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GEOSS AIP-2 Development Interim Design Review Portals & Application Clients Transverse WG Nadine Alameh

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1 GEOSS AIP-2 Development Interim Design Review Portals & Application Clients Transverse WG Nadine Alameh ( & Herve Caumont ( OGC IP Team Valencia December 2, 2008

2 GEO Web Site Client Tier Business Process Tier Access Tier GEOSS Registries Services Components Standards GEONETCast Other Services Product Access Services Model Access Services Community Portals Client Applications Requirements Community Catalogues Workflow Management Processing Severs Other Services GEOSS Clearinghouse Sensor Web Services Alerts/Feeds Servers CFP Architecture – Component Types GEO Web Portal GEO Web Portal GEO Web Portal Best Practices

3 Overview Two types of clients are emerging to support various communities of practice belonging to the 9 GEOSS SBAs –Portals: web-based community portals providing focused access (and value-added services) to community-related resources –Application clients: downloadable stand-alone clients providing access (and value-added services) to community-related resources

4 Overview Wide range or clients from response to CFP –GEO Portals: Compusult, ESRI, ESA/FAO –Reusable components: CNES jEOBrowser client (OpenLayers), ERDAS TITAN, NASA WorldWind –Community clients/portals: AIRNow, CIESIN Web Client, Disaster Response Community Portal, ESIP AQ Portal, GeOnAS portal, GeoPortal.Bund, MAIS/ISPRA web GIS portal, Mines Paris TechEnergy Portal, NASA World Wind, NOAA GOSIC Community Portal, NIDIS Drought Portal, NIMSAT Community and Education Outreach (CEO) portal, NOAA Archive Access Portal (SNAAP), SERVIR Data Portal, UN-SPIDER Knowledge Portal

5 More Portals & Clients! From AIP-1 ( –Mapufacture (Africa wild fire scenario) –SEDAC Map Client (Polar E&B scenario) –DataFed –Earth Observation Grid Processing on Demand –GEO-UA –GeoConnections Discovery Portal –Global Biodiversity Information Facility Data Portal –INSPIRE geo-portal –Incorporated Research Institutiions for Seismology Data Management Center –GI-go GeoBrowser –Information System and Data Center –International Directory Network: A Portal for Group on Earth Observations –U.S. Geospatial One-Stop Portal From ESIP Fed ( –Google Earth, Udig, GI-Go, gvSIG…

6 Overview –How can these clients best leverage and participate in the GEOSS Common Infrastructure ? –How shall these clients leverage and connect to the 3 GEO portals ? –What resources are available via GEOSS to support client development and avoid reinventing the wheel for each community ? –How can the GEOSS Common Infrastructure accommodate for the different community requirements (interoperability, semantics, workflows, etc) ? –How can we best capture the lessons learned and best practices from AIP-2 in this area to support future community portals and application clients ?

7 Portals & Application Clients WG Transverse WG in GEOSS AIP-2 convened to –Support the incorporation of contributed Portals & Application Clients consistent with the GEOSS Architecture… –Capture consensus (and expectations) on Portals & Application Clients definitions, requirements and resources Client Tier and relationship to Access and Business Process Tiers –Support the 4 Community WGs on their client development Feed requirements to Clearinghouse, Access and Workflow WGs Feed requirements/wish-lists to GEO Portals –Support the evolution/continuous development of GEO Portals in support of SBAs and communities of practice –Capture best practices, lessons learned and reusable components identified during the pilot Enable cross community WG exchange of info

8 Ongoing Activities Developing P&C use cases –Including close coordination with Clearinghouse & Access WGs on use cases Defining approach for capturing client best practices –Starting with a call for reusable client resources –Encouraging cross community WG exchange of information in this area Following up with Community WGs scenarios and client plans –Focusing on client requirements and use cases Coordination occurring via –Bi-weekly telecons (every other Wed- 3 telecons to-date) –Mailing list

9 Ongoing Activities - Use Cases - Update Discovery (currently being coordinated with CCRM) –Discovery, saving to, sharing of and loading of OGC Context Document –Discovery of components in clearinghouses (testing interoperability across clearinghouses & registries) –Discovery and display of CAP alerts –Semantic search support Authentication of users Referral from Geo Portal to community client Visualization of EO products Ordering of products (in coordination with Workflow WG)

10 Ongoing Activities - Reusable Components - Update Open call to pilot participants to submit reusable components that theyre either currently providing or using in their client development Current list includes –CSW client for ESRI ArcGIS users (CSW client) –NASA WorldWind JAVA code & Demos (open source 3D visualization platform) –ArcGIS Explorer 3D viewer (free 3D viewer) This list should be much longer. Where are the –Reusable portlets –Open source components –APIs –Mash-ups –…

11 Ongoing Activities – Community WG Plans – Update Air Quality –Planning community portal using Liferay based on ESIP Portal & NEISGEI Portal features –Require support for semantic search (thesaurus matching –Connection to GEO Portals via Liferay and portlets Renewable Energy –Considering building the client as a form of portlet (JSR-168; approach promoted in framework of European funded project MESoR. –Portlet pluggable into various portals supporting JSR-168 (supported by Compusult and ESA/FAO portals; Need to find if its also supported by the ESRI one)

12 Ongoing Activities – Community WG Plans – Update Disaster WG –Planning ongoing –Northrop Grumman Disaster portal currently in development phase –UN-SPIDER Knowledge Portal (part of the Caribbean flood scenario) Climate & Bio-Diversity WG –Hoping to use the Geo Portals as another referral service to their community portal –Community portal to be provided by GPIP

13 Next Steps Finalize use cases by working closing with other Transverse WGs Coordinate more closely with community WGs Populate reusable components page –Including documenting guidance on submitting portlets (for use by other portals including the 3 GEO Portals)

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