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Zhongxing Ming Dan Li Chumei Xia Mingwei Xu 2014-2-5 1 Tsinghua University.

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1 Zhongxing Ming Dan Li Chumei Xia Mingwei Xu 2014-2-5 1 Tsinghua University

2 2014-2-5Tsinghua University 2

3 Contents matter more Web caching Multicast, video conferencing Subscription/publication services Security and privacy Addresses matter less Limited in supply. Some are non-reachable, e.g., private v4, or isolated v6. More and more are moving. Quite a few proposals to make network content centric rather than location centric. 2014-2-5Tsinghua University 3

4 2014-2-5Tsinghua University 4 Youku YouTube SIONA router P = S = Video Streaming I = Harry Potter IP: IP: S = Video Streaming I = Harry Potter

5 2014-2-5Tsinghua University 5 P: IP address S: Service I: Information O: Offset L: Length F: flag P(IP) : S(Service) : I(Information)O(Offset), L(Length), F(Flag) Data Name Attributes

6 2014-2-5Tsinghua University 6 5. Request(P, S, I) 1. Register(P, S, I) 2. Disseminate route 3. Request(P, S, I) 4. Request(P, S, I) 4. Request(P, N) 5. Request(P, S, I) 7. Data 9. Data 8. Cache data 10. Cache data 11. Data 12. Request(P, S, I) 13. Data Server Client 12. Request(P, S, I)

7 2014-2-5Tsinghua University 7 RT: Registration Table DS: Data Store FIB: Forwarding Information Base RIT: Request Interface Table

8 2014-2-5Tsinghua University 8

9 2014-2-5 9 YouTube PC Harry Potter 1~20min 21~50min 51~70min 71~90min 91~120min

10 2014-2-5Tsinghua University 10 Cell A Cell B Internet Cell A Cell B Internet Mobile IP SIONA BS ABS B BS A BS B

11 ID/Locator split mechanisms try to solve this problem, but they all introduce new indirection, or require some form of rendezvous points to keep reachability. SIONA provides multihoming functionality without path indirection, nor any rendezvous point. Nodes just issue register and request packets using whatever interface they like, and the routing and forwarding mechanism of the network ensures the packets to reach the right destination. 2014-2-5Tsinghua University 11

12 2014-2-5Tsinghua University 12

13 2014-2-5Tsinghua University 13 Simulation Topology Base_ttl = 10 Base_ttl = 30

14 2014-2-5Tsinghua University 14 server 1 server 2client 2 client 1 Router 1 Router 2 Zipf distribution Simulation Duration # of cache hit

15 SIONA is built on name-based content routing paradigm as is advocated in CCN/NDN. We differ from CCN/NDN in several ways: SIONA closely keeps the ties to IP. more like a complementary function of todays IP network multi-source multicast and network layer P2P SIONA differs from DONA in the way that is a tree based architecture, while SIONA is not. SIONA also has different name resolution scheme and routing mechanism. SIONA gives particular focus on services except for information. 2014-2-5Tsinghua University 15

16 Content Centric Network is an exciting area in future Internet research activities. SIONA provides a promising candidate for ICN Scalable name-based data delivery Inherent support for mobility and multihoming Compatible with IP Multi-source multicast Network layer P2P Coordinate caching mechanism Working in progress 2014-2-5Tsinghua University 16

17 Thank you 2014-2-5Tsinghua University 17

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