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1 PIM-SM over UDLR 54 th IETF, 2002/07/16.

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1 1 PIM-SM over UDLR 54 th IETF, 2002/07/16

2 2 URL The document is on the web.

3 3 We Did These Experiment in AI3 C-band UDL network Generalize the experiment result –network topology

4 4 Objective to investigate the simplest effective configuration of PIM-SM over UDLR –where routing is asymmetric and –there is no separate MRIB

5 5 A Unicast Routing in UDLR FEED -> RECV : UDL RECV -> FEED : BDL

6 6 Problem in Using PIM-SM Multicast traffic flow via BDL

7 7 Proposed Configuration (1/3)

8 8 Proposed Configuration (2/3) RP is the address of the UDL interface of the feed router Receivers in receive network never to switch to SPT Configure the networks so receive networks reach RP through the UDL Join path uses UDL

9 9 Proposed Configuration (3/3) Item –If using routing protocol –Cost of the unidirectional link interface of receive routers is not to be huge –Re-compute interface costs of routers achieve routing config. as the previous slide minimize the number of re-computed interfaces –A rule of thumb to configure interface costs for a more general network topology

10 10 A Rule of Thumb for Interface Costs V is a constant

11 11 Determining V Set V such that V is the determinant of inter-network path selection V > 2*max(rc(R,U)-rc(R,B), rc(X2,R) – rc(Y2-R), …) Placing U and B on one subnet simplifies our life.

12 12 Next Step… I-D

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