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National University of Laos Address of National University of Laos

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1 National University of Laos Address of National University of Laos
SOI-Asia Project National University of Laos By participant from NUOL Site: Mr. Phoumy INDARACK Address of National University of Laos Dong Dok Campus, P.O.Box: 7322 Vientiane, Lao PDR. Tel & Fax: +(856 21) / Website:

2 National University of Laos
Establishment of NUOL - Academic Year Establishment of two new universities - Academic Year Champasak U. - Academic Year Souphanouvong U.

3 NOUL’S Campuses . NUOL is a multi-campus structured within a 35Km radius of Vientiane Capital. It consists of 7 campuses: 1. Dongdok C Sokpaluang C. 3. Nabong C. 4. Don Nokkhum C. 5. Phiawat C. 6. Tadthong C. 7. Kilometer 5 C.

4 Faculties and School 1. Faculty of Education 2. Faculty of Social Sciences 3. Faculty of Sciences 4. Faculty of Letters 5. Faculty of Economics and Business Administration 6. Faculty of Forestry

5 Faculties and School (cont.)
7. Faculty of Agriculture 8. Faculty of Law and Administration 9. Faculty of Medical Sciences 10. Faculty of Engineering 11. Faculty of Architecture 12. School of Foundation Studies

6 NUOL already setup Web and Mail Server on June 2003
University Website NUOL already setup Web and Mail Server on June 2003

7 SOI Asia project at NUOL
SOI Asia project is operated at the Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electronics Engineering (Sokpaluang campus) 2002 NUOL start to conduct the distance learning with SOI Asia. February 2003 NUOL started Interactive Distance Educa- tion with SOI Asia.

8 Application on SOI's Network within the Campus
- Established activities for staffs and students to learn in distance learning class. - Staffs and students in Faculty are available to do the research activities by utilizing the Internet. - To Transfer data on network with in the University.

Steering Committee Academic Committee Research Committee Operation Committee

10 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Saykhong Saynasinh Mr. Khamphoui Southisombath
Steering Committee Assoc. Prof. Dr. Saykhong Saynasinh Mr. Phoumy Indarack Mr. Khamphoui Southisombath

11 Academic Committee Mr. Senglatsamy Chanthaminavong
Mr. Somphone Kangthavong Ms. Ketsanar Phanthadet Mr. Khampha Syhanakhone

12 Research Committee Mr. Phonepaseuth Satahack
Mr. khamphang Thoummakesone Mr. Tha bounthan Mr. Somsanouk Pathoumvanh

13 Operation Committee Ms. Douangsamone Phetsomphou
Mr. Somsanouk Pathoumvanh Mr. Sengsuliya Sengthong Mr. Xaysamone Dittaphong

14 Assistance operation Committee
Ms. Souphanna Vongsack Mr. Thavisay Solaphom Ms. Souphanith Sythongchanh Mr. Vongpheng Soukavong Mr. Souksakhone Bouamanichane

15 Distance education room
Class environment Distance education room

16 Class environment Equipment Setting SOI Equipment

17 SOI Equipments New Receiver router arrived on August 23, 2004
New Echo cancellation arrived on July 22, 2004

18 Difficulties we have when running SOI-ASIA Project
Lack of technical staffs and some of new staffs are less-experience to maintain the SOI environment. New staffs expressing necessity for training about operation system.

19 2005 Activities Monthly operating workshop 2 times.
Distance lecture lecture. Training for new operator staffs 1 people. Since the system changed on July, 2005 by used the ADSL modem to replace for BDL satellite.

20 Request for next year course
Short term course: - Engineering field such: IT, computer, Telecommunication, Mechanical.... - Bio-medical technologies. Long term course: Use SOI environment to support IT project at Faculty of Engineering by running distance lecture from KEIO University or another University. Setup some seminar or workshop to the IT project Twice a year.


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