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1 Sulfur

2 Major physical properties
Classification: Non-metal Melting point: C Boiling point: C Colour: Yellow coloured lumps, crystals, powder, or formed shape Odour: Odourless, or faint odour of rotten eggs if not 100% pure


4 Major chemical properties
Sulfur reacts when mixed with saltpetre and charcoal (reaction of gunpowder) The on the next slide shows the result from burning a mixture of zinc metal powder and sulphur.


6 The discovery of Sulfur
The discoverer of Sulfur is unknown; however it has been documented that Sulfur has been used since ancient times. Sulfur is obtained naturally salt domes" along the Gulf Coast of the USA.

7 Current uses Sulfur is used in Epsom salts, gunpowder, some medicines and matches.

8 Interesting facts Sulphur is found in meteorites, volcanoes and hot springs Jupiter's moon Io owes its colours to various forms of sulphur. It is a reactive element that given favourable circumstances combines with all other elements. It’s a non-metal, belonging to the Chalcogen group

9 Bibliography


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