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29 April 2010 China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Q1 2010 Results Announcement.

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1 29 April 2010 China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Q1 2010 Results Announcement

2 2010-4-292 Disclaimer As required by the CSRC, financial statements of the first quarter of Sinopec Corp. (the “Company”) were prepared under China Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises. The Company has adjusted part of the financial data in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards hereby for the reference of international investors. Financial data of the first quarter contained in the presentation and presentation materials are unaudited. This presentation and the presentation materials distributed herein include forward-looking statements. All statements, other than statements of historical facts, that address activities, events or developments that Sinopec Corp. expects or anticipates will or may occur in the future (including but not limited to projections, targets, estimates and business plans) are forward-looking statements. Sinopec Corp.'s actual results or developments may differ materially from those indicated by these forward-looking statements as a result of various factors and uncertainties, including but not limited to price fluctuations, actual demand, exchange rate fluctuations, exploration and development outcomes, estimates of proven reserves, competition, environmental risks, changes in legal, financial and regulatory frameworks, international economic and financial market conditions, political risks, project delay, project approval, cost estimates and other risks and factors beyond our control. In addition, Sinopec Corp. makes the forward-looking statements referred to herein as of today and undertakes no obligation to update these statements.

3 2010-4-293 Market Environment in Q1 2010 China’s GDP grew by 11.9% in the first quarter Crude oil traded within a narrow range, but the trend was positive Domestic demand for natural gas, oil products and chemical products increased steadily

4 2010-4-294 Financial Performance RMB million Q1 2009Q1 2010 Change % Turnover and other revenues 227,499438,20992.6 EBITDA28,82834,81920.8 EBIT16,70121,51728.8 Net profit attributable to equity shareholders of the company 11,28115,78539.9 EPS (RMB)0.1300.18239.9 EBIT of Each Segment RMB million

5 2010-4-295 Financial Position RMB million 31 Dec 200931 Mar 2010 Short-term debt58,89861,740 Long-term debt108,828111,359 Total equity attributable to equity shareholders of the company 375,661391,312 RMB million Q1 2010 Net cash flow generated from operating activities 27,995 Net cash flow used in investing activities 31,375 Net cash flow generated from financing activities 4,702

6 2010-4-296 Note: 1 tonne=7.1 barrels, 1 cubic meter=35.31 cubic feet E&P—Operational Summary & Performance Q1 2009Q1 2010Change% Crude oil production (mm bbls) 73.8173.70(0.1) Natural gas production (bcf)69.9898.6541.0 Realized price of crude oil (RMB/tonne)1,599.013,315.94107.4 Realized price of natural gas (RMB/thousand cubic meter) 961.531,006.534.7 Lifting cost (RMB/tonne) 604.79610.561.0 EBIT ( RMB million ) 2,7568,625213.0

7 2010-4-297 Refining—Operational Summary Q1 2009Q1 2010Change% Refinery throughput (mm tonnes)41.1149.5020.4 Gasoline production (mm tonnes)8.168.625.6 Diesel production (mm tonnes)15.3818.0017.0 Kerosene incl. jet fuel production (mm tonnes) 2.182.8731.7 Light chemical feedstock production (mm tonnes) 5.778.5047.3 Light stream yield(%)74.9375.75 82bps Refining yield(%)93.6694.80 114bps

8 2010-4-298 Refining margin RMB/tonne Refining Margin / Cash Operating Cost RMB million EBIT of Refining Segment Cash operating cost RMB/tonne Refining—Performance

9 2010-4-299 Marketing—Operational Summary Q1 2009Q1 2010Change% Domestic sales of refined oil products (mm tonnes) 26.4332.8424.3 Incl. Retail (mm tonnes)17.3720.1916.2 Distribution (mm tonnes)5.057.7653.7 Wholesale (mm tonnes)4.014.8921.9 Annualized average pump volume per station (tonnes) 2,4202,76914.4 31 Dec 200931 Mar 2010Change% Total number of service stations (unit)29,69829,7950.3 Incl. Company-operated29,05529,1580.4 Franchised643637(0.9)

10 2010-4-2910 EBIT of Marketing Segment RMB million Marketing—Performance RMB/tonne Q1 2009Q1 2010 Marketing cash operating cost 162.6149.0 Maximum retail price of RON 90# gasoline and 0# diesel RMB/tonne USD/bbl

11 2010-4-2911 Chemicals—Operational Summary ‘000 tonnes Q1 2009Q1 2010Change % Ethylene 1,4882,02836.3 Synthetic resins 2,4162,91720.7 Synthetic rubbers 19824021.2 Monomers & Polymers for synthetic fibers 1,7232,13323.8 Synthetic fibers 3153273.8 Urea 36248734.5 Note: The above data includes 100% production of JVs.

12 2010-4-2912 EBIT of Chemicals Segment RMB million Chemicals—Performance Chemicals Price Spread USD/tonne

13 2010-4-2913 Capital Expenditure Total Capex in Q1: 16.8bn RMB billion E&P  Sichuan-East China Gas Project, Shengli, Northwest and Southwest Oil Fields as well as pipeline construction. Refining  Revamping crude adaptability; Construction of new storage facilities and pipelines. Chemicals  Construction of major Ethylene projects. Marketing  Accelerated construction of pipelines and newly developed 337 service stations in key areas

14 2010-4-2914 For Further Information Investor Inquiries Beijing:Tel: (8610) 59960028 Fax: (8610) 59960386 Email: Hong Kong:Tel: (852) 28242638 Fax: (852) 28243669 Email: New York :Tel: (212) 759 5085 Fax: (212) 759 6882 Email: Media Inquires Tel: (8610)59960028 Fax: (8610) 59960386 Email:

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