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I use it to light my stove …so I could cook a whale.

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2 I use it to light my stove

3 …so I could cook a whale

4 …in butter sauce

5 …for my friend, the clown.

6 The clown likes to play a song on a CD

7 …about a winking eye

8 …who spied a fried egg

9 …using pencils

10 …to build a windmill.

11 A cat who lived under the windmill

12 …played cymbals with his feet

13 …while licking honey

14 …off a soccer ball

15 …filled with toothpaste

16 …from the other side of the world.

17 The world spins like a tiger trying to catch his tail

18 …which was as long as a stethoscope

19 …wrapped around a rolling pin.

20 The rolling pin was flattened by a tractor

21 …that went faster after eating popcorn.

22 A kernel of popcorn needed a bandage

23 …with a picture of an astronaut

24 …using a star

25 …to cut apart a calendar.

26 On the cover of the calendar was a happy gorilla

27 …walking under a rainbow

28 …that danced into a mailbox

29 …that was nailed to the top of a sled.

30 The sled crashed into a piano

31 …that had a STOP sign on it!

32 Good stop! cried a moose

33 …who was busily brushing his horns

34 …to clean up the sandwich crumbs that fell

35 …when a fairy put it into

36 …her garden wheelbarrow.

37 Can I borrow your wheelbarrow? asked a diver

38 …who wanted to cook it in his frying pan

39 …which was as small as a coin

40 …you can only see through a microscope

41 …smeared with glue.

42 The glue came from the back of a medal

43 …which was awarded to the koala bear

44 …with the biggest flower pot.

45 The pot was carried by a fire engine

46 …wearing a crown

47 …that slipped off and fell into a gong.

48 The gong was cheered up by a fan

49 …that tied corn husks

50 …to a panda bears tail. Ouch! he cried

51 …and he grabbed a shovel

52 …to pry open a refrigerator door.

53 When it opened, out blew a huge tornado!

54 The tornado dropped a suitcase

55 …full of beautiful buttons

56 …the colour of crayons

57 …which made a mess for Mr. Vacuum Cleaner

58 …to clean with his sunglasses on.

59 Those glasses are mine! cried a giraffe

60 …who knocked over an iron

61 …with a bowling pin.

62 The bowling pin then bumped into a rake

63 …held by a sleeping walrus.

64 He woke up and put on his tennis shoes

65 …that were as squeaky as my accordion.

66 I keep my accordion hidden in my purse

67 …clamped shut by a clothespin

68 …that popped off and fell into a stack of newspapers

69 …being read by a wise old raccoon

70 …while listening to the news on his radio.

71 The radio wore a paper cutter for a hat

72 …so that a cheerleader could stand on it

73 …to do her cheers while waving a telescope.

74 A hamburger popped out of the telescope!

75 It was so mushy I had to eat it with a spoon

76 …which broke into tiny puzzle pieces on the floor.

77 A lizard picked the pieces up

78 …and put them into his bright sandals

79 …before stepping into a puddle of ink.

80 A broom swept up the ink

81 …with its buffalo friend

82 …who caught snowflakes with his tongue

83 …and put them in a pot

84 …to cook them atop a gumball machine.

85 The machine glides on skis

86 …with a flashlight

87 …that wears a tiny little vest.

88 In the pocket of the vest is a spray bottle

89 …to cool off my typewriter

90 …when I write a story about a kangaroo

91 …who lives inside a Christmas stocking.

92 Caterpillars live there, too.

93 They play their trumpets

94 …after washing them with a watering can

95 …filled with pineapple juice.

96 One day an armadillo drank some of the juice

97 …then threw darts at a dartboard

98 …made from a week-old pizza.

99 On the pizza were footprints

100 …from 200 sheep

101 …who jumped over the table

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