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Country Report: AI3-Philippines

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1 Country Report: AI3-Philippines
AI Tokyo Meeting Tokyo, Japan - June 19-21, 2003 Denis F. Villorente Philippine Research, Education, and Government Information Network (PREGINET)

2 Project Description “Establishment of a nationwide broadband network for research and education institutions involved in the development and demonstration of new network-based technologies, services, and applications with connectivity to international research and education networks”

3 Local Partners Manila Cebu Cagayan de Oro Benguet State University
MMSU DMMMSU PSHS-CVC SMU PhilRice DOTC-Telof UP System CLSU ASTI Manila DOST Agencies APC Bureau of Agricultural Research UP Open University Bicol University WVCST Leyte State University PSHS-Iloilo PSHS-EVC CVISNet DOST will be able to undertake PREGINET on a bigger and wider scale with PREGINET Philippines, currently applied for foreign-funding. By year 2004, PREGINET will be a fully-functioning network with access points in regions all over the country and connectivity to the Internet. Cebu Mindanao State University-IIT CVPC Cagayan de Oro Ateneo de Zamboanga University of Southern Mindanao

4 International Partners

5 Current Network (as of June 15, 2003) 3 Exchange Points
Ilocos Norte Current Network (as of June 15, 2003) AI3 Benguet APAN Nueva Viscaya La Union Physical Presence Nueva Ecija Quezon City Legaspi 3 Exchange Points 19 Access Points Los Baños Ormoc Tacloban Cebu Iloilo Dumaguete Butuan Iligan Cagayan de Oro Zamboanga Davao Cotabato

6 PREGINET Services PREGINET Connection Technical Support and Assistance
Direct connectivity to International Research and Education Networks Access to the rest of the Internet through domestic ISPs Multicast connectivity to the MBone IPv6 native connectivity to the 6Bone/6Net Providing IPv6 transit to domestic partner networks Technical Support and Assistance 24x7 (on-call) response center facility report network trouble to our technical staff through , mobile phone, or telephone Support for technical concerns (

7 PREGINET Services Webhosting Server Co-location Site Mirroring
allows hosting of research, government, and education content in the PREGINET webservers Server Co-location Co-location of partner institutions’ computing equipment in the PREGINET Network Operations Center (NOC). Site Mirroring Mirroring of large databases (bio-mirror), specialized online courses (S-Star Alliance), and similar content. User Trainings Videoconferencing; Basic Networking ; Advanced Networking ; Network Monitoring and Management; IPv6

8 PREGINET Services Videoconferencing Videostreaming Voice Over IP
enables an institution to hold meetings, conferences, seminars and trainings over the network (using H.323 equipment) recommended minimum bandwidth is 256 kbps Videostreaming video broadcast of live events, seminars and trainings, as well as archived videos can be conducted over the network Voice Over IP voice communication over the Internet Network Monitoring and Management Network Weathermap, MRTG and other Network Monitoring tools

9 PREGINET Services Consultancy Services
Networking Technologies Wired and Wireless Network Technologies and Design PC Router Set-up and Configuration Proxy/High Availability System Webserver installation and optimization Network Security Network Design Assistance on Network Connection (leased line, Frame Relay) Referrals to TELCOs for partner institutions' requirement of last-mile solution for their PREGINET connection Computer-Based Trainings IT and project management computer-based trainings available to PREGINET users

10 the context of an initial
Networking R&D over PREGINET IPv6 Network Measurements Traffic Engineering Multimedia over IP Network Applications Should be conducted in the context of an initial face-to-face meeting

11 IPv6 PREGINET project conducts R&D in IPv6 to make itself and the Philippines ready for the Next-Generation Internet Protocol. The team is pursuing the adoption of IPv6 in the Philippines through advocacy work, building partnerships with network providers and universities, and by continuously building competency in the technology. ASTI is implementing the project on Building a Philippine IPv6 Network, with University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman, Central Visayas Information Sharing Network (CVISNET), and Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) as the pilot sites Website :

12 IPv6 Established Philippine IPv6 Network Testbed
Connected to the 6Bone through AI3 Connected to M6Bone by tunneling to Renater in France Aside from the deployment in ASTI, the project has established IPv6 connections with UP-EEE, UP Computer Center, Bitstop Inc., MSU-IIT, and CVISNET with services such as http, DNS, SMTP, Proxy, and SSH IPv6 M6Bone Tunnel MSU-IIT Tunnel CVISNET Tunnel BITSTOP Tunnel UPEEE–UPCC- -ASTI VLAN UPCC-ASTI VLAN M6Bone IPv6Multicast Router Renater, France MSU-IIT IPv6 Router Iligan City CVISNET IPv6 Router Cebu City Bitstop,Inc. IPv6 Tunnel Server UP EEE Router FreeBSD 4.2 IPv6-only Solaris 8 AI3 Japan ASTI- AI3 Satellite dish Switch UPCC Router FreeBSD 4.7 Server IPv6 Router using Zebra Bridge Website :

13 IPv6 Other IPv6 Activities:
Obtained IPv6 address block allocation from Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC) – the first IPv6 allocation given to a Philippine-based network; Research on IPv6 Network Management with focus on tools for monitoring and characterizing the IPv6 network; Conducted an IPv6 Demonstration during the 28th AIC Conference in Manila and an IPv6 Tutorial during the 3rd National ECE Conference; and Conducted five (5) IPv6 Workshops at the UP-EEE, ASTI, and APC with a total of 109 participants Website :

14 Network Measurements PREGINET monitors the network and develops tools and systems necessary to maintain the efficiency and reliability of the PREGINET network. A fully-functional web-based NetMon system was developed. It has the ff. components: Network Weather Map/MRTG/MRTGViewer Remote Network Monitoring and Control via SMS Trouble Ticketing System with SMS Routers & Servers Flow-based Traffic Monitoring

15 Network Applications Consulted with prospective
partner institutions on the Digital Library initiatives of PREGINET Coordinated efforts with SCINET (Philippines’ Science Information Network) Installed Ganesha and Greenstone for testing, evaluation and uploading of content (team decided to focus on Greenstone) Development of OAI-based systems

16 Multimedia over IP Conducted videoconferencing sessions and demonstrations with PREGINET, AI3, APAN and SingaREN research partners Part of VideNet, a global virtual network for multimedia applications over IP

17 Multimedia over IP Evaluation of Videoconferencing/Videostreaming applications and interoperability of commercial and open source H.323 terminals Commercial H.323: Polycom – Via Video; Vcon – Vpoint; Vigo; Netmeeting Open H.323: Open Multi-Conferencing Unit (Open MCU); Open Gatekeeper; GNOME Meeting (Terminal); GUI-Based Videoconferencing Online Monitoring Evaluation of different data, audio and videoconferencing tools and applications for the MBONE ( IP Multicast Backbone) Established a Testbed for a Multicast-enabled PREGINET Network

18 Multimedia over IP Set-up a videostreaming server and service, a web-based archive of technical tutorials, trainings, workshops and events Tested and evaluated Voice over IP (VoIP), which is scheduled for deployment over the PREGINET network on the 3rd quarter of this year Came up with the User Manual for Videoconferencing Presented research results on the Access Grid, a large-scale group-to-group communication medium

19 Multimedia over IP ASTI UDLR Setup ph-sfc
Advanced Science and Technology Institute Configuration SW Coax cable Sony Box Receive Router SOI Server SOI PC Client 1 Client 2 ph-sfc SAT MODEM ASTI Cisco

20 Multimedia over IP Some Updates on UDLR and SOI Setup UDLR:
*upgraded OS to FreeBSD 4.7 last month *installed SNMP and is now being linked or monitored by the Network Monitoring server of PREGINET  SOI-SERVER: *upgraded the OS to RedHat 7.3 *upgraded the kernel (kernel x.i386.rpm) *installed the USAGI software *installed the Sakurafubuki 3rd software *installed the HelixUniversalServer Basic -instructions from Japan were followed (installations, upgrades, procedures) -no tests conducted yet on receiving videostreams (need to coordinate with Funya for instructions and info on these)

21 Multimedia over IP Videoconferencing applications are being conducted to facilitate distance learning, telemedicine, as well as project coordination and research among connected institutions Among the activities are: School on Internet (SOI-Asia) tutorials and events such as the Realtime ASEAN Interaction H.323 technology demonstration for the PREGINET Distance Education working group Workshop on Virtual Learning Academy for Philippine Agriculture, an online academy that will educate farmers and fisherfolk in the more advanced agriculture and fishing methods

22 Applications on Multimedia over IP
Conducted a total of 35 videoconferencing events (ASTI-led) from Jan 2002-May 2003 ASTI-Cadence Training Launching ASTI-Eagleware Training DOTC-TELOF 55th Anniversary Japan IT-Confab 2001 Agriculture Working Group with APAN/MAFFIN DENR-EMB and Thai Ministry of Environment PCHRD’s 20th Anniversary Virtual Lab Tour with UP-Cebu Masteral thesis defense UPOU videocon classes Charter Day Celebration of Iligan City Japan EduConfab2002 ASTI Week 2002 ASTIDays 2003 Simulcast videocon during PCARRD’s anniversary Philrice Videocon with Ohio State University, Pennsylvania State University, and Virginia Institute of Technology 3rd Visayas Science and Technology Fair PSHS-Iloilo Science, Math and Technology Week APEC Telecommunications and E-Commerce Workshop

23 IPv6 IPv6 (June2003-May 2004) PREGINET and Int’l Research Community
Competency Building 2. R&D 3. Advocacy/ Demos Applications Deployment PREGINET and Int’l Research Community IPv6 (June2003-May 2004) Research on IPv6 Technologies Advanced Services in IPv6 Organize IPv6 workshop with Telcos and ISP operators Establish IPv6 Exchange Point Enable IPv6 in key areas (Exchange Points/APs) of PREGINET Infrastructure

24 Network Measurements and Traffic Engineering
PREGINET and Int’l Research Community Competency Building 2. R&D 3. Advocacy/ Demos Applications Deployment Network Measurements (June 2003 –May 2004) Development of a Philippine Internet mapping system Development and Deployment of NetMon tools Traffic Engineering (June 2003 –May 2004) Research on centrally-managed QoS system Research on dynamic QoS

25 Multimedia over IP PREGINET and Int’l Research Community
Competency Building 2. R&D 3. Advocacy/ Demos Applications Deployment Multimedia over IP (June 2003 –May 2004) Organize a multimedia applications workshop Provide VoIP services over the PREGINET infrastructure Establish an Access Grid node in the Philippines Establish an Integrated Learning Environment (ILE) system within PREGINET

26 Network Applications PREGINET and Int’l Research Community
Competency Building 2. R&D 3. Advocacy/ Demos Applications Deployment Network Applications (June 2003 –May 2004) Provide a Digital Content System for PREGINET partners Organize a bioinformatics workshop in coordination with APBioNet Establish a Philippine bioinformatics grid

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