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Forces, forces, everywhere © 2012 120172.

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1 Forces, forces, everywhere © 2012 120172

2 Write down 3 ways you used a force this morning. © 2012 220172

3 Forces are everywhere – but what do we call them? FORCES magnetism gravity air resistance static friction © 2012 320172 upthrust

4 Measuring Forces What do we call this piece of equipment? A newton meter What is it used for? Measuring forces in newtons © 2012 420172

5 Contact and non-contact forces Name the forces shown below. static friction magnetism gravity Which are non-contact forces? x © 2012 520172

6 Contact and non-contact forces Match the pictures with the correct words. © 2012 620172 magnetism upthruststatic electricity gravity friction

7 a force which pulls objects down. the force which holds things to fridge doors. a force which helps a boat float. the force that rubs things away. a form of electricity which can attract things. a type of force which needs to touch something to affect it. gravity magnetism upthrust friction static contact Which force is …? © 2012 720172

8 Which direction are the forces acting in? Add arrows to each picture. © 2012 820172

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