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Louis XIII, Louis XIV, & Louis XV

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1 Louis XIII, Louis XIV, & Louis XV

2 Louis XIII Henry IV assassinated in 1610, son, Louis (XIII) took the throne at age 8 Mother, Marie de Medici (intense Italian Catholic), and Cardinal Richelieu were regents Marie and Richelieu disagreed on many things, leading to brief civil wars, power struggles, and Marie's eventual exile. Richelieu was pro-Catholic and very pro-France

3 Louis XIV Became king at age 5, mother (Anne of Austria) and Cardinal Mazarin were regents Dealt with rebellious nobles in the frondes 1652—Louis (and Mazarin) put down the frondes 1661—Mazarin died, Louis took over in reality Beginning of the Sun King

4 Versailles Designed to show Louis’ greatness; the king was the heart of France Elaborate decoration (Hall of Mirrors) and gardens (fountains, statues) Became the center of court life (no longer Paris) Louis made the nobles come to Versailles and instituted elaborate court rituals

5 Absolutist Policy Agenda mostly included making war and peace, the regulation of religion, and the oversight of economic activity New nobility of lawyers and administrators—owed their titles to Louis, not family lineage Lettre de cachet—could send anyone to prison for any reason, without trial 1st and 2nd estates did not pay taxes, led to tax riots often conferred with councils and the regional judicial bodies called the parlements Famine; freezing winter 1709

6 Louis XIV and Religion Repression of Jansenists
1685—revoked the Edict of Nantes Protestant pastors had 15 days to leave the country; many Huguenots left in response—economic loss for France “One King, one law, one faith.” Why did Louis XIV oppose religious toleration? What connection did he make between religious unity and political unity?

7 Louis XV Grandson to XIV (age 5 at ascension in 1715)
Had regents until 1726 Seen as lazy and frivolous Spent $ on court life and wars, increased the national debt Mississippi Bubble disaster—currency doubted Attempts at tax reform were squashed by nobles (who hadn’t been paying taxes for a long time, and had become generally lulled by the court of Louis XIV) Renewed the authority of the parlements…mistake??

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