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Focus: Welcoming you back; revisiting the past and looking ahead to the future My winter break and yours A glimpse of your future in A.P. Literature Battling.

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1 Focus: Welcoming you back; revisiting the past and looking ahead to the future My winter break and yours A glimpse of your future in A.P. Literature Battling out the answers to the multiple choice questions on your final exam HW: Start reading Metamorphosis; purchase books if youd like your own copies (especially Metamorphosis).

2 MetamorphosisKafka The StrangerCamus BelovedMorrison Slaughterhouse-FiveVonnegut Waiting for GodotBeckett Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are DeadStoppard Modern book of your choice (must be a work of fiction, not a memoir, and it must have been published within last five yearsnothing older than 2005).

3 You only have three big writings this semester, and only one of those is a formal literary essay: Critical Review Creative Poetry Project Culminating Essay (involves your big question)

4 Skim back through the passages and identify the type of each passage as closely as you can. Ex: 17 th century sonnet, or modern essay Identify which one was the easiest for you, and which one was the hardest.

5 Focus: Figuring out how to pick the right answer During announcements: A Pop Quiz pop Quiz pop quiz Pop quiz (just give it your best effort and finish as much as you can by the end of announcements) Augmenting your vocabularies through the fun and intellectual stimulation that is…pictionary! Finish strategizing how to answer multiple choice ?s Tomorrow: Frost/Dickinson timed writings HW: Start reading Metamorphosis (finish by Monday); think about what book youd like to read for your critical review.

6 The class will be divided into two teams. Each artist will get one minute at a time to get his or her team to guess the definitions of the words assigned. Each correct definition guessed will earn that team one point. Artists may use symbols, but they may not use words, make sounds, use the technique of sounds like… The winning team will receive a warm plate full of homemade cookies at some point this week.


8 Focus: How to become an even better timed writer During announcements: An actual pop quiz, but you only need to half of them right in order to pass. Dickinson vs. Frost: Dont get left in the dark! TIGHT points of comparison Look over sample essays on Dickinson and Frost and get yours back Norming your grading with sample essays on the prose passage; fast circle assessments of your essays HW: Read Metamorphosis by Monday; make a decision about your critical review book and email me the title, author, and year of publication.

9 We vs. I (point of view)

10 Focus: Assessing your final two timed essays During announcements: Look back to yesterdays samples; write one sentence of defense for each grade you assigned Is it a 1? Is it a 6? Sharing your grading from yesterday on The Street and circle grading your essays on The Street Quick norming with the open prompt and circle grading of your open prompt essays Calculating your actual score, if time… HW: Read Metamorphosis in all its glory and create a reading ticket that addresses the first third of the book; email me the title, author, and year of publication of your critical review book if you have not yet done so.

11 Focus: Questioning Kafkas The Metamorphosis During announcements: Figure out your 2 timed writing grades by calculating the average score on each. Ex: If your graders gave you a 4, 5, and 6 on your second timed writing, your grade would be a 5. What did you get on your midterm? Calculating your A.P. score and setting goals for yourself Unleashing the monster of Kafkas Metamorphosis: Small group Q & A HW: If you havent emailed me your reading proposal yet (author, title, and year of publication), please do so tonight; look over your vocabulary before you go to bed; see website calendar for discussion schedule of The Metamorphosis.

12 If you get 20% of the MC questions right, you need to get 6s and 7s on the essays to get a 3, and 8s and 9s to get a 4. A 5 is not feasible. If you get 30% of the MC questions right, you need 5s and 6s to get a 3, 7s and 8s to get a 4, and all 9s to get a 5.

13 With your group, please discuss the first 3 rd of Metamorphosis. Here are a few guidelines: Share and discuss your reading tickets. As a group, create five good discussion questions and write each one on a separate card. Try to include at least three passage-based questions, and include the passage on the card. When you finish your questions, place them in the bin of knowledge and take out two new ones. When you finish discussing your two questions, exchange them for two new ones. The quantity of notes you take is up to you, but you should be jotting down ideas and questions to share with the class (and to keep for yourself).

14 Focus: A more structured look at Metamorphosis; overview of the critical review During announcements: Vocab. fun! Reading ticket quickwrites and give-aways! Whats a critical review? Samples of style, structure, and substance HW: Create reading ticket for second half of Metamorphosis based on one of todays statements.

15 Focus: Turning your Kafka questions into Kafka responses During announcements: Vocab. pop quiz #3 Warm-up: Gallery walk of reading tickets Whats bugging you about The Metamorphosis? Exterminating your Kafka issues, fishbowl-style HW: Read your critical review book; start your final reading ticket for Friday. For that final reading ticket, use Galenet to find an article on The Metamorphosis; print it and read it, then type a half-page to a page summary and opinion of it.

16 Why doesnt anyone question his transformation? What is the metamorphosis other than physical? Is the metamorphosis exemplifying Gregor or his family? What is the significance of Grete in the story? Why does she leave? What is the central conflict?

17 Focus: Analyzing The Metamorphosis During announcements: What happened to Ms. Leclaire? Character dance-off Socratic seminar: The Metamorphosis Goal #1: 100% participation Goal #2: Share ideas from your articles HW: Incorporate The Metamorphosis into your big question blog/wiki; read your critical review book; poetry response due next week.

18 1 st step: Get into character by brainstorming everything you know about the character on your card. 2 nd step: Think about how this character would act, say, move, etc. 3 rd step: As the music plays, wander/dance around the room. When it stops, grab a partner. 4 th step: I will post a question on the overhead, and you must discuss it with your dance partner for 2 minutes IN CHARACTER.







25 Focus: Seeing Kafkas bigger picture During announcements: Hows your memory? Vocab. list 1, revisited Snack time! Remember your initial Metamorphosis questions? How well can you answer them now? Tuesday Writing #1: Open prompt HW: Bring Metamorphosis to turn in tomorrow; read your critical review book.

26 Focus: Sharing final thoughts on The Metamorphosis and exploring background to The Stranger During announcements: Quietly enjoy a cookie bar from Ms. Leclaire What killed Gregor? An MMM approach Pre-reading questions for The Stranger Distribute copies of The Stranger HW: Read through Ch. 4 of The Stranger for Friday, using one of todays questions as the basis for your reading ticket; poetry response.

27 Focus: Addressing our social cravings During announcements: Quietly respond to the quick survey on the overhead. Is a cockroach sometimes just a cockroach? Discussing The Meaning of No Meaning Prereading questions for The Stranger: Brainstorming and discussion HW: Read through Ch. 3 of The Stranger for tomorrow, using one of todays questions as the basis for your reading ticket; poetry response.

28 Do you think that analyzing a text detracts from the texts beauty and/or power? AbsolutelyKind ofNot at all Do you think that a piece of literature must have a deeper significance in order to be worthy of reading? AbsolutelyKind ofNot at all Please explain your two responses.

29 How is conformity encouraged, even mandated, in our society? What are the consequences of being non- conformist?

30 How is lying a part of being social? What are socially acceptable lies? Which is more expensivethe truth or the lie?

31 What matters? According to whom? Why?

32 Which is an ethically-correct choice given a life and death situation? Explain.

33 When does the socially marginal become criminal? Explain. Is this right?

34 Focus: Addressing literary distortion and reality Any last poetry responses out there? Discussion of The Stranger, Chs. 1-3 Writing Workshop: Tuesday writing on The Metamorphosis Sample essay and rubric Peer editing HW: Read chapters 4 through 6 for Monday; critical review book.

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