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Team and Program Sustainability. Why Recruitment? Minimum of people per team More Human Resources = More significance presence on campus = More possibilities.

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1 Team and Program Sustainability



4 Why Recruitment? Minimum of people per team More Human Resources = More significance presence on campus = More possibilities Better retention rate

5 Recruiting Tips Recruit a diverse group of members Recruiting is an on-going process! Recruit younger members who can stay around for a few years Get started on projects as soon as possible and recruit new members as you progress throughout the year!

6 How to Recruit? Promotional stands/booths on campus In-class announcements Fun marketing activities University Marketing/bulletin board Internet and social media Make use of existing resources on

7 Team Organization Teams have freedom to organize how they want All teams should have a Team Leader/President Make sure the organizational chart is clear to everyone in the team Keep it simple


9 Team Succession Planning Start early with transition – at least before National Competition Work closely with your Faculty advisor Organize a selection process for leadership team Have interviews with candidates Open up the leadership roles for those students who have been part of the team for at least 1 year Create a shadowing / mentorship program for members who would like to be in a leadership role.

10 Succession Plan Yearly notebook per position/project Project notebook or online storage of data Team transition weekend/day Update your website / online space

11 Strategic Planning Think about organizing a team building activity in beginning of the academic year Hold at least one strategic planning session a year to discuss: projects you will continue projects you will discontinue team growth goals and objectives team organization; meetings, socials etc fundraising and budget needs

12 Faculty Advisor Faculty Advisor serves as a mentor/coach to your team Key to the success of the team Use your Faculty Advisor to link your team to the Institution

13 Institutional Support Build a personal relationship with your Dean or Department Chair Sell him/her on the importance of Enactus in the experience of a student Invite him/her to join your Business Advisory Board

14 Institutional Support Develop a pitch to convince your institution’s administrators to support your team –What can your Enactus team do for the institution and administration? –Pitch your SIFE team as a solution to a problem –What is in it for the administrators? –Identify current or future Enactus activities that parallel the administration’s objectives.

15 Institutional Support Having a pitch about your team is important: To ensure you have a clear message As a sales tool When you network with others –You may only have one shot to explain ‘what is Enactus?’ –It helps to attract people’s interest to learn more details about your program –It helps to position your team as a professional organization when your message is consistent

16 Developing a Pitch Elements of a good pitch: A "hook" or opening statement: –Open your pitch by grabbing attention with a "hook." A hook is a statement or question that arouses interest About 150-225 words: –Your pitch should be no longer than 1 minute

17 Developing a Pitch Passion: –The more energy and enthusiasm you are able to transmit, the better your message will come across A request : –At the end of your pitch, ask for something concrete. Do you want their business card, to schedule a full presentation, to ask for financial support?

18 Developing a Pitch Adapt / tweak your pitch for different audiences: Institutional administrators Potential sponsors Potential new students Potential partner organizations

19 Communicating your Pitch Make sure your pitch is: Clear Short Persuasive Concrete, not general Not a performance, but a story

20 Activity Develop a short, 1 minute ‘elevator’ pitch to convince your university administrators to support your team.

21 Functions of a Business Advisory Board (BAB) Provide team guidance and experience Personal mentorship to students Offer great ‘business’ advice on projects Provide access to needed resources/facilities Criticize presentations before competition

22 Benefits of a BAB Project advice and support Networking Presentation feedback Fundraising guidance and help Team succession planning

23 Creating a BAB Involve: -Local business leaders -Regional representatives from national sponsor companies (liaise with Enactus Office) -Enactus alumni -Your institution’s administrators

24 Managing a BAB Keep BAB engaged throughout the year Meet at least twice a year with your BAB Limit membership to a maximum of 12 people Make BAB meetings meaningful for the members Have a BAB coordinator on your leadership team)

25 Tips for Success Ask your BAB members for a bio/picture to put on your website Put out an annual survey to your BAB rate your overall performance as a team Ensure that the SIFE National Office knows who serves on your BAB

26 Alumni Engagement Alumni are a key resource for your team Make sure you keep track of your alumni Engage your alumni through: –Your BAB –Mentorship programs –Sponsorship opportunities

27 Funding How much money do you really need? Asking for money –Corporate businesses –Local businesses – Branding Writing for Money –Grants –Institution’s Alumni association

28 Creative Fundraising Entrepreneurial Activities: Create a small task force which would focus on fundraising for your team’s efforts Sell team merchandise on campus Sell your products on campus/online! Organize events – parties/band nights/speakers

29 Fundraising Examples Enactus Lancaster, UK – Jailbreak Enactus Battle of the Bands Enactus Ithaca, USA – Photo Business

30 Activity You are looking for 750 Euro for your one of your projects, come up with a creative idea to get this money in within a month! Prepare a one minute pitch to present your idea

31 Publicizing Efforts to the Media Talk to your institution’s public relations office Send out regular press releases Create a map with press clippings and an overview of our activities Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy

32 Social Media Add a blog to your website Setting up a page on Facebook Video-sharing (such as YouTube or Vimeo) Assign one of your team members to update news on Twitter Connect with community and business leaders through LinkedIn

33 Social Media

34 Questions?

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