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Avoid the Freshmen 15! Submitted by Nina Nova Southeastern University.

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1 Avoid the Freshmen 15! Submitted by Nina Nova Southeastern University

2 Regular Exercise running, swimming, cycling Burn fat and calories Increase the metabolism Boost your energy Improve your immune system Build a healthy body for yourself 20 years down the road Helps tone the muscles

3 What to avoid in college Too much bread Try to consume wheat bread rather than white. SODA! Abstain from soda for 2 weeks and see how you feel! Eating late at night Its harder for your body to digest food when youre sleeping horizontally laws of gravity! Excess Alcohol Dont drink pointless calories.

4 How to survive with Shark Dining Instead of chicken fingers… get grilled chicken without the bread Instead of lemonade, get an iced water Choose egg whites A chicken salad over Papa Johns Pizza Reduce your Starbucks trips and visit Juice Blendz Remember: FRIED < GRILLED!!!

5 Staying Fit Fitness classes = free 1 hr of spinning = 700 calories 1 hour of facebook = procrastination Jog for twenty minutes 3 times a week One lap around the UC = 0.5 mile Play basketball with your friends Lift weights to tone your muscles Know what youre doing first! The RecPlex offers a free fitness assessment!

6 AB Exercises! Crunches Keep your elbows close to the ground & your chin pointed upwards Bicycle Captains Chair Leg Raise Plank on Elbow & Knees Keep a flat back, knees above the ground, and hold for 20-60 seconds

7 Why Exercise? Youre more likely to have a healthier life style Your behaviors may improve You may start to perform better in school Youll have a positive attitude Youll feel better about yourself Youll have a healthier body in 20 years Youll motivate others to do the same

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