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COLORADO HISTORY FRENCH EXPLORERS. FRENCH EXPLORATION Late 17 th century, France challenged Spains control of western North America France already controlled.

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2 FRENCH EXPLORATION Late 17th century, France challenged Spain’s control of western North America France already controlled the St. Lawrence and the Great Lakes Lasalle went down the Mississippi River and claimed the whole valley of the Mississippi. (including all tributaries) He named it la Louisiane. Soon French traders and explorers began working their way up the western branches

3 MALLET BROTHERS First French to enter and explore Colorado
Peter & Paul Mallet Led the first French expedition through Santa Fe Came up the Platte River, cut across to the Arkansas River and entered Colorado Named the Platte River – “Platte” means “flat”

4 FRENCH EXPLORATION Following this expedition, a number of French traders traveled through Colorado on their way to New Mexico. But the Spaniards did not welcome them.

5 Spanish and French Explorers of the Plains
Green = Mallet, Red = Coronado, 1541

6 FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR 1763-French & Indian War ends
This ends the rivalry between France and Spain for the land of Colorado and the prairie country eastward. By treaty France ceded her territorial claims west of the Mississippi to Spain. Land east of the Mississippi went to Britain

7 FRENCH CLAIM All of Colorado was now undisputed Spanish soil.
1800, the Louisiana territory was re-ceded to France. 1803-Purchased by US for $15 Million

Better exploration, maps and Indian trails Led the way for the trappers, traders and mountain men Named Platte River

9 Review of Spanish & French Explorers
Spain established its colony of Santa Fe in New Mexico in 1598. Spain claimed a huge, but unspecified, region within about 345 miles of the upper Rio Grande as part of this colony. This claim encompassed all of the present states of New Mexico and Colorado and adjacent areas.

10 Review of Spanish & French Explorers
A century later, France established its colony of la Louisiane in 1699. France claimed the entire drainage basin of the Mississippi River.

11 Review of Spanish & French Explorers
Spain assumed administration of la Louisiane as a result of the Treaty of Paris signed in 1763. Spain renamed the colony Louisiana, but the colony retained its essential French character.


13 France reacquired Louisiana as a result of the Treaty of San Ildefonso signed in secrecy in 1800, but France was ill equipped to resume control of its colony.

14 The United States acquired a claim to the entire Mississippi River drainage basin with its Louisiana Purchase from France in This claim conflicted with Spain's claim to the southern Rocky Mountain region.

15 México declared its independence in 1810, but Spain continued to assert its control. The United States ceded the region south and west of the Arkansas River to Spain (in exchange for Florida) with the Adams-Onís Treaty in 1821.

16 Six months later in 1821, Spain recognized the independence of México.

17 Questions 1. Who were the brothers who were the first French to come to CO? 2. What is the name of the territory between the Mississippi and Rockies, that changed hands numerous times? 3.T or F: The first French explorer in the western US was LaSalle. 4. T or F: At one time or another, parts of Colorado were claimed by Spain, Mexico, France and Texas. 5. Which US President bought the Louisiana Purchase from the French? A. George Washington B. Thomas Jefferson C. Abe Lincoln D. John Quincy Adams


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