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ENSTINET STARS Scientific & Technical ARchiving System.

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3 ENSTINET STARS Scientific & Technical ARchiving System

4 Historical Background 1994 launching the STARS Project. –Covering all the titles available at ENSTINET and Indexed on STEB (S & T Egyptian Bibliographic database). 1997 upgrading the infrastructure to speed up with the production line. –PDF –Network Scanners –Disk Storage –Web Enabled

5 STARS The Goals : *T*To maintain National Archives for S&T Literature. *T*To facilitate remote access to the Egyptian Periodicals through the WEB *T*To support Document Delivery Service. *T*To minimize storage space. *T*To enhance the idea of Digital Library. *T*To monitor the Publishing in S&T.

6 Coverage Topics: *B*BioMedical Sciences *A*Agriculture & Related Technologies *P*Pure Sciences *E*Engineering and Allied Operations

7 Coverage (cont.) Years 1986-2001

8 ENSTINET Collections: 201 Titles *5*52 % Medical Sciences *2*22 % Pure Science *1*17 % Agriculture *9*9 % Engineering

9 Total no. of Articles *M*Medicine : 47,375 *A*Agriculture : 20,700 *E*Engineering : 10,750 *P*Pure Science : 10,500

10 STARS Collection

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