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Noriatsu kudo ( AI3 meeting(Work Shop) Noriatsu kudo (

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1 Noriatsu kudo (
AI3 meeting(Work Shop) Noriatsu kudo

2 Today’s agenda SOI ASIA class style Applications for real time class
Audio Video settings in class room

3 Overview of SOI ASIA Project
Gateway Site (SFC) Asian Partner Sites Relaying lectures through SFC to all asian partners using multicast and satellite Participating in the lectures at the Partner Institutions The Internet SOI Mirror Server Giving Lectures from sites with wide network LAN Giving Lectures from sites any place on the Internet (Japan, US and so on) SOI Contents Mirroring Learn through partner’s local mirror server

4 SOI ASIA class style 60minutes lecture 30minutes Q&A Windows Media
5minutes break 60minutes lecture 30minutes Q&A Windows Media BBS VIC/RAT/(polycom) IRC/RPT

5 Lecture Components Staff communication material video Video Material
WMT VIC/RAT Material PowerPoint PDF Staff communication IRC(recommended) MSN messenger Yahoo messenger

6 Break Change codec from WMT to VIC/RAT Collect questions from student
For Interactive Tell staff about it via IRC For non interactive Submit questions to BBS Tape change(SFC ONLY)

7 Q&A Three ways to ask question Audio and Video (interactive) BBS
IRC/MSN(not recommended)

8 Applications for real time class
Windows Media Player VIC/RAT RPT Polycom IRC

9 Windows Media version 8 and 9 is recommended Advantage Disadvantage
Multicast ready Stable streaming with "un-stable-" or "non-" return path. Disadvantage Delay(30-60seconds) Windows only Future work IPv6 support Bandwidth 500kbps(audio+video) WMT encoder wmt server client Multicast stream 500kbsp Video & Audio 500kbps

10 VIC/RAT To send and receive video and audio Advantage Disadvantage
No delay FreeBSD,Linux,solalis support Multicast ready IPv6 support Disadvantage Require return path Bandwidth 1.5Mbps(video) 512kbps(audio) Vic/rat encoder client Video & Audio 64kbps-128kbps 1.5M video 512k audio

11 RPT Power Point remote control tool Functions Advantage Disadvantage
Send and receive timing info via IRC Record timing info for archive Advantage Doesn’t need multicast Disadvantage Require IRC connection IRC network client client client client

12 polycom Polycom’s View station series Advantage Disadvantage Bandwidth
Built-in echo canceller All in one system Multipoint support(up to 4 site) Disadvantage Doesn’t support multicast Doesn’t support asymmetric link Bandwidth 64kpps-3Mbps For multipoint 512kbps is maximum 64k-512kbps

13 AV equipments for class room
Microphone Audio mixer Echo canceller DV camera Speaker etc

14 Standard AV layout for remote classrooms
Class room PA system or microphone (1) (9) (10) (11) Audio mixer (9) (7) (6) (10) (11) (1) (7) (6) Class room PA system or Speaker + power amp speaker Power amp (2) (3) Echo canceller Video camera (4) (5) (8) (2) (3) (4) (5) Vic/rat projector (8) Ver1.0 6/3 by Noriatsu Kudo

15 Audio mixer Control all of audio equipments Requirements
At least 2 mic input/2 Line input At least 2-bus Recommendation Behringer MX1604A Behringer UB1204FX-PRO

16 Echo Canceller(1) Acoustic echo ー ー internet Power Amplifier
                                                       Acoustic echo Power Amplifier Power Amplifier internet

17 Echo Canceller(2) Acoustic echo line echo ー internet Power Amplifier

18 Echo canceller(3) Acoustic echo canceller recommendation
Behringer DSP 1124p Feedback destroyer pro Polycom EF400 Polycom EF2280(line echo canceller)

19 Other equipments DV camera Microphone Speaker and power amp
8mm,VHS is OK Microphone Wireless or wired Speaker and power amp

20 Q&A Any questions?

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