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On the TV were some funny bells. …that sounded like a bird chirping.

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1 On the TV were some funny bells

2 …that sounded like a bird chirping.

3 That silly bird was using a comb on its feathers

4 …when all of a sudden the comb got pulled away by a tow truck.

5 The tow truck, not looking where it was going, drove into a barrel.

6 And the barrel got rolled up into a giant wave.

7 Then the wave splashed into a soup pot.

8 Inside the soup pot was a telephone that kept ringing and ringing.

9 It was ringing for the weasel.

10 But the weasel couldnt hear it because he was all zipped up.

11 And do you know where he was zipped up? Why in an airliner.

12 The airliner flew too low and landed in a book.

13 But the book was caught just in time by a girl who reached up high and grabbed it.

14 It was hard for her to grab it because she was riding a tank.

15 And the tank had to stop promptly because there was a skunk in its path.

16 That skunk sure looked funny in that top hat.

17 But the top hat didnt stay long because a helicopter came by and blew it off.

18 Then the helicopter landed right inside a boot.

19 Then the boot walked all by itself to the city.

20 The city was a rather odd place because it got cloudy and rain inside the buildings instead of outside.

21 In fact, it even rained inside the cars.

22 But the car drivers didnt mind at all because they were dolphins.

23 Funny thing about the dolphins is that they all ate cheese.

24 And do you know where the cheese came from? Why it was dug up by an excavator.

25 Even more funny was that the excavator was run by a cow who had quite a time at it.

26 Because the cow wore a mask and it was hard to see.

27 But because the mask had a mind of its own, it blew up and landed in a ship.

28 The ship then sailed to the United States of America.

29 Guess what was walking over the United States? Why camels, thats what.

30 The camels just loved taking pictures with their camera.

31 But taking a photograph was hard because the camera was so small it couldnt be seen without a magnifying glass.

32 The magnifying glass however could only be used by a Rhino.

33 But the Rhino was off flying his plane.

34 But the plane flew rather oddly though because it was all covered with feathers.

35 And the feathers were held on by paper clips.

36 One of the paper clips fell off and landed in a bucket of paint.

37 The bucket of paint was accidentally step in by a polar bear who just happened along.

38 Then the polar bear walked off leaving the funniest footprints.

39 And those footprints ended up all over a house.

40 One of the silliest things about the house was that it had palm trees growing out of its roof.

41 Unfortunately, the palm trees slid off and landed in a coal car.

42 The coal car was travelling so fast, that it had to be stopped by a baseball glove.

43 The baseball glove didnt move at all, because there was an anchor holding it still.

44 Then somehow the anchor got loose, slipped off, and plopped into a birthday cake!

45 The cake looked so delicious, that a lobster came by and snatched it up.

46 But when the lobster found out what was in it, he wrote a letter to his friend.

47 The letter finally reached his friend: a unicorn.

48 The unicorn laughed so hard, that he jumped into his snowmobile.

49 And drove that snowmobile straight into the trailer of a huge truck.

50 The driver of the truck, just happened to be a kangaroo.

51 The kangaroo was sipping on a hot cup of tea, so didnt hear a thing.

52 But due to the ruckus, the hot cup fell, and hit his alarm clock.

53 The alarm clock started ringing, and woke up a nearby fish.

54 The fish was so startled by the loud noise, that he jumped straight on the back of running horse.

55 The horse couldnt see where he was going, because he forgot his glasses.

56 He left his glasses on a locomotive.

57 The engine of the locomotive was powered by electric beaters.

58 Which was cool because the electric beaters could also make bread.

59 The bread was baked on a campfire.

60 That made it smell like roast turkey.

61 The roast turkey was cooked to perfection inside a teapot.

62 The teapot was snatched up by a boy on a skateboard.

63 The boy skateboarded over some grapes.

64 The juice from the grapes squirted into some wine goblets.

65 A panda picked up the goblets and drank it all up.

66 The panda bear got up and left his giant footprints all over the mud.

67 The footprints were so large, you could see them from far away through a pair of binoculars.

68 To get the binoculars to work, you had to tap it gently with a gavel.

69 The gavel was difficult to use because it was locked up.

70 And do you know where it was locked up? Why in an oven.

71 The oven was on board a sailboat.

72 The sail boat got lost so it had to be tracked with a satellite dish.

73 The dish special because it was powered with corn.

74 The corn was specially grown by a hippopotamus.

75 Then one day the hippo lost his key.

76 The key was needed to start up the tractor.

77 So he used a coat hanger to start up the tractor instead.

78 The coat hanger belonged to a chicken.

79 The chicken had a big heart

80 That was full of music.

81 The music attracted a nearby horse.

82 Who carried a purse everywhere it went.

83 The purse got snatched up by a girl on a swing.

84 The girl saw the time on an hour glass and exclaimed, Im late!

85 She had a meeting with the orca whale.

86 Who was driving a jeep

87 Without the lamp on so he couldnt see.

88 Luckily the stars were shining so brightly

89 That the fell out of the sky and onto a Christmas tree.

90 That was decorated by a man on a horse.

91 Using a pair of scissors

92 To cut off a pear from the tree.

93 The pear picked up a pen

94 And wrote a letter to the peach.

95 The peach picked up a paintbrush

96 And started painting handprints all over the street.

97 A hawk saw the handprints

98 And swooped down on his ten-speed bike to look at them.

99 The bike ran over a sleeping ostrich

100 Who woke up hungry so he set the table and cooked a meal to eat.

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