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Project Management Lessons Learned (PMLLs) Status & Developments Michael Reitz Office of Enterprise Project Management, NA-APM-20 9/13/2011.

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1 Project Management Lessons Learned (PMLLs) Status & Developments Michael Reitz Office of Enterprise Project Management, NA-APM-20 9/13/2011

2 Overview - Two Steps Forward – One Step Back Some Victories: Primary Examples! *** Y-12 Site integration of PMLL data collection with that of sites Operating LL process. EM ARRA/Simulus projects are actively utilizing PMLL system!! EM committed to the PMLL system approach for all construction and clean-up projects!! Gaps and constraints in NNSA process PMLL Products System Process People (# of PMLLs in System) Comparison between PMLL & S&H LL Submission & Review processes Next Steps

3 Background & Drivers for PMLLs (July 2006) DOE Order 413A, Program and Project Management for the Acquisition of Capital Assets, which required project submit Lesson Learned at end of project, Critical Decision-4 (CD-4) DOE Order 413B – Bravo, (Dec. 2010 – Effective June 2011) now requires projects to submit LLs at Start of Construction, Critical Decision-3 (CD-3) AND CD-4 Both versions still require Project Management Support Offices (i.e. NNSA, EM, and SC) to: Collect, analyze and disseminate lessons learned and best practices.

4 Clarification between PMLL and Operating LL In Early 2011 with the release of DOE Order 210.2A Operating Experience - Info that relates to the methods by which work is planned and conducted and an organizations missions are performed. Operating experience provides the basis for knowledge and understanding that fosters development of lessons learned and improvement of operational performance. Project Management Institute (PMI) Definition of a Project: A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. PMI Definition of a Project Management: Project Management is the application of knowledge, tools and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements.

5 EM demonstrates PMLL Leadership Starting in early 2011, EM ARRA projects (which require LL submission) led the way using the DOE Corporate PMLL system NNSA and EM worked together to facilitate EM using the PMLL EM- Tania Smith EM- Lisa Ramdas, and many others (& maybe you all too!) ** EM Dep. Assistant Secretary, Dae Chung, provides June 2011 direction for all EM capital asset projects and operating activities to use DOE Corporate PMLL system

6 Break-out of the 84 PMLLs so far EM ARRA - 32 NNSA & other DOE (SC) - 24 OECM contractor performed uploads from older CD-4 Close-out reports - 28

7 NNSA Process – Gaps and Adjustments Established Site-Level Point of Contacts (POCs) for PMLLs and set-up atailored process for each NNSA site (GOOD!!!) Relies / Recommends a Federal POCs for reviews of PMLLs (Is this necessary, OR too many middle-men??) More important: – Need to Direct rather than just recommend, 2 PMLLs per year as part of project Quarterly Project Reviews (QPR) process – Memo from Sr. NNSA Mgmt. The Memo is Final (but needs DP/Defense Programs and NN/Nuclear Nonproliferation concurrence!) – This memo also assigns responsibility for 2 PMLLs per year to FPD Overall, Memo addresses 1) a Requirement and 2) Assigns responsibility to the Project and Site Level POCs!

8 Differences B/T PMLL and Operating LL submission processes With S&H/Operating LLs, M&O contractors can submit LLs directly into to the HQ DOE Corporate LL system for final acceptance. (No Required Feds!) Vs. PMLLs - NNSA is revisiting the need for Feds to be involved (It is Not required, but encouraged!) But there are Reasons for differences: We/PMLLs are trying to establish as workable process with Quality Control: Because our Project Mgmt./PM community is not yet strong in the writing good PMLLs So with your help, we might be able to reduce the Review Burden

9 Changing Factors and Next Steps At LANL (Biggest 1 of 4 big NNSA construction sites) – trying to do what we did at Y-12 Integrate the Site LL system to seamlessly capture PMLLs and SHARE with DOE Corporate (Bob Stueve recommended that we further define PMLLs Vs. Operating & Safety) and we are! NNSA Resource Constraints At Federal Site Offices and FPDs (time) At HQ – Ginnie Marshall ( Was 3 days a week, Then to Zero, Now back to 2 Days!) Regardless – we need to streamline to be effective and efficient – Autonomy application – EM I-Portal automated Review process Knowledge sharing /Lessons Learned focus to project reviews: DOE O 413: Independent Projects Reviews (Annually and For cause-specific) Now Peer Reviews more knowledge sharing: The Office of SC approach

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