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By the PowerPuff Girls Self Esteem Love Yourself Today.

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1 By the PowerPuff Girls Self Esteem Love Yourself Today

2 What is beauty? * Media’s definition of beauty: skinny, flawless skin, curves, and perfect features * The reality is, nobody can fit to all these standards * Real beauty doesn’t depend on what you are, how you look, or how big or small you may be; real beauty is within.

3 Media’s Effect on YOU! * Because of media’s standards, over 53% of teens are unhappy with their bodies. * This affects the way we view others as well as ourselves. * Media can drive some teenagers to develop eating disorders.

4 Eating Disorders: serious behavior problems in which a person feels as though they need to under or over feed themselves to achieve physical perfection. Have highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Usually developed during adolescence or early adulthood. Includes Anorexia, Bulimia nervosa and Binge-eating. Anorexia is the 3 rd most common cronic illness amongst adolescence.

5 * Many Males are self- conscious about their chest size and stomachs * Tend to over exercise and work themselves in hopes of gaining the six pack perfect body advertised by the media * Many males resort to drugs such as steroids to achieve physical “perfection” * Also feel self-conscious about intelligence

6 * Dramatic weight loss * Obsessed with their weight or body image * Isolation (from others) * Wearing big or baggy clothing * Frequent trips to bathroom * Vague or secretive eating habits. * Dizziness and headaches. * Hiding food in strange places


8 * Are generalizations people make about the characteristics of all the member of a group based on image. * Arise during conflicts; one side develops negative assumptions about the other side * race, religion, gender, culture, appearance, sexuality, etc.

9 * Racism and discrimination have caused many wars and violence * Although some stereotypes are meant as compliments, it can still offend a person of that group. * Sexuality is a person’s sexual preference. It does not define a person. Stereotypes/Racism/Discrimination/ Sexuality Continued…..

10 A South Park Stereotype!!!!! NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!! * Television, books, comic strips, and movies promote stereotypes.

11 Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, But Stereotypes Hurt Too… * People preform poorly in situations where they feel stereotyped. - This could be in school, on a sports team, or at work. * Being targeted by stereotypes and prejudice affects self control. * People are more likely to be aggressive after they’ve faced prejudice in a given situation. * Stereotypes make people feel less worthy than they are.

12 Linden’s Statistics  When 6 th -8 th grade students were asked “What negatively affects your self-esteem the most?” -38.4% answered “media” -39.4% answered “peers” -22.2% answered “themselves”  When 6 th -8 th graders were asked “What are you most self conscious about?” -53.6% answered weight/physical appearance -38.1% answered intelligence -5.2% answered religion -3.1% answered race

13 Building Self-Esteem * Make a list: - 5 strengths - 5 things you admire about yourself - 20 things you have accomplished, big or small - 10 inexpensive, simple things you can reward yourself with * Recognize and accept the differences you have. * Repeat positive statements to yourself (ex: I am a good person, many people like me, I feel good about myself, etc.)

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