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Audio Workgroup Neuro-inspired Speech Recognition.

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Audio Workgroup Neuro-inspired Speech Recognition.

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1 Audio Workgroup Neuro-inspired Speech Recognition

2 Audio Workgroup Localization Effort Interaural Time Difference (ITD) Estimated from time difference between spikes of two matching channels. Interaural Intensity Difference (IID) Difference of spike counts between two cochleae. Azimuth: Combination of ITD and ILD

3 Audio Workgroup Localization Effort

4 Audio Workgroup Relational Network (Simple) X Y Z M M X M Y M Z m Patches of neurons Each measure one quantity Bidirectional relations for feedback/feedforward

5 Audio Workgroup Relational Network (example) Input here Relation specification Relational feedback Relation Feedback

6 Audio Workgroup ASR Relational Network Cochlea Delay Phone Recogniz er Word Recogniz er A patch of neurons (one of N output) We dont know how to represent time

7 Audio Workgroup ASR Advantages Not an HMM Top-Down, Bottom-Up Hypothesis Hallucinate

8 Audio Workgroup Silicon Cochlea Ganglion cells Basilar membrane high frequency low frequency Inner hair cells (van Schaik, Liu, 2004) BASILAR MEMBRANE INNER HAIR CELLS GANGLION CELLS

9 Audio Workgroup Silicon Cochlea Tone raster plots Vowel Rate Profiles

10 Audio Workgroup Learning Chip Architecture Tone Rasters? Vowel Rasters Learning Algorithm Alternative Learning Statistics LeastSquares

11 Audio Workgroup LSM Recognizer

12 Audio Workgroup Infrastruture Difficulties Remapper Replace with Matlab Power ? Sharing chips? PC replacement

13 Audio Workgroup FPAA/Mote

14 Word Recognizer Four example raster plot (silence, A_, A_ with relational, AI)

15 Audio Workgroup Software Simulation

16 Audio Workgroup Behind the Curtain

17 Audio Workgroup Hardware Overview Cochlea Remapper (in Matlab) Learning Giacomo Phoneme Word skype PCI- AER (for remappi ng)

18 Audio Workgroup

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