books and Supplies $1,800 Subtotal $5223 Room and Board $3,954$8,985 Transport / Personal $2,859 Loan Fees ** TOTAL $12,036$17,067 *Tuition and Fees are based on 12 credits per term.

9 STAY CLOSE. GO FAR. Putting the Pieces Together  Advanced Diploma Tuition/Fees Books  FAFSA – Financial Aid Grants and Scholarships Greater than Tuition/Fees and Books = Graduate Less than Tuition/Fees and Books = Advanced Diploma

10 STAY CLOSE. GO FAR. This is College! Advanced Diploma is still COLLEGE!! The grades and completion rate you earn will impact your college transcript FOREVER!!

11 STAY CLOSE. GO FAR. Fact or Fiction The financial aid award offer you receive from COCC will be based on 12 credits per term. 12 credits is considered Full-time status. If you choose to take 9 credits: Grants will be prorated Loans will stay the same Fact

12 STAY CLOSE. GO FAR. Fact or Fiction Your GPA and class completion rate does not impact your financial aid. You must maintain a 2.0 GPA (C average) and complete at least 2/3 of the classes you enroll in to be eligible for financial aid in the future – regardless of whether or not you were an Advanced Diploma student. Fiction

13 STAY CLOSE. GO FAR. Questions?? Financial Aid Office Central Oregon Community College 2600 NW College Way Bend, OR 97701 Phone: 541.383.7260

14 STAY CLOSE. GO FAR. Steps to Registration  Application  -Submit in person with completed Advanced Diploma Authorization Form (Due to COCC by June 20th)  Placement Testing  -Schedule a placement test online at  Advising  -Sign up for a New Student Advising Workshop -NSA’s start on 7/11/14, sign ups start 6/16/14  Registration  -Same day as the Advising Workshop

15 STAY CLOSE. GO FAR.  A COCC Bookstore “Charge Account” will be set up for each AD student  Students may charge only books and supplies related to registered courses  Students will be required to reimburse the school district for any purchases charged that are not specifically related to COCC classes  Upon completion of the course, books and supplies become property of the school district and must be turned in to the High School COCC Bookstore Credit

16 STAY CLOSE. GO FAR. Campus Resources Financial Aid CAP Center Testing & Tutoring Center Disability Services Enrollment Services Computer Labs Student Activities Campus Shuttle Housing (on & off campus) On Campus Eating (Campus Center and Java Jam) Exercise on Campus (Mazama, Tennis Courts, Disc Golf Course, Field & Physiology Lab )

17 STAY CLOSE. GO FAR. Transition from HS to College HD 100 College Success is a 2-credit, transferable course offered both on the Redmond and Bend Campuses. HD 101 Study Skills is a 3-credit hour course that will help not only with transition issues, but also covers specific study skills you many need to re-define for your first year of college.

18 STAY CLOSE. GO FAR. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Guarantees the student’s right to access their file and to have certain information kept confidential. COCC releases “directory information”: name, address, email, telephone, degrees/honors awarded, class standing and participation in officially recognized activities FERPA

19 STAY CLOSE. GO FAR. Timeline: Important Dates NOW: Shop Your Benefits -- File for financial aid through FAFSA and apply for scholarships (COCC Foundation Scholarship) NOW: Visit with your counselor to see about qualifying for the Advanced Diploma. DUE by May 21st: If participating in Advanced Diploma Program, submit your “authorization form” to RPA representative. DUE by June 20th: If participating in Advanced Diploma Program, submit COCC’s admissions application with a copy of your completed authorization form. Starting June 16th : Call COCC to sign up for New Student Advising & Registration appointment (dates start July 11th)

20 STAY CLOSE. GO FAR. Central Oregon Community College Bend Campus Boyle Education Center 541.383.7500 Redmond Campus Building 3 – Student Services 541.504.2900

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