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COLORADO HISTORY THE EXPLORERS. Christopher Columbus Sails to New World 1492.

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2 Christopher Columbus Sails to New World 1492

3 EXPLORATION Spanish were interested in land west of the Mississippi River Moved North from Mexico Spanish objectives were Gold, Glory and Gospel The Conquistadors had made successful expeditions in Peru and Mexico Conquistadors - a Spanish soldier, explorer and adventurer who took part in the gradual invasion and conquering of much of the Americas and Asia Pacific, bringing them under Spanish colonial rule between the 15th and 19th centuries.

4 Hernan Cortez Conquers Aztecs 1519-1521

5 Pizarro conquers Incas 1531-33

6 Cabeza de Vaca Cabeza de Vaca had been shipwrecked on the Texas coast and was told by the Indians of the Seven Cities of Gold (Cibola) located to the north. (1528) The 7 Cities of Cibola lie to the northward. In them the house doors are studded with jewels, and the streets are lined with the shops of goldsmiths. – Texas Indians to Cabeza de Vaca

7 CORONADO Coronado, a Spanish nobleman led the expedition to find the Seven Cities of Cibola (hope of finding another Mexico or Peru) 200 horsemen 70 foot soldiers 1000 Indians Rode into Mexico City in 1535, prepared for this glorious expedition.

8 CORONADO CONT. Instead of towering cities they found adobe pueblos and poor farmers In order to get the Spaniards to leave, these Indians told them of rich lands to the east (a lie). This led them to the plains (Kansas)


10 CORONADO CONT. Coronado was getting ready to head west into Colorado when he suffered severe injuries in a horse racing accident On his way home they passed through the southeastern corner of Colorado and were the first white men to reach and explore this area


12 Juan de Onate -- Settlements established in New Mexico in 1598 - nearly 60 years after Coronado - Settlers brought families & Catholic missionaries to convert the Indians -- Santa Fe established 1609 -- Not sure who really was the first European Explorer of Colorado

13 ULIBARRI Juan Ulibarri came into Colorado to capture runaway slaves in 1706. He brought with him 40 troops and 100 Indian allies He accomplished the following: Claimed land for Spain Named the San Luis Valley Named Colorado Santa Domingo

14 LATE 1700S There was a threat from the Russians-They were in Alaska and began moving down the Pacific Coast The threat caused the Spanish to found their missions throughout California They needed to tie these missions together so they could get from New Mexico to Monterey California.

15 Camino Real Royal Road



18 DOMINGUEZ/ESCALANTE Left Santa Fe in July of 1776 Both were padres whose purpose was to convert tribes north and west of the Colorado River Escalante kept a detailed diary Crossed Colorado near the San Juan Mountains

19 DOMINGUES/ESCALANTE CONT. Eventually made it to Utah but then gave up in their attempt to reach California They looped through Utah and went home to Santa Fe They had carefully charted and mapped the entire area



22 GOVERNOR ANZA Founder of San Francisco Gov of NM Led 600 men to track down Indian raiders Went through San Luis Valley to South Park Defeated the Indians twice (Comanches) Comanches signed a peace treaty and the Spanish were going to help them establish a permanent settlement


24 GOV ANZA This settlement was called San Carlos In order to have peace with the Comanches Anza had to negotiate a treaty between the Utes and the Comanches and when this was done San Carlos would start A prominent woman died and the Indians took this as a divine sign to leave this area which was near Pueblo (1787)

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