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Sellafield Ltd - Continual Improvement: An Unending Journey 16 th HPRCT Conference Baltimore, USA, 22 – 24 June 2010– Eileen Crayston, Site OPEX Engineer.

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1 Sellafield Ltd - Continual Improvement: An Unending Journey 16 th HPRCT Conference Baltimore, USA, 22 – 24 June 2010– Eileen Crayston, Site OPEX Engineer Anne L Thompson, Human Performance Practitioner

2 Introductions Eileen Crayston – Site OPEX Engineer Anne L Thompson – Human Performance Practitioner

3 Sellafield Background Sellafield is based in the Lake District in the North West of England A key part of the UK nuclear industry for more than five decades Sellafield represents one of the most challenging nuclear site management programmes in the world Today, under the strategic management of Nuclear Management Partners Sellafield Ltd manage and operate the site on behalf of the owners, The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Activities centre on remediation, decommissioning, accelerated hazard reduction and clean-up of the historic legacy The site is also home to the Thorp and Magnox reprocessing plants, the Sellafield Mixed Oxide Fuel manufacturing plant and a wide range of waste management and effluent treatment facilities There are 10,000 Sellafield Ltd employees and over 5000 Supply Chain personnel, employed on the sites, in over 600 facilities Sellafield covers 4 square kilometres and is home to some of the UKs oldest facilities including the worlds first nuclear power station Calder Hall Sellafield Site


5 Our Story Begins ………. 1994Introduction of Behavioural Safety (John Ormond SUSA process) 1998Learning from Experience introduced to ensure that more than just significant events were reported and investigated 2003Introduction of Human Performance (7 tools) and training of all personnel commenced 2006First Non Reactor site to become members of WANO 2007Introduction of the Learning Organisation Tool – ATLAS – single accessible tool

6 Our Story Begins ………. 2007 2008 Threshold of reporting of events dropped to ensure that all near misses, hazards and areas for improvement caught Operating Experience and Human Performance brought together in one team recognising that the two groups are intrinsically linked 2010Disciplined Operations Group created combining Operating Experience, Human Performance, WANO interface and Nuclear Safety providing a consistent message relating to our safety and operational standards 2010Introduction of One Observation process with 3 depths

7 ………. the road to Improvement Central OE Team acts as the pivotal point for each of the Six Directorates. Currently there is a network of 26 OPEX Practitioners who provide support and guidance to facility management WANO Root Cause Analysis training introduced across the Company, requiring lead investigators to be trained on analysis techniques, including the Human Performance concepts Leading member of the UKs Operating Experience Learning Group (OELG) to share good practices. The key interface between the OELG and the DOE Occurrence Reporting and OE Programme Manager Operating Experience embedded within day to day operations, ensuring that personnel organising work can easily access learning – Right message, Right people, Right time Implementation of a full LEARNING ORGANISATION tool Operating Experience

8 R i s k A s s e s s m e n t C O S H H D i s p l a y S c r e e n E q u i p m e n t O b s e r v a t i o n A u d i t & I n s p e c t i o n P l a n t M o d i f i c a t i o n s Query Builder Organisation Transfer Tool OLAP Coding Matrix E v e n t R e p o r t i n g Learning Organisation Tool ATLAS Company Self Evaluation Single Corrective Actions Programme L e a r n i n g L i b r a r y L i f t i n g E n g i n e e r s R a d i o l o g i c a l S a f e S y s t e m s External Learning

9 …….. the road to Improvement Implementation of a full LEARNING ORGANISATION tool allows us to: Reduce the threshold of reporting within the Company resulting in near misses, hazards and improvements being captured Record all Peer to Peer Observations, inspections and audits in one place Trend across the Atlas system which allows us to undertake meaningful Self Evaluations Further embed Self Evaluation processes utilising the data from Atlas, specifically events, audits and observations ensuring Improvement Programmes are based on accurate and timely information Corrective Actions Programme visibility across the Company Target and embed learning across the organisation

10 The impact of Atlas 25000 20000 15000 10000 5000 3000 0 200520062007200820092010 Decrease in High Potential Events Increase in Events raised

11 …….. the road to Improvement Site network of 25 Human Performance Practitioners established A 2 day HuP training course attended by all Sellafield Ltd personnel 2 day HuP coaching course attended by Leaders and Managers Joint training of both Human Performance and OE Practitioners (through the University of Idaho) on the HPI Practitioners course Initially introduced seven HuP Tools onto site but have introduced another three since implementationthree Human Performance

12 Key Human Performance Tools Adopted Questioning Attitude STAR – Stop Think Act Review Peer Checking Independent Verification Pre Job Brief Post Job Review Effective Communication Peer to Peer Observation WANO Task Observation Effective Use of Operating Experience – whether gained internally or externally

13 …….. the road to improvement Strategic decision to shape the Human Performance programme in line with theDefence in Depth concept (James Reason variation) – looking at critical steps in processes and systemsDefence in Depth Embedding HuP into site processes - competency training, procedures and infrastructure One Observation Process with 3 depths Depth 1 – Peer to Peer – 5 minute conversation launched in April 2010. 8,251Observations carried out to date. 3,529 Active Observers to date. 5,061 Unsafe Observations reported. 3,259 Safe Observations reported. £4,000 Donated to date to local charities Depth 2 – Error Trap Analysis – 15 minutes – For launch in July 2010 Depth 3 – Task Observation – 2 hours – For launch in October 2010


15 …….. the road to improvement Introduced themed daily messages /communications on our standards and expectations, human performance, peer to peer observation, operating experience, training, nuclear safety and disciplined operations, used as Safety Shares at the beginning of meetings, briefs, etcdaily messages Established and Leading the UK Human Performance Forum in the development of Human Performance throughout the UK Nuclear industry Working with Earl Carnes (and others from the USA) from DOE on developing a HuP WIKKI site

16 Daily Message: How can we ensure the information we use is correct? What should we do if it is not correct? Prompts for discussion: Check the date on the document to ensure it is valid Check that your specifications are; in date, approved, valid and available for use. It is important that the information in specifications, standards and system documentation, procedures etc, is accurate otherwise non compliance or mistakes can occur Documents must be usable and used, understandable, in plain English and with little use of acronyms. They must be fit for purpose and produced with the user in mind. Review the documents you use and challenge any inaccuracies. Does it clearly relate to the task in hand? Is it the safest and best way to do it? Documents can and should be updated! If you notice information is incorrect or could be improved do you know the procedure to follow to do this? Who to contact? If not find out – ask your supervisor Standard 6 Workforce Committed to Quality Theme of the Week 4 – Quality of Information

17 Summary We have made significant progress in terms of education and awareness relating to Human Performance and Operating Experience Continued and tangible support from Managers and Leaders Human Performance being integrated into organisational processes and procedures Operating Experience being integrated into our normal day to day operations Strengthening the links we now have within the Disciplined Operations Group to ensure full integration of OE and HuP into all our work including current operations, new build and decommissioning Fully integrate our Contract Partners into our HuP and OE programmes Learning partnerships within Europe, the US and Canada being enhanced and where possible increased ` We have only just scratched the surface However, we now understand where we need to improve – the journey continues

18 A Personal Message from our Managing Director There is nowhere else in the world where you can find the number or complexity of operations that all happen within a four square kilometre footprint. We are talking about fifty year old buildings needing to be decommissioned a stones throw away from a construction site and active buildings and about operations that are dependent on the performance of other facilities on the site. This is what our workforce delivers every single day and this is where we excel. Bill Poulson, Managing Director VIDEO

19 Any Questions?


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