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Constructing a Plant Lab Power Point for Pre-lab

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1 Constructing a Plant Lab Power Point for Pre-lab
What is the function of a root, stem, and leaf in a plant? How are roots, stems, and leaves adapted for the plant’s environment?

2 Roots: Function A. Anchor plant in soil B. Absorb water and minerals
C. Store carbohydrates or water Examples of storage roots: Carrots, turnips, and sweet potatoes.

3 Roots: Types of Roots Taproot: The primary root becomes the largest root. What is the advantage of having a tap root? Fibrous Root: The primary root develops into numerous small roots and branches out. What is the advantage of having a fibrous root?

4 Roots: Types of Roots Continued
Adventitious Roots - specialized roots that grow from stems and leaves. Ex: prop roots of corn What is the advantage of having adventitious roots?

5 Stem: Function A. Transportation – transport water and nutrients.
Xylem - transports water and nutrients from roots to leaves (upwards) Phloem - conducts products of photosynthesis throughout the plant B. Storage – store water and nutrients C. Support – leaves

6 Stems: Xylem & Phloem

7 Leaves: Function Photosynthesis:
Leaves use light energy, carbon dioxide and water to make carbohydrates. B. Gas & Water Exchange: Plants have stomata that open or close for gas and water exchange with the environment. Stomata

8 Leaves: Adaptations Simple Leaf Thick Cuticle Pine Needles
Compound Leaf Thin Cuticle

9 Diversity of Plants How will you Design your Plant? What role does
the environment have on plant adaptations?

10 Medicinal Uses Of Plants
Treatment for heart attack and stroke Soothes an uneasy stomach Treats acne, psoriasis and can be used as a diuretic. Also tasty in salads! Provides salicylic acid used to make aspirin Lowers cholesterol, reduces blood clots, improves the immune system and may prevent cancer Used by Native Americans to fight asthma and hepatitis Soothes blisters and sunburn Used to treat urinary tract infections, diarrhea and arthritis, and can be used as sun block. Great for motion sickness Treats cough and chest congestion Ginger Willow bark Peppermint Aspen bark Cayenne pepper Cedar tree Aloe Dandelion Oregano Garlic

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