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By: Julie, Hillary, Tommy, Nikko and Bryce

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1 By: Julie, Hillary, Tommy, Nikko and Bryce
Buddhism By: Julie, Hillary, Tommy, Nikko and Bryce

2 Beliefs The Buddha is our only Master
We take refuge in the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha We do not believe that this world is created and ruled by God Following the example of the Buddha, we consider that the purpose of life is to develop compassion for all living begins without discrimination and to work for their good, happiness, and peace; and to develop wisdom leading to the realization of Ultimate Truth We accept the Four Noble Truths We understand, according to the teaching of the Buddha, that all conditioned things are impermanent and that all conditioned and unconditioned things are without self. We accept the Thirty-seven Qualities conductive to Enlightenment as different aspects of the Path taught by the Buddha leading to Enlightenment.

3 Beliefs Cont. 8. There are three ways of attaining bodhi or Enlightenment, according to the ability and capacity of each individual: namely as a disciple. We accept it as the highest, noblest, and most heroic to follow the career of a Bodhisattva and to be able to save others. 9. We admit that in different countries there are differences with regard to the life of Buddhist monks, popular Buddhist beliefs and practices, rites and ceremonies, customs and habits. These external forms and expressions should not be confused with the essential teachings of the Buddha. 10. The Precepts guide life and are to be partaken to the wise.

4 Forms the foundation of belief for all branches of Buddhism
The Four Noble Truths Forms the foundation of belief for all branches of Buddhism All of life is marked by suffering Suffering caused by desire and attachment Suffering can be stopped The way to end suffering is to follow the Noble Eightfold Path

5 The Noble Eightfold Path
You can permanently escape suffering by following the eightfold path “Right” means “true” or “correct” Right knowledge Right intention Right speech Right action Right livelihood Right effort Right mindfulness Right concentration

6 The Precepts I undertake to observe the precept to abstain from ...
...harming living beings. ...taking things not freely given. ...sexual misconduct. ...false speech. ...intoxicating drinks and drugs causing heedlessness. ...taking untimely meals. ...dancing, singing, music and watching grotesque mime. ...use of garlands, perfumes and personal adornment. ...use of high seats. ...accepting gold or silver.

7 Meditation Mindfulness with breathing Full concentration
To penetrate the true nature of phenomena and to reach Enlightenment Meditation on the parts of the body will results in a lessening of attachment to our own bodies and those of others; a reduction of sensual desires occurs Loving Kindness

8 Reincarnation The taking on of a new body in the next life
This is not like the traditional Indian understanding—it is compared to the lighting of successive candles using the flame of the preceding candle. “Although each flame is casually connected to the one that came before it, it is not the same flame.” Reincarnation is referred to as “transmigration”

9 Nirvana-”to extinguish” -the way a fire goes out when it runs out of fuel
State of final liberation from the cycle of reincarnation End of suffering Enlightenment is only understood by the Enlightened. “it is recognized that there is nothing but what is seen of the mind itself; where, recognizing the nature of the self-mind, one no longer cherishes the dualisms of discrimination; where there is no more thirst nor grasping; where there is no more attachment to external things” Buddha “Incomprehensible, indescribable, inconceivable, unutterable”

10 Mahayana Buddhism The earliest mention of "Mahayana" occurs in the Lotus Sutra between the first century BCE and the first century CE. Originated in India Buddhism practiced in China, Korea, Tibet, and Japan is Mahayana Buddhism Loosely bound bundle of many teachings Mahayana is a vast religious and philosophical structure

11 Mahayana Buddhism Enlightenment
“The Greater Vehicle” Opened the way of Enlightenment to more people because even people with secular careers could obtain Enlightenment A faster route to obtain Enlightenment Could obtain in one lifetime

12 Theravada Buddhism “The Teaching of the Elders", or “The Ancient Teaching“ The oldest surviving Buddhist school Theravada Buddhists number over 100 million worldwide Insight must come from the aspirant's experience, critical investigation, and reasoning instead of by blind faith In Theravada, the cause of human existence and suffering is identified as the craving anger, ill will, aversion, greed, jealousy, conceit, hatred, fear, sensual desire, obsession, passion, irritation, distraction, vengeance, depression, anxiety, clinging to the body Theravadins believe that every individual is personally responsible for their own self-realization and liberation

13 The Beauty of Life The Greatest… achievement is selflessness.
worth is self-mastery. quality is seeking to serve others. precept is continual awareness. medicine is the emptiness of everything. action is not conforming with the worlds ways. magic is transmuting the passions. generosity is non-attachment. goodness is a peaceful mind. patience is humility. effort is not concerned with results. meditation is a mind that lets go. wisdom is seeing through appearances.

14 Dalai Lama Tibetan Buddhists hold the Dalai Lama to be one of many incarnations of the bodhisattva of compassion Between the 17th century and 1959, the Dalai Lama was the head of the Tibetan Government Often referred to as “His Holiness”

15 The Current Dalai Lama Was recognized at the age of two as the reincarnation the Dalai Lama Lhamo Lhatso at Chokhorgyal Sacred Lake visions of the future could be seen Ah, Ka, and Ma, followed by a picture of a monastery with roofs of jade green and gold, and a house with turquoise tiles Sent out to find this Basically, found the house, went in, found the boy and the boy and recognized the rosary belonging to the 13th Dahlia Lama and the Regent found the new reincarnation

16 The Current Dalai Lama cont.
Ah could stand for Amdo, the name of the province; Ka for Kumbum, one of the largest monasteries in the neighbourhood; Ka and Ma for the monastery of Karma Rolpai Dorje on the mountain above the village In 1940 the 14th Dalai Lama was enthroned

17 Interesting Fact The truth behind the hands

18 Celebrities Richard Gere Adam Yauch Tina Turner Phil Jackson
Actor Runaway Bride Jackal Adam Yauch Beastie Boys Tina Turner Singer Phil Jackson Chicago Bulls Coach Seymour Lachman CNYU Professor Co-author of “One Nation Under God”

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20 A little something to make you laugh ;)

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