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AI3 Contact Server Takeshi Usui

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1 AI3 Contact Server Takeshi Usui

2 The Background AI3 network have many many operators. We want to know the operators information. We need Secure method to get the operators information and decide to use SSL(Secure Sockets Layer),and CA (Certificate Authentication)

3 SSL & CA Entity that is responsible for issuing and signing certificate Encryption on Layer 4 Trust third party PGP Web Trust The Famous methods for internet Security HTTPS(server authentication,client authentication) s/mime

4 AI3 CA We are authenticated by WIDE Root CA WIDE Project has published. We public a server certificate,and client certificate For using a client certificate,you can see the contact server

5 Operators Information Please tell me new operators information I use the SSL,and you cannot access the page without a client certificate.

6 Database format org: Keio SFC name: Your name office-phone: +81-XXX office-fax: +81-XXX mobile phone: +81-XXX email address: XXX msn-id: XXX yahoo-id: XXX address space: 202.249.24/24,202.249.25/24,202.249.26/25 list of domains and real names: (AI3)

7 Access the AI3 Contatct Server You need the client certificate AI3 publication Please see I wrote the details and methods You need the openssl

8 Anywaty,you may use the AI3 CA,and Please send the CSR to get the client certificate.

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