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By Erin LeCount. Africa is the second largest continent in the world. (Asia is the largest.) Africa is three times the size of the continental United.

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1 By Erin LeCount

2 Africa is the second largest continent in the world. (Asia is the largest.) Africa is three times the size of the continental United States. Measuring north to south, Africa is 5,200 miles long! At its widest point, Africa is nearly as wide as it is long. Rivers: Africa has five huge river systems. The big three, in order of size, are the Nile, the Congo, and the Niger. If you wanted to visit Africa by boat, you would have to hunt for a safe place to land. Without a safe harbor, powerful ocean current would slam your boat into the rocks along the coastline. The Atlantic Ocean borders Africa to the west, the Indian Ocean borders Africa to the east, and the Mediterranean borders Africa to the north. The Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet to border Africa to the south. Africa is nearly surrounded by water. It is 9513km from London to Durban and it takes 13hrs 30 mins by plane.

3 Many different people make up their own South Africa, each with their own language and history.The country has 11 official languages an many more unofficial ones. This colourful mix of cultures gives South Africa its nickname, Rainbow Nation. Here is an Ethiopic Script-This is an African Writing system designed to represent meaningful and graphic representation of knowledge. This is some South African Currency. It is called Rand. Today the rate is £1 = R12.74

4 Seven of the top 10 poorest countries are in Africa. So yes, Africa is a poor country Is Africa a poor continent? Some countries in South Africa are two hours ahead of England What is the time Difference between Africa and England?

5 Natural disasters There's not been enough rain in Africa for the past three years. And this is causing massive shortages of food. When it does rain, it can cause floods that also destroy crops. And some countries also suffer tornadoes, hailstorms and even frost. The devastating effects of these extreme weather conditions are called natural disasters. What's to blame? Most scientists say they're actually the result of manmade climate change. They blame pollution from cars and factories for what they call global warming - a rise in temperature of the Earth's atmosphere. Africa now produces eight times more carbon dioxide - the main global warming gas - than it did 50 years ago. But the rest of the world is still responsible for 97% of it.

6 A A R R G G H H!!... London Rain Fall South African Rain Fall I face Doom!

7 The population of South Africa is 47,400,000. South Africans are passionate about music Often using singing and dance to express Social ideas. They are also known worldwide For their skill in sports e.g rugby, cricket, golf and soccer. In 2010, South Africa becomes The first african nation to host the world cup. School: Children ages 7 through 15 are required to attend school. Parents must pay fees for their children to attend school, even public schools. All students wear uniforms. Schools in South Africa are packed with kids. In fact, some schools have two or three sessions to accommodate all the kids. South Africans of all ages play mankala, one of the oldest games in the world. It is a counting game played with a board, usually two rowsof up to 12 cups, and seeds or stones. Family: South Africa has a large black and a smaller white population. Many of the blacks live in rural areas. Most black South Africans live in extended families, either within the same home or in separate homes clustered close together. Women usually have traditional roles. Most of the country’s white population lives in cities. The school day at Mengo Senior School is very long. It starts at 7:30 a.m. but doesn't end until 5:30 p.m.! The end of May to August, and another from September to the beginning of December. Phew! We are very dedicated students, and have three terms: one from February, to May, one from take our studies seriously, that is how we made it all the way to senior level. Not that many Ugandan students stay in school as long as us. We are happy to be here.

8 Animal 1: Giraffe Animal 2: Lion Habitat: A giraffe's habitat is usually found in African savannas, grasslands or open woodlands. Height: Giraffe's usual height is 16- 20ft tall. Weight: The giraffe's average weight is 1,600kg!! (3,500 Ib) Fun Fact Fun Fact: Giraffe's sleep standing up!!! Habitat: They are found in the Sahara Desert and in parts Of the Southern and Eastern Africa. Nice grassy places. Height: A male Lion's average height is 4 feet to the shoulder. Weight: The lions usual height is 250kg (550 Ib) Fun Fact: A male's roar can carry up to 5 miles Animal 3: Zebra Habitat: Zebra prefers to live in open grassland areas and woodlands where there is sufficient Vegetation. Height: Zebra's average Height is 2m and 20cm Weight: Average weight Is 225-420kg Fun Fact: Zebra's are the Only big mammal in black And white stripes

9 No vaccinations are required by law to enter South Africa. If you are traveling from a country where Yellow Fever is present you will need to prove you have had the inoculation by presenting a valid international yellow fever inoculation certificate. Both Typhoid and Hepatitis A vaccinations are highly recommended. Get up to date with your measles vaccine too, there have been recent outbreaks in Cape Town and a few other areas in the country. You can drink the tap water throughout the country (it's safe even if it looks a little brown coming out of the tap in some areas). Most of the main tourist destinations in South Africa are malaria free, making South Africa a particularly good destination to travel to with kids.

10 There are 10 main attractions in South Africa. These are : (1)Cape Town and the Cape Pennsula (2)The Winelands (3)The Famous Garden Route (4)Johannesburg (5)Kruger National Park (6)Durban Beachfront (7)Robben Island (8)Soweto (9)Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve (10)Wild Coast A flight to S.Africa costs around £600.

11 There are 7 Continents in the world, these are Asia, Africa, North America, South America,Antartica, Europe and Australia. There are 4 major oceans, these are Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean And the Indian Ocean. South Africa is part of the African Continent! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING MY PRESENTATION, I HOPE YOU LEARNT ALOT!!!!

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