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INPO Organizational and Human Performance Department

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1 INPO Organizational and Human Performance Department
Bonnie Stahl, Department Manager Brian Baskette, Principal Prog Mgr Tom Kriesel, Senior Prog Mgr

2 The Cast of Characters Ken Koves Bonnie Stahl Tom Kriesel
Brian Baskette Rick Reynolds Bill Illing Ardela Daniels Dave Landeche Ken Koves

3 2010 FOCUS Improve INPOs internal capabilities in OD skills, and safety culture Improve effectiveness at helping senior leadership teams improve individual and team leadership behaviors. Move human performance focus towards improved organizational managing of defenses Support SFA project teams

4 OR Assistance Activities
Focus Team Visits and Mid-cycle Assessments OR Assist Visits Stream Analysis Nuclear Safety Culture Leadership Assist Visits Training and Coaching ORTLs

5 2-Part Strategic Approach
Re + Md → ØE Reducing Managing ZERO error defenses Events and leads to Story – Tell a story that illustrates the context of Md; an event that was more serious or significant due to the absence or weakness with defenses Fundamentally, defenses reduce the severity of events that still occur due to the residual risk related to human fallibility. When plant operations do not accomplish what is intended, such occasions are generally referred to as events. The severity of an event—its significance—is not the outcome of an active error, but the result of failed or flawed defenses. Consequently, significant events triggered by human error are better characterized as organizational failures. It takes teamwork to suffer significant events. Extreme organizational failures manifest themselves by significant events, close regulatory oversight, and, in some cases, extended plant shutdowns. At the other extreme, plants demonstrating sustained excellence have strong organizations characterized by effective execution of key processes, high levels of equipment reliability, aggressive oversight, and a workforce that adheres to high standards. I A C P●D●C●A


7 Hu Assistance Activities
Focus Team Visits and Mid-cycle Assessments Hu Assist Visits Supervisory Effectiveness Assist Visits Technical Support Missions Industry Hu Workshops Benchmarking/Information Sharing Participate in working meetings (USA, STARs, etc.), event screening/reviews, PE mid-week calls


9 Hu Training Hu Training for Procedure Writers and Work Planners
New Hu Lead Seminar Hu Seminar for Senior Leadership Team Hu Fundamentals Hu Workshop High Performance Team Development Coach the Coach


11 Recent INPO Hu Documents
Addendum 1: Behaviors and Actions that Support a Strong Nuclear Safety Culture INPO , Procedure Use and Adherence INPO , Hu Key Performance Indicators INPO , Hu Tools for Managers and Supervisors

12 Every organization is perfectly aligned (perfectly tuned) to get the results it is getting.
What do you think this means? Performance is equivalent to the effort the organization is expending. If it is to be it is up to thee! As demographics change you will likely see different results unless you realign.

13 Sometimes Things go Extraordinarily Well

14 Questions?

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