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Bruce Power OPEX Program

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1 Bruce Power OPEX Program
Larry Romanowich CHP Senior OPEX Advisor Bruce Power


3 Bruce Power OPEX Program
Required to share and use OPEX (OE) Description of our sharing process Description of our use of OPEX Who does what

4 Requirements Bruce Power operating licenses contain requirements to comply with CSA Standard N286‑05: Management System Requirements for Nuclear Power Plants”. This Standard contains: 5.6 Experience is sought, shared, and used. Experience gained from the nuclear industry shall be shared and used to make improvements. A program shall be established to; collect internal and external information; screen the information for relevance and significance; implement the necessary action(s) to prevent the recurrence of significant events or to initiate improvement, or both; and make internal information available to the industry. Experience from other industries should also be considered.

5 Reporting of Internal events to the Industry

6 WANO Posting Criteria Severe or unusual Transient
Safety System Malfunction Safety System Improper operation Major Equipment Damage Excessive Radiation Exposure Uncontrolled Release of radioactivity Unexpected release of radioactivity Fuel Handling Events Deficiencies in Design, analysis, fabrication, construction, testing, operation, mgmt or training Other events involving plant safety

7 Addition Postings Lower level events are screened and posted if considered general interest to the industry under the qualifier ‘would another plant want to know about this’ During the initial SCR Screening, if Uncertain call it “OPEX Posting Review” Some higher level events are missed in the initial screening, but caught later; missed timelines. SCR progresses we have search criteria for OPEX Posting reviews to trigger a second review when SCR is finalized.

8 External Events brought to
Bruce Power

9 COG Participants Canadian Participants Bruce Power (8 Units)
Darlington (4 Units) Pickering (8 Units) Gentilly (1 Unit) Pt Lepreau (1 Unit) Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories Cameco Off Shore CANDUs in: Pakistan China Korea Argentina Romania India

10 Major Sources of OPEX COG Weekly Screening Meeting (WSM) WANO INPO
IAEA – Incident Reporting System Reports EPRI CNSC NRC AECL Professional Journals Vendors Ontario MOL, or MOE Ontario Electrical Safety Authority U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Others?


12 Screening comments Newgroup Subscriptions to COG
Highly dependant on the CAPCOs, Work Load of CAPCOs CAPCO Experience

13 Resourcing Resources to enact OPEX Program 3 Senior OPEX Advisors 14 + CAPCOs (Corrective Action Program Coordinators)

14 CAPCOs Maintenance Operations Engineering Chemistry Outage Training
OPEX Fire Protection Industrial Safety Radiation Protection Projects Work Management Planning Environment Supply Corrective Actions Human Performance

15 CAPCO Roles and Responsibilities
Support their applicable area line managers (at all levels), in incorporating the use of OPEX in their departments by assisting staff to use OPEX and lessons learned on a daily basis. Introduce recent notable OPEX applicable to their area at section meetings, safety meetings, work group meetings or other group function, in order to support their section or organization. Disseminate applicable new OPEX products, reports, or analysis to the staff in their area. Ensure the people in their section are aware of and know how to find and use OPEX using the Bruce Power OPEX web page, WANO, INPO, EPRI, or COG web pages. The desktop guides located on the OPEX web page are a valuable tool to use for this. Screen external OPEX information received and route for applicability reviews to SMEs in their sections. Participate in the CSM providing received feedback to SAs concerning applicability of OPEX.

16 Senior OPEX Advisor Participate in the COG Weekly Screening Meeting.
Review SCRs and CAPs for applicability and select for external posting. Promote the use of OPEX information. Prepare OPEX information items (MERs, ENRs, EARs, JIT Briefings, corporate newsletter articles and the like). Provide periodic status reports on the OPEX program as requested. Periodically monitor the OPEX program performance and effectiveness. Train, provide assistance and interact with the CAPCOs, SMEs, FLMs and other personnel as required.

17 Senior OPEX Advisor Assist personnel with investigation and reporting of Bruce Power events. Assist personnel with evaluation of external events (SOERs, SERs, or other applicable OPEX items). Maintain the OPEX program consistent with industry standards and guidelines. Review industry website pages to ensure that applicable OPEX is being received. Promote the culture of learning in which the daily use of OPEX information is considered beneficial and important for achieving and maintaining outstanding performance. Chair the CSM and ensure minutes are appropriately captured.


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