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ADVERTISING NOTES. promotional message that appears at the top or side of a Web site BANNER AD.

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2 promotional message that appears at the top or side of a Web site BANNER AD

3 large outdoor advertising sign found along highways or on buildings BILLBOARD

4 person or group of people who buy products or services CONSUMER

5 the basic idea or theme that sponsors want to communicate to a target audience MESSAGE

6 promotional message in a magazine or newspaper; uses design, visuals, and text to appeal to a target audience PRINT AD

7 advertisement of a product or service through its use or placement in a TV show or film PRODUCT PLACEMENT

8 message that persuades the public to take a specific action or adopt a certain viewpoint toward an issue, an organization, or a cause PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT (PSA)

9 ad aired on radio; relies on music, sound effects, creative scripts, memorable voices, and effective language RADIO SPOT

10 short, memorable phrase used in advertisements; intended effect is for people to remember the slogan and associate it with the product, such as Nike’s “Just Do It.”® SLOGAN

11 company or individual that pays to advertise a product or message SPONSOR

12 specific group a sponsor hopes to persuade; members share characteristics such as age, gender, background, values, or buying habits TARGET AUDIENCE

13 short film promoting and previewing an upcoming movie or show; appears before feature movies in theaters and on TV; often uses fast-paced visuals, sounds, and special effects to make an impact EIgPeDCE EBI_L24&feature=related TRAILER (TEASER)

14 ad broadcast on TV; uses many techniques—special effects, music, dazzling visuals, and creative scripts—to create a memorable message; often more expensive than other ads; cost varies according to the time it is aired e-uHQna0 TV COMMERCIAL


16 Homework 1: Pg 4/PRINT AD For January 23rd, find a print ad (from a magazine) and complete the questions on page 4 of the Advertising Packet. You may use magazines from Mrs. Wagaman’s room or from your own magazine. Must be school appropriate. Can work on this activity on 1/20 after midterm. Turn in with ad stapled to the homework paper.

17 HOMEWORK # 2 DUE 1/23 – WATCH TV! Choose one TV show to watch. Yes, your homework is to watch TV!! If possible, record it, so you can pause and rewind it. (Or use a previously recorded tape in your house) Use the chart to log and analyze at least 5 ads during the show. Also, make note of any product placements you see in the actual show.

18 Bandwagon Suggests that everyone is using the product. thfeWWmgI

19 Celebrity Spokesperson Shows a popular celebrity promoting a product. e=endscreen&v=Xs1HyRTDnPQ

20 Emotional Appeals Taps into certain emotions, such as happiness, sadness, or excitement.

21 Glittering Generalities Uses vague words - such as patriotism and freedom - that bring to mind values people agree with; often provides little or no concrete evidence. ature=results_video&playnext=1&list=PLA60FA3BCCB 894EDF

22 Humor Makes the consumer laugh; often gives little information about the product. rI

23 Individuality Appeals to consumers’ desire to be different from everyone else; the opposite of the bandwagon appeal.

24 Loaded Words Uses words that have positive connotations, such as “tasty,” “fresh,” or “sensational.”

25 Repetition Uses specific words, images, or phrases that are stated or shown over and over again.

26 Snob Appeal Taps into people’s desire to be special or part of an elite group.

27 AGE






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